A Hazardous Occupation

The black-clad man silently made his way through the darkened
hallways of the old mansion. Cameron Moore had found entry to the
residence of the elusive Kristen Shaw relatively easy considering how
difficult tracking her down had been. He stopped just outside the
door to the master bedroom and listened for a few moments. After
satisfying himself that the occupant was asleep he gently pushed the
door open and stepped into the room.

The air was think with the heavy, relaxing scent of incense. At the
far end of the room, lit only by the bright light of the full moon
spilling through the window, Cameron saw a huge four-poster bed.
Delicate silk was draped from the canopy and, as Cameron drew closer,
he saw that the pale satin sheets covered an undoubtedly feminine

Cameron drew nearer, silently moving up alongside the opulent bed.
The moonlight was sufficient for him to identify the bed's occupant
as his target: Kristen Shaw. He smiled in satisfaction and drew his
pistol from its holster. A long, menacing silencer was attached to
the barrel. He slowly raised the weapon and pointed it a the
sleeping woman's head.

Looking at her peaceful, beautiful features Cameron felt a slight
twinge of guilt about shooting this woman in her sleep. Shaking his
head, he forced the unfamiliar thought out of his mind and steadied
his aim. His finger tightened on the trigger but once more he found
himself distracted by watching the slow, regular rise and fall of
Kristen's full breasts underneath the smooth satin sheets. Again, he
caught himself and pushed the thought from his mind.

Steeling himself, Cameron focussed on the task in hand. But again,
he found himself distracted. Realizing that he was in control of the
situation, and had nothing to lose anyway, Cameron reached down and
slowly pulled the soft sheets away from his sleeping target's body.
He tensed when she stirred slightly but relaxed when she settled down
again, still deeply asleep.

With the sheets removed he barely contained a gasp of delight as he
looked at her toned, luscious body lying on the bed. The few
surveillance photographs failed to do her justice. A short, pale
blue silk negligee barely covered any of Kristen's body. Delicate
lace trim gave a tantalising glimpse of her slowly rising and falling
breasts, the full curve of the top of her cleavage highlighted by the
moonlight. The same light also shone on her long, well-toned legs
all of which were visible - the negligee doing very little to conceal
Kristen's sex.

Cameron stared at Kristen, drinking in her exquisite beauty. It was
almost a pity he had to kill her, he thought looking at the lines of
her face, her slightly parted lips, high cheekbones and flowing
hair. Again he shook his head to clear it of these unprofessional
thoughts. He'd killed dozens of people, many of them women, this one
would be no different.

He raised the gun, the tip of the silencer not more than a foot from
Kristen's head. He took a deep breath, noticing again the pervasive
scent of incense in the room. He looked down at his target, ready to
end her life. He noticed that he was finding it hard to focus. The
image of her serene face kept blurring in and out of focus. Cameron
shook his head but that failed to clear his vision. Growing worried,
he resolved to shoot Kristen and make his escape before things got
any worse. He squeezed the trigger.

Or at least he would have, but Cameron found that his finger would
not respond. Try as he might, he couldn't force his finger to pull
the trigger. Panic rising within him, tried to bring his other hand
up to the gun but that would not respond either. He tried to
retreat, to get out of the room but he found that no part of his body
seemed to be under his control anymore.

Just as he realised this Cameron noticed Kristen begin to stir
again. Her eyes fluttered open and she turned her body to face him,
lying on her side and propping her head up in her hand, her elbow
resting on the bed.

"Hi there," she purred, seemingly oblivious to the gun pointed at her
and not at all surprised to find him standing over her, "I was
wondering when you'd show up."

Cameron found that the paralysis extended to his mouth as he
discovered that he couldn't even answer the woman on the bed. He
tried again to pull the trigger.

"Let me help you with that," she continued in her velvet-smooth
voice. Kristen reached up and gently took the gun from Cameron's
nerveless fingers. She placed it on the table beside her bed, easily
within reach of Cameron, if only he could move. "That's better, now
we can have a proper, civilised discussion."

Cameron tried to run, to move his foot or even a toe. Nothing
happened, he couldn't even turn his head to look away from the woman
who, until moments ago, had been his target. The more he looked at
her the less sure he was the he even wanted to look away.

Returning to her lounging position, Kristen regarded her would-be
attacker for a few moments. "You know," she said, her voice
changing, becoming more menacing, "it really isn't polite to sneak up
on people like that. And trying to kill them in their sleep - that's
unforgivable. So tell me: who sent you to kill me?"

Cameron's training screamed at him not to say anything. He had
failed but he would not allow his failure to spread to others. Then
Kristen's hand touched his chest, gently stroking downwards, stopping
just short of his crotch. He looked back at Kristen, his eyes
pleading for her to withdraw her question. Looking into her eyes,
his resistance snapped. He found that he could now speak.

"Terrence Conway." he blurted out.

