"Well that's it for me, I'm outta here…but stay tuned…coming up next 
hour, more tickets to give away for tomorrow night's show… plus you 
get entered in the drawing for back stage passes for two…remember, 
you gotta listen to win… only from WRTY 96.9… your rock and roll 

The engineer gave the all clear sign through the glass as the next 
song began to play over the control room speakers. The night shift 
DJ entered the boot and readied his show. Steve tried to brush his 
hair back into shape after wearing the headphones for the past six 

"Night Steve."

"Have a good one Marty."

Steve Hill walked towards his office. He had a little paperwork left 
to do, plus Stephanie wouldn't be here for another half-hour. Steve 
was a twenty-six year old disc jockey. He was average in looks. He 
had been told most of his life that it was a good thing he was on the 
radio, because he would never make in television. He had spent a 
good deal of his life believing what he heard, that is until he met 
Stephanie. He still had no idea why a super hot woman like that 
could see anything in him, but his confidence was starting to build. 
His office phone rang.


"I'm downstairs, let me in." 

The elevator doors opened and Steve exited. 

"Hot date Hill?" The lobby guard asked mockingly.

"As a matter of fact yes." He opened the door to greet Stephanie.

Stephanie, the twenty-eight-year-old blonde, wore unimaginably tight 
brown leather low-rise pants, leather boots and a loose white semi-
transparent blouse. The lobby guard stared in disbelief as she put 
her arms around Steve and kissed him. Steve started to close the 

"Wait for Sandy." Stephanie said. 

Steve gave her a puzzled look.

"My friend Sandy. I told her where you worked and she wanted to see 
the place, if you don't mind."

Sandy was a slightly shorter blonde, but equally as attractive. She 
wore a sleeveless black leather top, buttoned down the middle and an 
incredibly tight leather mini-skirt. The outfit was finished off 
with black fishnet stockings and thigh-high black leather boots.

"OK, I'll just have to sign you in." 

Steve tried not to stare at Sandy, he didn't want to jeopardize 
anything with Stephanie. The lobby guard was getting a good look at 
Sandy's cleavage as she signed in. She smiled at him and handed the 
pen back. It took him a second to snap out of his fantasy.

"Where's the bathroom?"

"Huh?" The guard grunted.

"The ladies room?" Sandy answered back.

"Over there." The guard pointed to the back wall.

"Thanks." Sandy left for the Ladies room.

"Steph, I have to get something I forgot in my office. Come on up 
when she gets back."

Steve got back into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, the 
smile left Stephanie's face. Sandy returned from the Ladies room and 
nodded at Stephanie. Sandy put her leg up on the guard's desk, and 
slid her skirt up. The guard drooled in anticipation. His face 
changed as she drew the dart gun from its holster.

"What's a matter, not what you were expecting?" She said coldly and 
fired two darts into chest. He stared at the blurry duo through his 
drug-induced haze trying to make his mouth move, but no words came 
out. Sandy pushed him back into his chair and removed the darts. If 
anyone came in they would think he was asleep on the job.

"Do you need any help?" Sandy asked

"I got this one. Stevey shouldn't be a problem."

Steve sat at his desk collecting his papers. Stephanie walked in 
surprising him. 

"Hey, where's Sandy?"

"She's talking to the guard."

"I thought she wanted a tour?"

"I convinced her to give us some time alone, if you know what I 

Stephanie strutted over and sat on Steve's desk facing him. She slid 
to the edge of the desk. An inch was all that separated Steve's face 
from her leather covered crotch. Steve's pants were bursting at the 
seams. This would be the first time he'd gotten this far. She ran 
her fingers through his hair and massaged the back of his neck.

"Are those the back-stage passes for the show?" Stephanie asked 
dispassionately, stroking the back of his head.

"What?…Yeah." He said very confused.

"Great." Before he could react, she pulled his head into her crotch 
and clamped her legs around him. The sweet-smelling scent from her 
leather pants began to fill his lungs. He tried to break free, but 
her legs were too strong and the more he breathed in the more 
overwhelmed he felt. He began to feel drowsy and weak. She kept the 
pressure on him until he quit moving, then released her grip. She 
bent down and whispered in his ear.

Five minutes later, the elevator doors opened and Stephanie emerged, 
waving the back-stage passes. She handed one to Sandy and they 
headed out to celebrate their victory. This was only the first step 
though, they still had many obstacles to overcome.


The show was only twenty-four hours away and there was still a lot to 
be done. They had secured backstage access. That left the manager, 
and his personal bodyguard.

"We have activity," Sandy shouted from her desk.

Stephanie joined Sandy at the computer and they watched as Todd Reid, 
head of security typed, what he thought was a secure message to his 
on-line dating chat room.

"Perfect, they're meeting for the first time tonight. I'm sure this 
Mindy won't mind if I take her place." Stephanie laughed.

