Ron Schibley sat on the couch, a smile on his face. He was watching
a close game between the Cincinnati Bearcats and the South Florida
Bulls. Ron was a University of Cincinnati alumnus and probably one
of the only people who acknowledged there were other college football
teams in Ohio.

"How did you find this?" Ron asked completely mesmerized by
the game.

"One of the perks of the Echelon system." Agent Walker coldly
responded staring at his newspaper.

In an instant Ron's smile faded as the realities of being a
protected witness smashed his perfect moment. Ron thought it was odd
that the NSA should be babysitting a witness and no one would give
him an answer as to why.

Walker's watch alarm went off indicating he was done for the
evening. He stood and tucked his gun back into his belt.

"You need anything?"

"No, I'm good."

"Have a good night."

Rob Walker, pulled a cigarette out and leaned against the porch
waiting for the next agent to arrive. Rob hated babysitting, this
must be his punishment for the fiasco in Russia. He wanted to ask
Ron what he'd done, or who he'd pissed off, because normally
this was the FBI's gig. But it was against the rules to ask and he
didn't want to get into any more trouble.

"Two minutes `till shift change." Laura spoke into her

Rob kept scanning, it was ingrained into him. He watched the group
of kids who were tick-or-treating. He had always loved Halloween as
a kid, but had grown to hate it since becoming an agent. It was just
too hard to spot trouble when everyone was disguised. He glanced
across the street noting the location of the hidden agents.
Satisfied everything was where it should be, he relaxed and waited.

The White Sedan pulled into the driveway about ten minutes later.
Agent Thomas Wilks got walked up to Rob.

"Fun night Walker?"

"You're late."

"Oh well, where you gonna go anyway. Suspension sucks don't

"Fuck you Wilks."

"You have a good one too." Wilks entered the code into the
door and closed it behind him. Rob had parked down the street to
avoid suspicion. Too many different cars disclose their location. A
pirate and a Frankenstein ran past him. Rob stepped aside for the
pursuing parents. Rob smiled to himself remembering how much fun he
used to have.

"Excuse me." The cheerleader said.

Rob stepped aside again as another group walked past him. He was
almost at his car when a flashback stopped him cold in his tracks.
He turned and looked back down the street. He pulled out his Nextel
and beeped Wilks.

"Go ahead."

"Hey, is everything all right?"

"Yeah fine why?"

"Not sure, just a nagging feeling."

"Go home Walker"

Oh well, maybe it was nothing.

"I've got you. One agent in the car to your left."
Laura spoke in a low tone.

She felt something brush up against her leg.

"I told you to be still. I'll be gone soon."

The forty-year-old lay on the floor kicking at her leg. He was
gagged and bound head to toe in duct-tape. The man had so much
adrenaline pumping through him, he couldn't settle down.

"Hold!" She spoke into her headset.

Laura was dressed in a black spandex catsuit and was wearing cat-
ears. Her mask and painted-on whiskers completed her costume. The
man had gotten the surprise of his life when he had opened the door
to pass out candy. She had blasted him with knockout gas from her
rigged glove, a tribute to her favorite television vileness. Now he
was causing trouble again. She fumbled around in her bag until she
found the bottle of chloroform. She didn't want to waste any
more gas on the man. She poured a large amount into the black rag
she carried with her and kneeled down next to the man. She forced
the rag over his nose holding his head in place.

"Shhhh! Calm down now."

She returned to the window and put the headset back on.

"OK. One agent in the car on your left."

Carl wasn't expecting the knock on the window.

"Can you help us?" Came a muffled voice through the glass.

Carl scooted to the passenger side and rolled down the window. The
young girl in the pink bunny costume walked up to the car.

"Hey, what can I do for you Bunny?"

"Easter Bunny" She corrected. "My mommy and us are

This girl looked young, but she seemed to fill out the bunny costume
quite nicely. You can never tell these days. The Devil, the nurse
and the cheerleader were standing back on the curb.

"Didn't your mommy tell you not to walk up to people you
don't know? You could get hurt."

"I'm sorry." The bunny said backing away.

"It's OK. I won't hurt you. I'm a police

"You want a bunny egg?" She said holding out a chocolate
egg, while swaying side to side like a little girl.

Not wanting to frighten her any more, Carl took the egg from her.

"This is a nice egg…Hey where're you going?" Carl
shouted as the bunny ran away. He heard something click and looked
down just as the egg began to billow out clouds of red gas.

The Devil, donning a small gas mask, removed his radio and gun.

"Never take candy from strangers."

