Ted Fleming paced the back steps of the church, as many dads before 
him had done, and many would in the future. What was it about brides 
that made them perpetually late? He was a man that controlled a multi-
million dollar business conglomerate, and he couldn't get a twenty 
year-old girl in a white dress to show up at her own wedding. 
Unbelievable - a church fool of guests, the groom waiting at the 
altar, and no bride! He was going to kill Meagan. His cell phone rang.

"Ted Fleming," he answered.

"Mr. Fleming, it's Wendy, Meagan's Maid of Honor. You won't 
believe it, but the limo got a flat tire! We need you to come get us."

The father of the bride took down their location. He knew 
right where it was, he was on the way. Surprisingly, he was not upset 
about the flat tire. He was a man of action, and now that he knew 
what the problem was, he would be able to fix it. He gave a brief 
explanation to one of the ushers, and took of in his car.

A ten-minute drive brought him to one of the city's parks, 
where they had no doubt gone to take pictures. The limo was right 
where the girl had said it would be. If Mr. Fleming were better 
acquainted with his daughter's friends, he would have known that he 
had not been speaking to Wendy at all, but to Veronica Fox! 

He parked and hurried over to the limo. One of the bridesmaids was 
waiting next to the open rear door of the limo. She was a petite 
blond, with a cute bobbed haircut and flattering glasses. He didn't 
recognize the girl, but that wasn't very unusual as his business 
activities precluded him from being very active in his children's 

"Where's my daughter," he asked somewhat shortly. He didn't have the 
best personality.

"She's in the car. She was rather distraught about being so late."
Ted Fleming got into the limo and Tiffany Sloane promptly closed the 
door behind him, trapping him inside with the dreamily devious 
Veronica Fox. 

When he entered the car, he saw his daughter sitting across from him 
with her back to the driver. The brunette beauty was resplendent in 
her white satin gown. It was very modern, tailored to closely hug her 
nice young body. His baby girl had her veil down, obscuring her face 
and she was holding her splendid bouquet and crying into a white lacy 

"Oh darling, don't cry," he comforted moving next to her. "Here let 
me see that pretty face of yours."

He raised her veil and put his hand under her chin to make her look 
at him. She lowered her hanky and smiled, an evil `cat just got the 
cream' smile.

"You're not my daughter," he gasped. 

"No," she agreed holding up her beautiful bouquet of delicate pink 
blossoms. A quick wisp of pink gas drifted gently into his face. It 
smelled very sweet and made him feel instantly warm and drowsy.

"What are you doing?" he demanded, waving his hand in front of his 

"Putting you to bed darling," she told him as he continued to 
fuss. "Shhh, don't fight it," she whispered. "A nice nap will feel so 
wonderful." She thrust the flowers in his face and gave him another 
whiff of narcotic bedtime. 

Mr. Fleming sank back into the cushy seat with a sigh. He had a 
peaceful smile on his face. Tiffany climbed into the car grinning. 
Veronica could tell that everything was ready.

"There don't you feel better?" she cooed to the rich, relaxed 
gentleman. "We're going to go for a little ride," she 
explained. "Tiffany here is going to suck your cock and I'm going to 
ask you some questions. If your answers are satisfactory, she'll make 
you feel wonderful. If you try to lie or keep anything from me, I'm 
going to become quite cross. Do you understand?"

Fleming yawned and nodded sleepily. The bespectacled blonde had 
peeled off her bridesmaids dress and knelt on the seat next to him. 
She rubbed the front of his trousers feeling his already prodigious 
erection. Getting gassed by a beautiful femme like Veronica Fox had 
made him quite aroused. Tiffany unzipped him and began to gently run 
her tongue up his shaft. Veronica meanwhile took his chin in her 
satin-gloved hand and stared into his eyes.

"Now darling I'm going to need to know a few things. Bank accounts, 
safe-deposit boxes, and of course the combination to the safe in your 


Meanwhile, another sleek limousine pulled up to the gate of Mr. 
Fleming's private compound. The security guards were used to wealthy 
guests, but today was the wedding of their boss' daughter and no 
visitors were scheduled. One of the armed guards came out of the 
guardhouse and approached the driver's door. He tapped impatiently on 
the window and it slid down.

A lovely Asian girl in tight fitting black livery was behind the 

"What can I do for you ma'am?" the guard asked politely.

The girl didn't respond just jerked her thumb back, indicating the 
rear of the vehicle. He walked to the back of the car as the rear 
window lowered. He looked inside and was a little surprised.

