John Peters pushed his way through the crowded airport anxious to
get to the car he knew would be waiting outside the terminal. He
hated flying commercial, but this trip needed to be inconspicuous.
From all outward signs the CIA's top agent appeared to be on
vacation. In actuality John was on vacation, but for a man in his
position there was no such thing as vacation. This trip was no
exception. John was carrying with him a top secret formula that
could not fall into enemy hands at any cost.

Out of the corner of his eye John noticed a beautiful blonde in a
thick fur coat who had been following him ever since he stepped off
the plane. John smiled to himself. Any other time he would've
seduced and slept with the amateur prior to disposing of her, but he
had little time to spare as the schedule had been purposely kept
tight. He would have to make this fast.

John stopped by an airport coffee shop and made a point to check his
watch, then look around expectantly. As he scanned the area
apparently looking for someone, he caught the eye of the fur clad
blonde. He allowed his gaze to linger for a moment before flashing
his famous smile. Also playing her part the blonde feigned surprise
and motioned to herself innocently. With a slight nod of his head
John motioned her to join him.

"Hello, I'm John. Forgive my forwardness, but you are so incredibly
beautiful I just had to meet you."

"I have that effect on men." She replied retuning his seductive

"I would love to have a drink with you, but unfortunately I am
meeting someone on important business."

"What could be so important?" She asked stepping in a bit closer.

"I'll tell you what. I have a car waiting outside terminal C
the name John Peters. Why don't you head outside and meet me at the
car. I won't be more than ten minutes behind you, and then we can
get that drink."

"So forward Mr. Peters? I like a man who knows what he wants. No
more than five minutes behind." She teases leaning forward and
brushing her lips across his."

"Five minutes it is."

The blonde walked off confident that she would be successful in her
mission. John watched smiling. He knew she was going to miss their
date. Once she was out of sight he headed off in the other
direction. Minutes later several security guards flew past him.

"Poor girl she should better than to bring a gun to an airport. At
least not without one of R's X-ray reflective jackets." John said
to himself with satisfaction as he patted the now empty hidden
pocket in his jacket.

Gretchen sat in a small room with no windows and only one door and a
female guard. Her belongings were piled in a corner behind a
uniformed security woman. She was furious. She thought she had the
legendary agent wrapped around her finger. She would put him to
sleep in the car and steal the package. However he was on to her
the whole time. She had no idea when he slipped the gun into her
pocket, but she was completly humiliated when the alarms when off as
she passed through the x-ray. She underestimated him, which would
not happen again.

The door swung open and a young well dressed man walked in.

"Hello Miss Snow. I'm with the FBI, do you mind telling me what you
were doing with that gun?"

"I told your men already I don't know anything about the gun. It is
not mine." She said glancing over at her fur coat lying in the

"And why is it so cold in here? The least you could do is let me
have my coat." She asked with her sexiest pout.

The FBI agent looked over at the guard who shook her head.

"Let her have the coat."

"I'm sorry, but it's against..."

"Officer, this is now a federal investigation not a matter of
airport security. Would you please leave us?"

The guard hesitated. The FBI agent knew from his classes at Langley
that this was a crucial time in the interrogation process; he had to
win the suspect's trust.

"It's OK, I'll take full responsibility. Please wait outside."

The guard reluctantly walked out bringing a smile to Gretchen's face.

"Here you go." He said smiling as he held out her coat.

"Thank-you darling." She replied slipping it on. "That's much

"Now about that gun?"

"Like I said, it was not mine." She said as she stepped forward and
wrapped her arms around his neck burying his face in the thick
sleeves of her coat.

"Mmmmm, doesn't that feel sooo good. The soft fur of my coat
caressing your face. Making you so sleepy."

I took only a moment for the drug to be adsorbed into his skin.

"That's it baby just let my thick luxurious fur surround you and
carry you off to dreamland."

Within moments the FBI agent slumped to the floor sound asleep.
Gretchen quickly gathered her belongings. She reached in to her
purse and took out a small heart shaped perfume atomizer.

The female guard was standing outside pacing nervously. She knew
she should not have left the room, but she was afraid to standup to
the FBI agent, after all she was just a guard. She stopped and
turned as the door to the room opened, but the person who emerged
was not who she expected. The guard made a move for her night
stick, but before it was halfway out of the holster she felt a cool
mist on her face. Suddenly she was assaulted by one of the sweetest
scents she had ever smelled. Gretchen held the atomizer up and
sprayed her once more with the sleepy perfume.

"Do you like it? It's a very special fragrance." Gretchen giggled
as the guard's eyes rolled back and she slumped to the floor.

"Nightie Night."

Gretchen may have been over confident, but the Baroness never was.
She knew and respected John Peter's reputation. Only one woman
deal with Peters. Gretchen was just on trap set for the agent.

John approached the car and was relieved to see Frank Wilson another
of the CIA's top agents standing in front of a black Lincoln holding
a sign with his name. John held out his hand having recognized his
driver the two exchanged smiles. John got in the car.

"So, I see you're really stepping up in the agency." John teased as
they pulled away.

"I just go where I'm told. Apparently the brass wanted to make sure
all bases were covered on this one...not that anyone will tell what
this one is."

"Hopefully just a quick delivery then some much needed R&R."

"I belive I can accommodated your desire for rest and relaxation
gentlemen." A woman's voice with an incredibly sexy eastern
European accent responded over the radio speaker just as a pink gas
began to fill the car. The woman's laughter was the last thing
either of them heard as they succumbed to fumes.

After a few minutes the windows automatically rolled down releasing
the pink gas and exposing the two sleeping agents. The steering
wheel seemed to move on its own as the car sped down the highway.
The tinted windows rolled back up after the car was clear appearing
as if all was as it should be.