The Fashion Show

It was about five on a wednesday afternoon at Torrid (An Alternative
clothing store for BBWs). Lisa, an emo-ish looking teenage girl with thin
build and black hair, is behind the counter talking to Michelle, a 19yr old
heavy-set punker type with black hair, plaid skirt and tank top. At the
other end of the store a 20yr old heavy-set blond girl is looking at the
dresses. It's been kind of a quiet day, Lisa and Michelle aren't really
expecting much to happen so both are kind of eager to end the day and go
home. That desire is about to be granted as a heavy-set women with a
black-bob haircut enters the store, She looks around for a moment, then
heads directly to the counter. The woman ,named Dahlia, stands in front of
the counter. Lisa and Michelle continue to chat-ignoring Dahlia. Dahlia
interrupts the girls with a simple "Ladies." The girls look at Dahlia, but
before they can reply, Dahlia raises her right hand and sprays a white gas
from a small metal canister into the air around the two girls. "What" Michelle manages to say. Dahlia simply raises her finger to
her lips. The girls cease all protests. Dahlia takes both of them by the
hand and leads them to the back room. "Both of you please take a seat right
here." Dahlia says, pointing to a two seats at a desk. Lisa and Michelle sit
down and watch as Dahlia reaches into her pocket. Dahlia pulls out another
spray bottle and issues a stream of green knockout gas toward the girls.
Lisa and Michelle gasp and then drop their heads to the desk.

While Lisa and Michelle are ending their day, A heavy set blond haired woman
( Sadie, Dahlia's best friend) has taken their place at the counter. Sadie
watches the blond haired girl in the with intrest. The blond walks up to
Sadie and asks if she could try on a dress. "Sure." Sadie says. "You look
kind of familiar. Isn't your name Mary?" Sadie asks. "No. My name is Jena."
The blond answers. Sadie leads Jena to the dressing room. Jena enters the
dressing room and begins to strip. As Jena removes her shirt, Sadie opens
the door and rolls a blue rubber ball into the room. Saying nothing, Sadie
closes the door. Jena reaches over to grab the ball when it bursts. A
foul-smelling powder fills the hair around Jena. Jena makes a face and
begins to cough. She falls to her knees. Jena stares off into space for a
moment-then falls to the floor fast asleep.Sadie waited outside the dressing room. After a minute to let the gas
evaporate, she entered the room to find Jena sleeping peacefully on the
floor. She cradled Jena and took her to the backroom. Dahlia was inside the
back room watching over the two girls who were put to sleep earlier. "A new
Friend?", Dahlia asks. "This is Jena." Sadie says as she lays Jena on a
chair to sleep."Could you take over at the counter? I would like to put
something in the dressing room." Sadie smiles at Dahlia. Dahlia knows what
this means, So she takes over at the counter, while Sadie goes to the
dressing room.

About an hour later, Lani enters the store. Lani is an attractive caucasian
woman in her mid-30,s. She has red hair, a large chest and is very curvy.
Lani begins to look at the clothes. She blushes slightly, then begins to
walk towards the door when Dahlia approaches her. "Is there something I can
help you with ?" "I think I'd look a little funny in these clothes." Laura
says. "No. Not at all" Dahlia says" I think your going to look great in
these clothes. Why don't you try on one of the outfits and see how it
feels." Lani smiles and nods. Dahlia leads her over to the dressing room.