Kristen smiled at him. "Thank you." she said. She rose from the bed
with cat-like grace and padded over to the window, deep in thought,
ignoring the immobilised man. She knew of Terrence Conway - a highly
ranked official in the American intelligence community. In her line
of work it paid to keep tabs on such people. It was not the first
time he had tried to interfere in Kristen's work. She decided it was
time to do something about Mr Conway. "And where is he now?" she
asked, turning to face her paralysed captive once more.

"Barbados." he answered immediately.

Kristen walked back to the bed. "I see. Good. Now, I think it's
time to deal with you. Like I said before, it really is unforgivable
trying to kill me in my sleep. So cowardly too. You need to be
punished for that." Kristen saw the fear in his eyes. "Don't worry,
I'm not going to kill you. That's so crude, so…uncivilised. No, I
have need of a new slave to serve me here. That's you. First,
though, I have to get rid of that tiresome free will and

As she said this she took the now-terrified assassin's hand and
gently pulled him down onto the bed. He felt his body respond to her
touch, the paralysis abating slightly, allowing Kristen to manoeuvre
him into a prone position on the bed. Once he was lying down she
leaned in close, her achingly beautiful face mere inches from his
own. He could feel her hot breath. Kristen took a small syringe
from on of the drawers in her bedside table.

"Just relax," she said soothingly, and Cameron felt himself
relaxing. "I'm just going to erase your previous identity. Remove
your free will. Make you completely subservient to me. I know that
sounds terrible now, but, believe me, when you wake up it will be the
most natural and pleasurable thing in the world." Kristen pulled the
satin sheets up over his body, leaving only his neck and head exposed.

Cameron's mind was reeling. Half of him wanted to give in to this
woman, to serve her, obey her, make her happy. The other half kept
screaming at him to fight, try to get away, do anything to save
himself. He tensed as Kristen pushed the needle into his neck.
There was a glint in her eyes as she pushed the drug into his
bloodstream and Cameron felt a wave of warmth assail him. Then he
felt his mind shutting down, the warning voice becoming quieter and

"Goodnight slave." Kristen whispered as she bent forward and kissed
him on the lips. When she broke the kiss he was already asleep, the
drug having begun its task of erasing the old Cameron and replacing
it with a new slave for her.

Sighing in satisfaction, Kristen slid off the bed and walked across
to her dresser. She picked up the phone and pressed a single
button. She waited for the other end to be picked up. "Suzi," she
said when her assistant/slave answered, "pack a bag, we're going to

She hung up and turned back to the bed. She was pleased to see that
a large stain had already appeared on the satin sheets around her
newest acquisition's crotch. His reprogramming was coming along

Kristen and Suzi were driven to the airport by Kristen's newest
slave, his rapid transformation from international assassin to
completely subjugated, mindless slave having taken no more than an

Thirty six hours later Kristen had already located Terrence Conway.
He was staying at an exclusive resort on one of the more secluded
beaches of Barbados. He only had minimal security so Kristen wasted
no time in coming up with her plan. His security was most vulnerable
when he was spending time on the beach as they tended to hang back
and give him space. Unfortunately he was too exposed on the beach
and his security would be bound to intervene if she got too close for
too long. Security was tighter in his hotel but, crucially, it was
also all in the same place. She would wait until he was back in his
room, then make her move.

Night fell and Terrence Conway made his way back to his room from the
hotel bar, followed at a discreet distance by his two security
guards. This was supposed to be a relaxing holiday for the
intelligence officer so security presence had been kept small. The
two bodyguards had a room opposite Mr Conway.

Ten floors above them Suzi gently lowered the sleeping body of a
young maid to the floor, faint trails of pink gas still hanging in
the air. She reached down and retrieved the woman's master key.

"Thanks hun" she whispered before leaving and closing the door to the
cleaning closet. She had to hurry if she was to complete her

Kristen watched him leave the bar from her seat in the lobby. He
didn't even see her as he left and got into the elevator with his
security men. Even if he had, Kristen was sure that her dark glasses
and blonde wig hid her identity sufficiently.

On the tenth floor, Mr Conway said goodnight to his bodyguards after
allowing them to check his suite. The two men then left Mr Conway
for the night and went to their own room.

"I'll take the first watch," one of the men said, settling down in
front of the TV.

"OK," his partner replied as he walked towards the bedroom. "Just
make sure you keep the noise from the TV down."

"Sure." his partner replied as the bedroom door closed. He flicked
on the TV and turned the sound up, smiling wryly to himself.

In the bedroom the first bodyguard shook his head in frustration as
he heard the noise from the TV filtering through the door. He was
too tired to go and complain to his partner. Instead he removed his
jacket, his gun and his shirt. Then he went to the bathroom.