Mindy Rogers couldn't stop thinking about Todd. She had been 
chatting with him for three weeks now and their schedules finally 
allowed them to meet. She checked her watch, she still had three 
hours to get ready, which would be barely enough. She opened the 
outer door to her apartment building. She pulled the inner door, but 
it was locked. She tried her keys, but the door wouldn't budge. She 
peered through the glass. Mr. James, the doorman was usually sitting 
in the lobby, maybe he was in the restroom or something. She heard a 
loud hissing sound. She began to cough as the green mist pouring 
from the overhead vent, tickled her throat. She started to spit, 
trying to get the metallic taste out of her mouth. Suddenly 
panicked, she covered her mouth with her hand as the green mist 
filled up the vestibule. Her face broadened into a goofy smile as 
the euphoria kicked in. She began to feel extremely lightheaded and 
finally slumped against the lobby door unconscious. 

Stephanie and Sandy dressed in skin-tight black leather catsuits and 
gasmasks, opened the inner door and carried Mindy into the storage 
closet. Sandy ripped a strip of duct tape and placed it over Mindy's 
mouth and began to tie her up with the leather straps.

Mr. James was hog-tied and gagged, struggling against his leather 

"I can see you're not going to be very cooperative." Stephanie said 
as she pulled a syringe from her belt.

Mr. James' eyes widened as she plunged the needle into his arm. He 
thrashed harder, then his eyes dilated and he fell asleep.

Three Hours Later:

"You must be Mindy?" Todd asked extending his hand.

"It's nice to finally meet you." Stephanie responded.

Todd, immediately took note of her tight black leather mini-dress, 
fishnet stockings and leather boots. This seemed slightly out of 
character from what he knew of her, but then again, why should he 

Stephanie flirted with him as he told her about himself. She feigned 
interest and told him stories, based on the messages they had been 
reading. After an hour, she figured the drug she had put in his 
drink would have him pretty horny.

"Excuse me, I need to use the restroom." 

He stood up reluctantly, feeling very self-conscious about his giant 
erection. She put her arm on his shoulder and whispered.

"Maybe you should come with me." 

He followed her into the ladies room. She grabbed him by the back of 
the neck and kissed him. He lifted her up on to the counter and 
started to lift her dress.

Fifteen Minutes Later:

Stephanie lay on the counter against the mirror, her legs spread and 
bent at the knees, her black leather mini-dress pushed up around her 
waist. Her lips slightly parted as she moaned eyes locked on Todd's, 
as he thrust into her. Their fingers interlocked together. 
Stephanie tightened down as hard as she could, trying to keep him 
from cumming. She knew it would be tough, but she had to hold him 
off for a few more seconds. She broke her gaze to glance at the 
clock on the wall behind him. Five-Four-Three…Sandy walked in 
wearing a red leather halter and matching hotpants. The two 
exchanged mischievous smiles. Sandy held the syringe up to the light 
and squeezed the air out of the top. Two-One…Sandy plunged the 
syringe into Todd's neck and squeezed the drug into his vein. Todd 
grabbed helplessly at Sandy's hand as his eyes dilated.

"Sleepy Time." She cooed in his ear.

Todd stumbled trying to stay on his feet. Stephanie pulled Todd's 
cock from her and stroked it causing him to shoot all over her 
fishnet stockings. She caught him as he fell onto her, his legs 
finally giving out. The last thing he heard was the sound of duct 
tape being ripped from the roll.


Todd Reid sat up in pain as Sandy ripped the duct tape from his 
mouth. His head was pounding as he tried to get his bearings. Sandy 
said nothing as she untied his hands. Once free he made a run for 
the door, quickly trying to force it open.

"You might as well relax, you're not leaving." Sandy growled pulling 
him away from the door.

Todd balled his fist and turned around swinging. Sandy ducked and 
raised the small aerosol can she was holding. The blue mist swirled 
around his head as he dropped to the floor. Sandy stood above him 
dressed in a sleeveless black leather catsuit. His attempt to raise 
himself was thwarted by the pain of her stiletto heeled boot in his 
chest as she pushed him back to the floor.

"Why don't you stay there until we're ready for you."

Hearing the sound of the key in the lock, Sandy pulled the extremely 
drowsy man from the floor and dragged him to the couch.

Dr. Susan Adams entered the room, she wore a dark gray jacket over 
top of a white blouse and a short business skirt, black nylons and 
high-heels. She had her hair pulled back into a tight braid and wore 
small thin-rimmed glasses. She set her briefcase down and pulled up 
a chair next to Todd.

"Hello Mr. Reid, my name is Dr. Adams. We don't have much time, so 
we need to get started. I want you to relax and listen to what I 
have to say. Do you think you can do that for me?"

Todd nodded slowly. He was amazed at how soothing her voice was. 
Maybe it was just the mist, but he felt very relaxed.

"Sandy, I need you to leave us for a while."

Sandy nodded and pulled the door closed behind her.