Meanwhile, in another part of the store, Sadie is helping Claudia. Claudia
is a 26yr.old hispanic woman, heavy set, with black hair and dangerous
curves. Claudia has found an outfit she wants, so Sadie is leading her over
to the dressing room.Claudia enters the room to find Lani standing in front
of the mirror, who's changed into a skimpy pink pleather outfit. Laura is
startled, "Sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here." Claudia turns to leave,
She grabs the doorknob only to discover that the door won't open. "Just give
me a second." Claudia says. Claudia trys to push it open, but the door won't
budge. "Wait a second, this door won't open." Claudia continues to push on
the door. Lani has now joined her: "you're right! this door won't open!"
Lani and Claudia push on the door for about a minute, When a bad odor begins
to fill the room. Claudia and Lani look at each other and make a face.They
almost immediatly begin to feel dazed. Lani looks around to see a violet
gas streaming out of a device on the ceiling. "Look! That smell is gas!
Sleeping gas!" Lani says. "We've got to get out of here." Claudia says.
Claudia and Lani put their hands over their mouths in a futile attempt to
keep out the penetrating fumes. They begin to breathe more slowly as the gas
begins to take affect, then they slowly move away from the door and stumble
slightly against the side wall. "Can't stay all I want to do is
sleep..." Claduia says. "Don't want to sleep... but the smell is...too...too
much." Lani manages to say, then Laura and Claudia both slump against the
wall. Fast asleep.

Sadie is looking at a view screen. She has watched the events with much
satisfaction. She motiones Dahlia over. "I think that's enough. I suggest we
close up, then we can play with our new friends." Sadie says with a nice

Sadie and Dahlia changed into their trademark out fits as the girls slept.
Sadie was in a black leather bustier, black panties thigh high stockings
and a gas mask. Dahlia was in a similar outfit, but In grey. She had also
dawned her special gas mask (A mask that sprays various gasses out of it's
snout.) They looked at the women sleeping in various places in the back
room. Lisa, Michelle, Jena, Claduia and Lani were each bound at their hands
and feet. Sadie placed what looked like a smoke machine in a small corner of
the room. She pressed a button on the machine. A slight hissing sound could
be heard, however it looked as if nothing was coming out of the machine.
Sadie walked back towards the center of the room. She turned her attention
to her watch for a second, "Any minute now" She said quietly. Slowly the
five girls began to stir. "Hello girls. I hope you all slept well. " "What's
happening here? What do you want?" Jena asks. "We simply decided that you
all need a break from work and shopping. I think you lovely ladies would
benefit from some fun activties." Sadie says with a smile. Lani begins to
become very agitated. She squirms against her bounds and begins to yell:
"Fuck you bitch! Let me out of her or I'm going to plant my foot in your
ass." "Such hostility." Sadie says with mock indignence. "Yes. So unlike
your reaction in the dressing room." Dahlia observes. "Yeah, well, I'm not
all dazed and drowsy like I was in the dressing room. I'm wide awake now
bitch. If It weren't for these cords, You'd be a bloody mess on the floor."
"I'm shocked. Such language is so unbecoming of someone your age." Sadie
admonishes. Lani is really furious now: "MY AGE!!??!?, When I get out of
here, I'm going to..." "...Do nothing except fall asleep." Dahlia
interrupts. She walks over to Lani, leans over and- SSSSST! A red gas comes
out of Dahlia's mask and envelopes Lani's face. Lani wrinkles her nose and
then slumps back against the wall. Fast asleep.

Sadie looks at the other girls. "There is no need for such hostility. We
have no intention of hurting anyone. We simply would like to be entertained
by you lovely girls." "How?" Claudia asks passively. The women are starting
to become relaxed. The smoke machine in the corner has been filling the room
with Sadie's special hypno-gas. All of The women will soon be under her (And
Dahlia's) spell. "We'll inform you ladies, later. For now, I would like to
know your names and ages. " The girls begin to introduce themselves (except
for the sleeping Lani). Sadie and Dahlia are taken aback ,however, when Lisa
informs them that she is only 16. "Oh dear, You're a little young for our
activites, but I'm sure we'll come up with something else for you to do."
Sadie informs her.

