It's another beautiful day in Gotham city. All was well except for 
wealthy socialite Janice Dubois who was waiting in the examining 
room for her appointment with Dr. Alexis Sommeil. Janice had 
received a card in the mail with an offer for a free office visit 
and for some reason just couldn't help calling to schedule and 

The doctor walked into the room shutting the door behind her. She 
wore a white lab coat buttoned down and showing more cleavage than 
was typical from a doctor. The coat extended to her mid-thigh and 
beneath that her shapely legs were encased in sheer white 
stockings. Her blonde hair hung down to her shoulders in elegantly 
tight curls and her make-up was subtle but did a perfect job of 
accentuating her full lips and blue eyes giving her more of the 
appearance of a fashion model than a doctor.

"Hello Ms. Dubois. How are we feeling today?"

"Absolutely fine. In fact I have no idea what I'm doing here."

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that, after all I am 
the doctor. I'll tell you why you're here. It looks to me like you 
have a severe condition that I should be able to cure you of, but 
I'm afraid it will cost you your entire fortune."

"I've never heard of anything so absurd. I feel fine and you 
haven't even examined me. You're a quack!"

"Shhhh. You're getting so worked up Mrs. Dubois I think somebody 
missed their nap."

Dr. Sommeil held her stethoscope out and a pink gas shot out into 
the socialite's face leaving a powdery residue.

"Oh look at that, I've messed up your make up." The doctor teased 
gently brushing the powder off her patient's face while her victim 
sat there eyes closed as if she was sound asleep.

"Now my dear Mrs. Dubois I want you to listen closely you have 
severe case of wealthitis which I will cure you of."

Alexis giggled to herself as she gently caressed the woman's inner 
thigh. Had Janice been fully awake she would've been horrified as 
the Doctor's hand moved up her thigh and massaged her womanhood, but 
in her sleepy helpless state she was instead becoming totally 

"That feels good doesn't it? Of course it does, my sleepy gas not 
only puts your conscious mind to sleep it leaves you helplessly 
aroused and completely open to suggestion."

Dr. Sommeil found herself becoming extremely aroused herself as she 
pressed her body against her sleepy patient. She loved the power 
she had over those she put to sleep. That was her aphrodisiac, but 
it was more than just power she was after. From the day she 
stumbled across Dr. Somnabula's formula and modified it for her own 
purpose she knew she would become the wealthiest woman in the 
world. That was the day the Sandwoman was born.

Sandwoman leaned forward and kissed Ms. Dubois deeply as she 
continued to work her hands under the patient's skirt. The 
socialite returned Sandwoman's kiss just as passionately, for her it 
was as if she was dreaming. 

"Is she ready Doctor?" The young nurse asked interrupting as she 
entered the examining room.

"Yes Anastasia. Take her in back with the others."

"Yes Doctor."

Meanwhile at Gotham library Barbra Gordon was waiting patiently in 
her office for one of the library's many financial backers. Janet 
Dubois was supposed to stop by to discuss her donation to help 
finance the new children's wing.

"I guess Ms. Dubois's a no show Babs. I called her assistant and 
she hasn't heard from her since she left for her doctor's 
appointment this morning." Mertle said walking in to Barbra's 

"I can't believe it; she's always been so dependable. I was really 
counting on her donation after Mr. Oldbuck's donation check was 
returned from the bank."

"Yeah, that was the weirdest thing, after he transferred all the 
money out of his accounts he just disappeared. Nobody's seen him in 
over a week. I guest he has IRS trouble."

"Yeah maybe? Listen Mertle can you cover for me, I'm taking the 
rest of the day off."

"Sure Barb, go home and forget about this place. Take a long bath, 
relax, and get some sleep."

Within an hour Barbra had called Mrs. Dubois's assistant and gotten 
the name of the doctor, changed into her guise of Batgirl, and 
arrived at Dr. Sommeil's office on the outskirts of town.

"I'm here to see Dr. Sommeil." She confidently stated to the 
beautiful young nurse at the desk.

"The doctor's extremely busy Batgirl. Perhaps if you made an 

"You can either announce me or I can go through there and find her 
myself. Your choice."

"Wait one moment."

The nurse walked in back and reemerged moments later.

"The doctor will see you now."

She led Batgirl back to a door and opened it, motioning for her to 
go inside. When she entered Batgirl found herself in a plush office 
with an oversized leather couch, several expensive looking chairs 
and large oak desk behind which sat Dr. Sommeil leisurely smoking a 
cigarette and wearing a thick fur coat.

