An Evening with SandLady

Alan lifted his hands and rubbed his eyes. He just woke from a deep
sleep. As he shifted his legs and abdomen he felt a wonderful soft
smoothness. Barely able to open his eyes he saw a heavy blue mink
blanket plopped on his body. And then he noticed (as his body left
slumber) that he was naked. His backside was (now) sensing the
smooth satin sheets beneath him. Without trying he became sexually
excited. He was able to raise his head slightly and noticed the pup-
tent he created with his private part. The other thing he noticed
was the door to the (bedroom?) slightly cracked allowing some light
to filter into an otherwise dark room. And then he noticed ahead on
the wall a red light that just started flashing. He suspected the
flashing red light was not good. But his manhood had grown so tense
he lay back to feel the blue mink against his throbbing skin.
As he lay there rubbing the incredibly smooth mink blanket he could
hear that someone was approaching the room. The sound of high heel
shoes click-clacked on wooden floors as someone was obviously
approaching the room. The door opened and Alan turned his head to
see who it was. A woman stood hands-on-hips with a lengthy cigarette
in her right hand. Alan's eye sight wasn't too great (too much sleep
in his eyes) but he was able to see what the woman was wearing due
to the glean from the light outside the room shining on what
appeared to be a heavy white satin dress that hugged the woman's
abdomen very tightly. The woman's blouse sparkled too…emanating a
tickling light from hallway toward Alan.

And then Alan noticed the woman's hair, brunette and heavy…draped on
her shoulder. The room now just wreaked of a heavy (but soft) sexy
perfume. He was ready to let it go into the blue mink blanket.

The woman stared at Alan's pre-eruptive state and smiled. "You need
some smooth sleep," she said in a heavenly but firm voice. She
placed her cigarette between her frosted-pink lips and inhaled
intensely. The approaching woman created enough uncertainty in
Alan's mind to delay his eruption for a moment. The woman arrived at
Alan's bedside and reached down to remove the mink blanket exposing
Alan's extension. At that point, the woman released the cigarette
from her lips glanced at Alan revealing the chalky white smoke in
her mouth and then returned her sight to the Alan's extension
leaning forward and pursing her lips.

What followed was a magnificent smooth coating of a silky smoke that
left Alan's manhood light-gray powder-frosted. The woman removed a
lengthy slim satin pouch from her dress pocket, smiled at Alan, and
turned to place the pouch over his extension. She fit it on nice and

Ready to let it go, the woman glanced at Alan once again showing a
beautiful smile and softly saying "Sleep. Smooth sleep. Sleep. Sleep
smoothly." She lowered her luscious silken head of hair onto his
manhood and Alan immediately lost it. It took nearly a minute for
him to empty. Meanwhile, the woman inhaled heavily on her cigarette
and after about one minute raised her beautiful mane off Alan. She
extended her left hand to Alan's right cheek and turned his face
slightly to face the woman's chalk-filled smoky mouth. And then, the
woman pursed her lips and exhaled the smooth dusty smoke into Alan's
eyes. The smell was overwhelming-a very strong narcotic was in the
smoke. The texture was incredibly soft and made his private parts
alive once again.

The woman's exhale was still arriving when Alan faded into sleep.
The last thing he remembered was losing it again-into the satin
pouch. The woman revealed her name to the fading Alan: "Sand Lady
smooth sleeps all her victims, again and again." She smiled at him
telling him to "sleep smoothly" a few more times before exhaling
another ultra silky heavy cloud of smoke into his face.

Alan was completely out by that time. Sand Lady removed the satin
pouch and returned the heavy blue mink to his face framing it in
mink. She wiped the blanket with her hand making sure to rub the
blanket into his manhood before turning away to say, "Good night,
have a smooth sleep." She left the door slightly cracked and
returned down the hallway.