"One posing as a parent, on the corner." Laura called out.

"Which one's your kid?" The Devil asked.

John turned around and his jaw dropped when he saw the six-foot
blonde in skin-tight red latex.

"Oh. He's the Sponge Bob over there."

"Aw. Mine's the bunny. How come you didn't dress

"I'm not much into Halloween, it looks like you're
enjoying yourself, though. Nice costume…Horns, Pitchfork,

"Don't forget the tail." She turned and slapped her ass.
John restrained himself. He was on duty.

"I'm Carla." She said transferring her pitchfork so she
could shake his hand.


His cell phone rang. It was time for his check in. He turned his
back to take the call

"Yeah honey, were almost done. I'll be back by ten."
This was the all clear signal. He put his phone away.

"Checkin' in?"

"Yeah, the wife…" Carla waved the pitchfork around his head
as it began to spray a dark-red mist. John collapsed to the
sidewalk. The girls quickly ran up to help. They bound him with
duct-tape and removed his radio.

"There should be one more, but I can't see him." Laura
said desperately scanning with her night-vision scope. They'd come
too far for one misplaced agent to mess this up.

"I see him." The Laura said panicked. "He's walking
towards the car. I can't get to him in time."

"I've got it." The nurse began walking towards the car
as fast as she could.

"Carl? Hey buddy…" The agent knocked on the window. Carl
was slumped over on the seat. The agent reached for his radio.

"Can I help?" The nurse said from over his shoulder.

"Are you a real nurse?"

"Not really. Let me give you something to help you sleep."

She slid the needle into his neck.

"What…" He grabbed at the spot where she had stuck him. She
just stood and smiled. His vision slowly blurred and she helped him
to the ground grabbing his radio from his hand.

"All clear."

"Good work girls. That leaves three inside. You know what to

Laura gathered her things and locked the door.

Rob couldn't stop thinking that he was missing something. Still
maybe he was just imagining things.

"The Cheerleader" Rob said out loud. As he played back his
showdown with Simanovich in his head. He knew her face. It was
Natalia. Rob yanked the wheel hard to the left, making a skidding U-
turn in the road. He grabbed his phone.


"Just a minute Walker. There's some kids at the door."

Wilks opened the door. Carla and the bunny-girl stood at the door.
The bunny-girl was holding out her basket for candy. Thomas smiled
and turned to grab some candy.

"Here you…" The girls held their gas masks with one hand as
Carla's pitchfork sprayed red mist into Thomas' face.

"Wilks don't open the door."

Natalia picked up the radio.

"Nice to hear your voice again Mr. Walker." Natalia's
heavy Russian accent coming through the radio sent a deep chill
through his spine. "Once again, you're too late."

The unsuspecting agent opened the door from the bathroom and was
surprised to find a cheerleader staring him down.

"Sleepy time." She cooed, raising her pom-poms. A jet of
blue gas sprayed from the pom-poms causing the agent to spiral to the
floor with a loud slump.

The last agent was sitting on the chair outside the bedroom. The
nurse walked up to him and grabbed the novel from his hand and
straddled him.

"Who are…" The nurse forced her portable anesthesia mask
over his face. He tried to fight her off as the mask hissed.

"Don't fight." She barked, keeping the mask tight
against his face. He gradually got weaker until his head rolled
back. He began to snore.

Laura strutted through the house, enjoying the sight of all the
unconscious agents.

"He's up stairs. Apparently he went to bed early. He
doesn't know you're here yet." Carla said.

"Excellent." Laura smirked.

"You'd better hurry. Help is on the way." Natalia

Laura opened the door to Ron's room. He was sleeping soundly on
his back. Laura climbed on top of him and began to arouse him. He
rustled as she rubbed her body against him. As soon as she had him
hard, she mounted him. Ron opened his eyes, upset that he had woken
up from the awesome dream he was having. He shouted when he saw

"Good morning sleepy head."


"You didn't think you could get away that easily did you?
You've betrayed me for the last time."

Ron looked at the door.

"There's no one here to help you."

Ron suddenly became aware that she was fucking him. She laughed at
his realization.

"One more before you die."

"Laura No!"

Laura began to buck wildly as she pulled her gas mask down over her

"Laura please!"

"That's it Baby, beg for it."

Green gas trickled from the fingertip of her right glove. Ron began
to cough and choke. Laura tossed her head back in orgasm. Ron in
total shock began to cum as he succumbed to the gas.

"Let's go girls."

"Did you do it?"

"Implantation successful. He'll be very surprised when he
wakes up."