"Miss Meagan!" he exclaimed. He turned to his partner and motioned 
for him to open the gate. "It's ok," he yelled. "It's Meagan 

He turned back to the car and looked inside again, realizing for the 
first time that the girl wasn't alone. Sitting next to her was an 
elegantly beautiful blonde wrapped in a silver fox fur coat. Her face 
was partially obscured by a black fishnet veil.

"What are you doing here Miss Meagan," he asked. "Shouldn't you be at 
your wedding? I hope everything is alright."

The girl just stared through him as if he wasn't there. Her eyes were 
half-closed and glassy, like she had just woken up.

"Everything is fine," the blonde woman told. "We simply forgot a few 
things. Like the contents of her daddy's safe."

She raised her hand from her lap revealing a small gun. Before he 
could react she fired a small dart that stuck in his neck. He 
collapsed immediately.

The second guard had opened the gate and stepped outside of the 
guardhouse. He was curious as to why Meagan would be here instead of 
at her wedding. Maybe she had called it off. His thoughts were 
interrupted when his partner suddenly and inexplicably fainted. 
Without thinking he moved toward the car. 

The driver had her own dart-gun and pointed it out the window. A well-
aimed shot got the second guard in the butt, and he fell forward on 
top of his colleague.

The limo proceeded through the gate followed by a blue van. The white 
lettering on the side read `Fox Cleaning Service". 

The vehicles drove up the long driveway and parked in front of the 
house. Victoria Fox turned to the lovely but sleepy brunette sitting 
next to her.
"You did well," she told the girl removing a makeup compact from her 
pocket. "You deserve a nice nap."

She flipped open the compact, pursed her lips, and blew. A fine pink 
dust shot into the bride's face and the already drowsy girl slumped 
over asleep.

When `Queen V' got out of the limo her vixens were already in action. 
Magda, Ava, and Zsa Zsa, the blonde bombshell triplets, had piled out 
of the side door of the van and were hastily gathering their gear. 
The tempting trio all wore enticing French-maid outfits, with black 
satin dresses, white aprons and white wrist-length gloves.

"Quickly girls," encouraged Miss Fox. "Lets get our hands on that 
lovely loot that is sitting in Mr. Fleming's safe."

The finished outfitting themselves and moved toward the front steps, 
their elegant boss falling in behind them.

Magda knocked on the door and it was answered presently by the 
formally dressed butler.

"I'm sorry but the master of the house is out," he informed the women 
dryly. "And he has no need of a maid service, he employs his own."

"I think you'll like the services we provide much more," insisted 
Magda as she caressed the front of the elderly man's trousers. While 
her sister had him distracted, Ava took her feather duster and gently 
rubbed it in his face. The man collapsed to the floor with a sigh.

Zsa Zsa was already moving into the house. She had a white cloth in 
one hand and a spray bottle of liquid that looked like some sort of 
cleaning fluid in the other. 

Miss Jenks the middle-aged woman, who served as the Fleming's real 
maid, came strolling into the room.

"Arthur," she called, "Who is that at the door? Don't people realize 
that it's Meagan's wedding today?"

She stopped short when she saw the delectable Zsa Zsa approaching 
her. The blonde discreetly spritzed some `cleaning fluid' from her 
bottle into the rag.

"Who are you young lady?" demanded the no-nonsense domestic as she 
strode towards her. "Arthur, why did you let this woman in the house?"

She stopped short when she got a few feet from the French maid. She 
could see past her now, to the unconscious butler in the doorway. Zsa 
Zsa's sisters were waltzing in.
Miss Jenks gasped and turned to run, but the blonde was on her 
quickly. Grabbing her around the waist, she forced the rag into the 
older woman's face. 

The rightful maid struggled furiously but was much older and weaker 
than her attractive assailant. Her burning lungs screamed for oxygen 
but when she tried to breath she received nothing but the 
overpowering odor of chloroform. 

The medicinal scent made her gag and she moaned pitifully into the 
rag. But Zsa Zsa was without pity, and she tightened her grip as the 
gray-haired woman's action became sluggish, her struggles more 
subdued. Within moments it was over, the real maid going limp in the 
lovely young impostors arms.

Zsa Zsa looked up to see her sisters at work, already loading the 
contents of Mr. Fleming's `secret' wall safe into the large sack that 
Ava was carrying. Their Mistress, Miss Fox, stood nearby watching, as 
she ran a large unlit cigar under nose.

Zsa Zsa stood and went to her, pulling a gold butane lighter from the 
pocket of her apron. She held up the lighter and Victoria nodded 
gratefully before bringing her cigar to life. She exhaled with a 
satisfied smile and pulled a cell phone from her pocket. She hit a 
pre-programmed button and waited for an answer.

"Veronica darling," she said simply, "It's done."