8:00 The Night of the Concert

Sandy strutted up the stairs to the backstage entrance, her stiletto 
heeled boots clicking on the metal stairs as she climbed them. She 
wore a skin-tight sleeveless black leather catsuit and reflecting in 
the light was her backstage pass, which was held around her neck by a 
silver chain.

The two security guards stepped forward to meet her. She raised her 

"Sorry, ma'am this is only good after the show, there's no one back 
stage right now."

The guard on the left grabbed her and started to turn her around.

"Sleep." She cooed as pink gas gently hissed from her specially 
modified catsuit. She waved her hand in front of the guard's faces, 
taking great delight in watching them slowly drift to sleep. She 
stepped over them and continued backstage.

The music was quite loud from this distance and Todd, didn't hear 
Sandy approach.

She tapped him on the shoulder he turned around.

"How did you get back here?" 

Sandy held up her pass.

"You can't be back here. Come on." 

Todd grabbed her shoulders and escorted her away from the stage. 
Sandy removed the silver pendant from around her neck and held it up 
for Todd to see.

"It's a lovely night for a show, isn't it?"

She smiled as Todd's eyes glassed over. Susan's conditioning worked 
perfectly. He was completely paralyzed and under her spell. Sandy 
noticed the rising erection in his pants, it must have been part of 
the training.

"How many guards out back Todd?"

"Four." His eyes were locked on the pendant as she gently swung it 
before him.

"That's too many don't you think?" Sandy was massaging his cock 
through his pants while she talked to him.

"Too many." He parroted back.

"You need to send two of them up front. Why don't you do that?"

Todd reached for his radio while Sandy continued to rub his cock, 
slowly increasing in intensity. He ordered two of the four guards up 
front to help the lobby guards.

"That's a good boy." She leaned closer into him as she brought him 
to climax. Todd grunted as he exploded inside his jeans. 
Simultaneously, the hidden hypo in her catsuit shot forward injecting 
a powerful sleeping agent into his body. She pulled away from him as 
he fell to the floor. He would wake up remembering nothing.

Out back:

The two giggling girls stumbled from the restroom and headed towards 
the dock entrance. Will walked towards them. 

"Ladies, the concert is that way." He pointed towards the entrance 
behind them.

"Come on, don't make us walk all around." The redhead laughed and 
tripped. The blond tried to help her up and fell down on top of 
her. Both of them were laughing hysterically.

"Come on ladies. It's cold out here and I'm real tired." Will leaned 
down to help them up. 

"Ok, I'll give you this much money if you let us go in that way." 
The blond was opening her purse trying to get her money out. The 
both of the girls were still laughing.

"Ma'am, I don't want your…" The blond was still trying to get her 
money out. "I don't want your money. Come on!"

The redhead and the blond quit laughing and both of them raised small 
aerosol cans. They both sent powerful jets of pink gas into Will's 
face. He coughed a couple of times, stumbling backwards. The girls 
were surprised and slightly scared by what they had just done. After 
a quick glance at each other they got up and ran back towards the 
concert. The blond fell first, then the red head when the darts 
lodged in the back of their thighs. The effects were instantaneous

It was bitter cold and his shift only half over. John hated these 
arrogant musicians, they were inside with more women than any man 
could ever need and he was outside patrolling the venue grounds in 
the cold. The snack van on the corner would be closing in a few 
minutes, he'd better get his last cup of coffee before it was too 

John pulled off his glove and put his wallet on the counter.

"How's it goin' tonight Jimmy…" He looked up to see an attractive 
woman in a brown leather jacket. "Where's Jimmy?" John asked 

"He's sick, I'm Tina, his sister." 

Tina turned around to get him a cup of coffee from the pot. She was 
being careful not to step on Jimmy's unconscious body beneath her. 
The white mist from the knockout gas was still rising. In the cold 
night air it looked like steam from the pots.

"Well, thanks for the coffee, nice meetin' ya." He turned and took a 
sip from the cup and started to walk away.

"John!" Tina called from behind, walking towards him. "You forgot 
your wallet!"

John started to turn around, the effects of the drugged coffee 
starting to take effect.

"How did you…..know….my…." He fell to one knee.

Tina took the Styrofoam cup from his hand and pitched it into the 
flowers. He struggled a little bit while she waited for him to pass 

Stephanie stepped from the shadows and stood over him in her ultra-
tight red leather catsuit. "Let's get you to bed." She smiled from 
above him. His eyes closed. Stephanie and Tina dragged him back to 
the coffee van and gagged and tied him up next to Jimmy the coffee 

"Thanks for your help Tina." Stephanie smiled and turned away.

"Hey! Where's my money?" Tina grunted in her thick Brooklyn accent.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Stephanie stepped towards her. "Here." She 
extended her left hand and sprayed an extended blast of pink gas from 
her specially modified catsuit while she covered her mouth with her 
red handkerchief. Tina let out a faint sigh as she collapsed on top 
of the other two.