He stopped in the doorway, his jaw hanging open. Standing in the
bathroom was a hotel maid. She was leaning over the sink, cleaning
the bathroom mirror. Leaning over as she was, her far-too-short
maids outfit exposed most of her shapely ass under the layered
petticoats and the bodyguard could swear that she wasn't wearing any
underwear, save for the black silk hold-ups that covered her shapely
legs and ran down to her stiletto-heeled feet. Her huge cleavage was
barely held in place by the lace-up front of the tight dress.

Just as he was about to say something, and just before his mind could
register the fact that a satin maids outfit of this sort was not
standard issue for a hotel maid, she spotted him in the mirror and,
seemingly flushed with embarrassment, turned to look at him. "Sorry,
I didn't mean to intrude." Suzi said, giggling slightly. Then she
raised her bottle of cleaning fluid and pulled the trigger.

A cool, pale pink mist engulfed the man's face and he suddenly felt
very weak. Realising something was wrong, he tried to turn away but
the gorgeous maid sprayed him again and then gently pushed him back
against the wall. He started to slide down as his legs gave way. He
looked up to see the maid standing over him, smiling down at him, a
predatory look in her eyes. She sprayed him again, the billowing
cloud enveloping his head, and he lost consciousness.

Suzi took a moment to savour her power over the man, her hand
straying to her pussy. Then, with a small sigh, she left him and
turned her attention to her next target.

The second bodyguard heard the bedroom door open behind him. "Sorry,
is the TV disturbing you?" he asked, hearing his partner approach.

"No, not at all" Suzi replied in her breathy, sexy voice.

The man stood and spun round when he heard her voice. He only had a
moment to take in the vision in front of him before she reached out
and put her hand behind his head, pulling him down into her
cleavage. He felt the soft, warm flesh and smooth, sexy satin engulf
him. Almost involuntarily his tongue began exploring the blonde's
breasts. He hardly even noticed that he was getting weaker. He
heard the young woman say: "Good boy, time for a little nap." as if
from a long way away. Then his eyes closed and his cock exploded in

Suzi fingered herself to a climax as the second bodyguard succumbed
to her drugged cleavage. The orgasm forced her to her knees. She
let go of the sleeping man and let him slump to the floor.

Then she stood and straightened her outfit. It was time to go and
watch her mistress work.

Kristen easily gained entry to Terrence Conway's room. She tossed
her blonde wig onto a nearby chair and went straight into the
bedroom, catching her target off guard and completely naked.

Conway turned to see a beautiful brunette framed in his doorway. She
wore a simple black satin minidress and elbow length gloves, her
chestnut brown hair cascading down past her shoulders and framing her
face. He thought he vaguely recognised her. Then his eyes widened
as recognition set in. Before he could react the woman smiled and
there was a short hissing noise followed by a stinging pain in his
chest. He looked down to see a small dart protruding from his body.
Then he collapsed, falling back onto the bed.

Kristen placed the small tube back in the cleavage of her dress and
then walked across to her victim, straddling his prone body. His
stiff cock pressed against her pussy.

"Hello Terry," she said sweetly, "I'm getting a bit tired of you
interfering with my business. So I've decided you're going to work
for me."

"You're crazy," the helpless man replied, "there's no way I'll ever
help you."

Kristen sighed. "My dear Mr Conway, you really don't have a
choice." She pressed her gloved hand over his face and pulled her
panties aside with her other hand, allowing his cock to slide up
inside her. She watched his eyes begin to glaze over as she moved
slowly up and down on his cock.

Suzi entered the room and Kristen glanced back over her shoulder,
motioning for her assistant to take a seat. This she did and
immediately allowed her hand to start massaging her wet pussy.

"Now, Mr Conway," Kristen said as she removed her hand from his
face, "you're going to help me, you're going to do exactly as I say."

"Yes, exactly as you say." he replied dreamily.

"You're going to obey me and you're going to feel good about it."

"Obey you, feel good." he moaned, acutely aware of Kristen's pussy
wrapped around his throbbing member.

"You're going to tell me everything I want to know."

"Everything you want to know."

Kristen was amazed at how receptive he was. He wasn't trying to
resist at all. "Good. When I have need of you I will contact you.
When you hear me, and only me, say the words `information recovery'
you will fall back into this deep, blissful, obedient, submissive
trance and do exactly as I tell you."

"Yes, exactly as you tell me."

"Good. Now I'm going to let you cum. When you do you will fall
asleep. You will wake up in the morning and not consciously remember
anything about me visiting you tonight. You will only remember when
you hear me say the words `information recovery'"

"Yessss" the drugged man replied.

Kristen heard Suzi moan in pleasure as her own orgasm hit, the she
felt Conway cum. Even in his drugged state his back lifted clear
from the bed as he experienced the most intense climax of his life.
Then he carried out Kristen's instructions and fell deeply asleep.

Kristen turned to Suzi who was just rearranging her maid's costume
after her orgasm. She still looked quite flushed. "Come on Suzi,
time to see to my needs."

"Yes mistress!" Suzi replied, eagerly following Kristen out of the