Lani begins to awaken after twenty minutes and is no longer angry. She and
the others are in a very good mood. "I think it's about time girls." Sadie
and Dahlia begin to free the girls from their bounds. Lisa, Michelle, Jena,
Claudia, and Lani stand shoulder to shoulder in front of Sadie and Dahlia.
"Claudia, You wanted to know how you can entertain us?" Dahlia says. "With
all these lovely outfits around, I think a fashion show would be most

Sadie and Dahlia leave the backroom and move towards the front of the store.
Sadie has placed a collar around Lisa's neck and is leading her with a
leather cord. Sadie and Dahlia take a seat on a couch. Lisa stands in front
of them. "Lisa my dear. As I stated before, you are a little young to
participate in the show. Therefore, I would like to invite you to sleep in
this mask for the evening." Sadie shows Lisa a black- rubber mask, with a
small tube attached to it."That way, you'll sleep through tonight's's
activities. Now come." Sadie motions to Lisa and Lisa lays sideways on the
couch, with her head resting on Sadie's lap. Sadie places the mask over
Lisa's face, then gently strokes her hair. Sadie then pulls out a remote
control and presses a red button on the top. A slight hissing sounds is
heard, Lisa then says "mmmm" as she falls asleep. "Sleep well, my dear."
Sadie instructs.

"Now, Ladies! Please step forward. remember one at a time." Lani steps
forward, She is wearing the pink pleather outfit, but now with black
stockings,thigh-high boots and a choker. "Very nice." Dahlia says. As Lani
walks away, Claudia enters with a see-through mesh shirt, black mini skirt
and black stockings. Claudia stops in front of Sadie and Dahlia and turns
around to give them a full view. Claudia begins to walk toward the back and
Michelle steps forward. Michelle is wearing a low-cut black pleather dress
that shows off her cleavage. Jena then comes forward, Jena is dressed like a
school-girl, with a plaid skirt, White dress shirt, Knee-high socks and
loafers. Jena stops in front of Sadie and Dahlia and curtseys, then walks
to the back room. "Beautiful" Sadie says. "And now, I think It's time to
spice things up a bit. Dahlia, if you would?" "Of Course." Dahlia's mask
issues a stream of pink pleasure gas. It settles in the center of the room
-right in the path that the girls will take. The women change into different
outfits, completely unaware of what's waiting for them.Lani exits the backroom. She is now wearing a tight-fitting light blue
bare-midrift t-shirt with white hip-hugging denim capris. Lani takes note of
the pink gas in the room as she walks up to Sadie and Dahlia. "Please;
just stand there for a moment so we can admire you." Sadie instructs. Lani
turns around three times to give Sadie and Dahlia a look. "Thank you. That
was lovely." As she turns to go to the back room, Lani begins to feel
aroused. The feeling becomes more intense as she enters the backroom.

Claudia now comes in. She is wearing a black nurses uniform.As she struts
down the aisle, She is also made to pause in front of Dahlia and Sadie.
Claudia is soon turned on by the pleasure gas. She is quite wet by the time
she gets to the back.

Jena is the third women to model for Sadie and Dahlia. She wears a black
skirt, Short sleve white dress shirt and a tie. As she approachs Sadie and
Dahlia, another stream of pleasure gas spews forth from Dahlia's mask. Jena
pauses, expecting to fall asleep. Sadie notices, "No need to be taken aback.
This is not sleeping gas. It's just a little something to enhance the mood."
The short interaction between Jena and Sadie insures that Jena has breathed
in enough gas to become aroused. She puts her hands to her flush cheeks as
she walks into the back room.

And finally Michelle. Michelle is wearing plaid pants and a black tank top.
She follows the same pattern as the other women: entrance, pause, exposure
and finally arousal. She walks to the back. Each of the four women is very
horny as they strip off their outfits. Very appropriate, as their next
ensamble is composed of intimate clothing.

Michelle, Jena, Lani and Claudia are nearly done putting on their next
outfits. They are still very aroused, but ignore the feeling as best they
can, while they get dressed. Sadie's voice is heard from outside the
backroom. "Ladies, Could all of you come out at the same time when you are
finished." Claudia is the first to emerge. She is wearing leopard skin
pattern bra and panties. Jena stands next to her. She is wearing a light
blue pajama tank top and matching short bottoms. Lani emerges in a
see-through black cami with built-in bra and panties. Michelle emerges in a
white corset and panties with garter belt and stockings.

