Further Adventures of Lilly

Lilly sat in her car, smoking a cigarette,in a blue holder that was at least ten inches long, she starred out of her car window looking at an all buta vacant parking lot except for one green toyata. She was bored, it had been several weeks since she had grabbed the blonde, she smiled when she thought of that,the blonde was now somewhere in south east asia problbly in some bordello. Running a porn site in a daycare center, she had deserved no less.  Lilly had wanted to terminate her, but orders were orders.  

She was dressed in a black vinyl jumpsuit, with a matching jacket of her own design, it was cold enough for her outfit, cold but not cold enough for snow, thank heaven as she thought to herself. It had been weeks since her last assignment and she had grown restless, this is why she was here.

Lilly finished her cigarette and put her holder in her hand bag, she checked her watch, almost time she thought, She had scouted several bars, selecting her latest victim for chloroforming.  That was one part of her job she relished, but with no assignment, Lilly needed to keep sharp, the more time between jobs and she felt she would lose her edge.  She shuddered with anticipation, donning a black vinyl hood and heavy latex gloves that were skin tight.  She would follow her victim home and make her move as she exited her car.            

It had been raining up to a few minutes ago, but the sky was filled with lightning, thunder boomed in the distance, the rain would return soon. Lilly gripped the steering wheel of her car, this was the hardest part she thought, the waiting. The hood felt tight against her face, but it was neccessary she did not want anyone to see her face. That would not do at all. Underneath her jacket she wore a shoulder holster with a modified taurus 940 40 cal automatic with an integrated silencer. The compact firearm was not needed but Lilly never knew when things might get dicey.

She had no intention of harming her victim, a redhead, all that Lilly wanted was to watch her victim struggle and succumb to the chloroform, after that she would place her somewhere safe, take a photo and drive off.  Lilly was no sadist, what she wanted was her terrible secret thing, that no one knew. Putting someone to sleep, usually a beautiful woman or a teenage boy made Lilly climax.  It was her sin to bare, but no harm would ever come to her victim, no matter what. She never understood how it had happened, but on one of her many assignments, during a chloroforming she had found out the truth of what she liked.   Lillys lovers were always men, but the site of a woman being chloroformed had been more exciting than almost anything else,  a young boy five years ago had produced the same result, so whenever there was too much time between her jobs the bug would bite her and she would hunt.

She watched the back door of the club intently, the redhead finally opened the door and came out, Lilly smiled, the tingle ran through her body, soon she thought very soon. The redhead walked towards her car, she wore a yellow rain slicker as she walked she pulled on midlength leather gloves until they were tight, Lilly knew she would be the last employee out, having locked up the club before going home. Lilly had watched her for the last two days , the redhead was way too predictible.

It was then that Lillys keen eyes spotted two shapes detach themselves from a nearby alley,  Aw hell, Lilly thought, this botches it all up now.  The two shapes became two men, one small and one tall, both headed toward the unaware redhead. Lilly got out of her car quietly, keeping her eyes on both of them, Lillys car had been modified so no lites shown or noises made, her appearance on the unfolding drama was unseen. She moved for an interception course on the two men, but they would get to the redhead first. Lillys boots made no noise on the asphalt of the parking lot due to the wedge soles on her boots, for all intensive purposes Lilly would have the advantage of suprise on all of them and thats the way she liked it. 

Just as the redhead opened her car door , the two hoods struck the tall one shoved her to her green toyota , the other grabbed her purse, whatever they were saying to the red head was unheard by a clap of thunder. Lilly closed the distance, unzipping her jacket with her left hand and drawing the pistol out of its holster, she held it close to her right leg, flipping the safety off.  While all this was going on the red head was making all kinds of whining sounds, Just great thought Lilly all I needed now!

Lilly was two feet away from both of the thugs, when a bolt of lighting lite up the sky, making her presence known, she raised the pistol , yelling out Hi boys, as the thunder rolled, Lilly fired the silenced pistol twice, both bullets striking tall man in the head and dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Like a cat, she turned quickly, facing hood nr 2, he had been holding the redheads purse, but quickly threw it to the ground.  Lilly snarled, Run, if he had seen her smile underneath the latex hood he would have known what his chances really were.  He almost made it to the alley whence he had come, shy of on three feet when four 40 cals tore threw his heart, lung, kidneys respectively.  Lilly had waited for another clap of thunder before she fired.

She walked over to hood nr 1, and for a second, the image of her slain father and brother in another alley way a thousand miles and a million years ago ran through her mind, she pumped the remaining bullets into him, the body jerked from the force of the powerful round.  Without thinking she dropped the magazine from her empty pistol and replaced it with a full one. Lilly in a fluid motion chambered a round and clicked the safety back on the pistol, putting it back into her shoulder holster.

Lilly turned her attention now to the redhead, without a word she walked over to the redhead and helped her to her feet. Lillys hands started to shake and her breathing became heavy as she became aware that all opportunity was not lost. The tingling sensation deep down inside her begain as she helped the redhead lean with her back to her passager door window of her car. The redhead had stopped crying and was say Thank you, Thank you, she did not see Lilly reach down to her lower right pocket and tug it open. The redhead had not noticed Lillys hood all throughout this, but when another bolt of lighting soared over head, she saw it , she would have screamed if Lilly had not covered her nose and mouth with a chloroform cotten wad, she had pulled from her coat pocket. For Lilly the look of surprise on her face was worth a million dollars, the terror was there, then after she had taken a few breaths, that look , as though they could see something Lilly could not.  Lilly had her pinned against the car pressing the wadding over the redheads face, but not enough to cover the eyes, which by now had started to close, since Lilly had taken her so by surpirse she had not let out one sound.  Lilly felt herself climax as the redheads eyes closed completely. She held the wadding over the redheads nose and mouth for a few moments longer, no need her waking up to soon, Lilly thought, she eased her back into the green toyota, putting her in the drivers seat, placing her head on the driving wheel of the car the putting her legs near the lower pedals. Lilly closed the door , putting the wadding back in its special pocket that was air tight, Lilly staggered a bit as she walked away, a little drunk from the chloroform and sated from her encounter. She stopped in the parking lot and let the now falling rain come splashing down on top of her, she felt exquisite. completely, satifyingly drained. She moved to her car, opened the door, got in.  The first thing she did was yank the hood off and remove the heavy gloves, replacing them with her favorite leather ones. She started the engine and drove off into the night, merging once again with the darkness.