"You all look so beautiful." Sadie says. "I would like to give you
something." She reaches over and picks up a case. She pops open the case to
reveal four fur balls and instructs each women to take one. Each woman
picks up a ball and looks at it. Sadie looks at Dahlia sitting next to her.
"Now Dahlia, Please work your magic once again." "The voodoo that I do so
well? But of course." Dahlia turns her head towards her head towards the
women and fills the air around them with her trademark pink gas. "I 'm sure
all of you are very stimulated by now. The items you know hold in your hand
will help you deal with that situation."

Each of the four women are very aroused. Claudia is the first to begin.
She moves the ball across her chest then down her stomach. She is about to
sip the ball under her panties, when Sadie suddenly stops her: "Hmm. While
that would be fun, I think it would be better if each of you used those...
on each other. Maybe if you could figure out a way to use them all at the
same time, making sure that no one is left out." The four girls look at each
other and begin to formulate a plan as per Sadie's instructions.

Michelle, Jena, Lani and Claudia move around akwardly trying to attain the
optimum position. They finally settle on the following: Lani gets down on
all fours. Claudia kneels behind her. Jena lays on her side behind Claudia,
While Michelle lays down next to Jena with Jena's head at Michelle's feet.
Michelle moves up slightly so that she is within reach of Claudia. "Very
innovative." Sadie compliments. "Now begin." Claudia strips Lani from the
waist down and begins to stimulate her with the fur ball. Michelle begins to
do the same to Claudia. Michelle then reaches over and begins to rub Jena's
mound with the fur ball in her other hand. Jena in turn does the same to
Michelle. Sadie is quite pleased. "Very nice ladies." Low moans and heavy
breathing fill the room as the girls pleasure each other.

The show continues for what seems like an endless amount of time. Sadie and
Dahlia are quite excited, but as always, they watch the events very camly.
After each woman has climaxed a few times, Sadie stops them. "Ok Girls. I
hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did." "Oh Yes! Definitley!" Lani
says, sounding somewhat out of breath. "Please change into the clothes you
came in with. We've paid for everything you've worn today. So you may keep
what you wore during the fashion show." Thank you." says Claudia. Dahlia
collects the fur balls from everyone each women moves to the backroom. Sadie
lefts up Lisa gently (who still sleeps with the mask on her face) and
settles her back into the sofa.

Each girl arrives fully clothed and stand in front of Sadie and Dahlia.
"Michelle. You stay here, The rest of you take one of these." Sadie hands
each girl a small glass capsule. "Now go back to your cars and when you get
inside, break these." Each girl obidently leaves the store and heads for
their respective automobiles. Sadie looks at Michelle and instructs her to
sit on the sofa. Dahlia walks up to Michelle. "You've had a busy night.
Rest now." Green sleep gas streams out of Dahlia's mask into Michelle's
face. Michelle simply says "Uhh" as the fumes put her to sleep. She falls
back against the sofa. Sadie walks up to Lisa and shuts off the tube on the
mask Lisa is wearing. Sadie gently lifts up Lisa's head and removes the
sleep mask. Lisa begins to stir and lifts her head looking at Sadie and
Dahlia. "Good morning sweetheart." Sadie says gently." ...and good night."
Dahlia gives Lisa a whiff of her gas. Lisa gasps and her head falls back to
the sofa. Sadie and Dahlia gahter their things. Dahlia removes her mask,
Sadie locks up and they depart.

Meanwhile, Lani is the first to reach her car. Lani enters and straps in her
seat belt. She looks at the capsule Sadie gave her. Lani takes the capsule
and throws it against the dashboard. The capsule breaks and a violet gas
begins to fil the car. Lani coughs for a minute, then slumps forward.
Claudia and Jena each experience the same event as they enter their cars and
break the capsules. The women will now sleep until morning with no memory of
what happened, but a lot of lovely new clothes.