"Batgirl, this is quite an honor. Please sit down." She said 
motioning to one of the plush leather chairs in front of her desk.

"What can I help you with?" The doctor asked exhaling a cloud of 
smoke above Batgirl's head as she sat.

"I'm looking for some information about one of your patients. A Ms. 
Janice Duboise."

"I'm afraid I've never heard of her." She replied exhaling another 
plume of smoke towards the heroine.

Batgirl coughed waving at the smoke.

"You don't smoke?"

"No, it's a filthy habit and I'm rather surprised a doctor would. 
Now about Ms. Duboise, according to her assistant she had an 
appointment with you this morning."

"I find smoking relaxes me. Many people I encounter also find my 
smoke relaxing and arousing." The doctor replied standing and 
walking around the desk, blowing a tighter stream of smoke towards 
Batgirl as she did.

Batgirl tried to stand as woman approached, but felt a bit woozy and 
fell back into the chair.

"What's going on?"

"You're feeling the relaxing effects of my sleepy smoke. Here 
darling take a whiff of this."

Sandwoman reached under coat and produced the shiny silver end of 
her stethoscope. She held it up to Batgirl's face and pink smoke 
shot out enveloping the heroine. When the smoke cleared Batgirl's 
eyes were shut and there was s powdery pink residue on her face and 
mask. Sandwoman laughed.

"My dear, how easily you fell into my clutches." Sandwoman purred 
as she straddled the heroine's lap and pulled off her mask.
"My aren't you beautiful. It's such a shame to hide it under this 
silly mask and prudish attitude."

Sandwoman leaned forward and kissed her and as always with her 
patients the kiss was passionately returned.

"Yes my sleepy little darling, the mask and cape need to go, but the 
rest of the costume is perfect for the new Sandgirl! Together we'll 
put Batman and Robin under our sleepy spell and rob Gotham's social 
elite blind. Come."

Sandwoman took her by the hand and led Batgirl towards the couch. 
In her sleepy state she was powerless to resist.


Bruce Wayne sat in his study reviewing his mail for the week. Generally Alfred handled the mail screening but was currently in Londinum on holiday so Bruce was stuck with the tedious task. As he flipped though looking for anything of interest he came across a post card for a Dr. Sommeil. There was nothing remarkable about it just a simple offer for a free check up, but Bruce found himself intrigued. He knew he was in top shape and just had his routine physical, but for some reason he felt compelled to call and make an appointment. Bruce picked up the phone and began dialing when his trained mind realized something was amiss and hung up. He read the card again and before he realized it he had picked up the phone, dialed, and made an appointment for tomorrow morning. After he hung up the phone he became even more suspicious. He left a note for Dick and took the card to have the Bat-Computer take a look at it.

"Jackpot!" Anastasia thought as she hung up the phone and left a message for Sandwoman.

Normally she would've rushed to tell the doctor the good news about Bruce Wayne, but she was given strict orders not to disturb her boss. In any case it was time for her to make her rounds.

Nurse Anastasia got up from her desk and headed back towards the patient rooms. Her straight light brown hair hung down to the center of her back from under her nurse's hat. Her uniform was fairly standard white nurses outfit although much too short and tight for her to blend into any reasonable medical establishment. The top buttons were open exposing her generous cleavage although it was doubtful she could've buttoned if tried. Her stethoscope hung around her neck and fell down the center of her chest resting between her large round boobs. She wore stiletto heels and sheer white stocking that came up to mid thigh just below where her shirt ended. Each movement was guaranteed to expose her matching garter belts. Her make-up was not nearly as subtle as the Sandwoman's adding to her young sexy appearance.

Her heels clicked along the tile floor as she punched in her code releasing the magnetic lock then she strode into the patients room. The room was quite sterile looking with rows of beds lining the walls, each with a small monitoring device next to it. Everything was in white and dimly lit with just a single light over each patient's face and small glow from the monitor screens. Nurse Anastasia stopped at the first patient's bed.

"Mr. Oldbucks." She said reviewing all his vitals on the monitoring unit. "Everything looks good. Wakie, wakie sleepy head."

Mr. Oldbucks was in his early seventies and not at all attractive to the young nurse, but Anastasia loved to torment the old man. She stood at the side of the bed as his eyes fluttered open and he looked around. His eyes immediately fell on the sexy young nurse by his bed.

"Did mamma's little baby have a good nap?" She cooed leaning forward and thrusting her boobs in his face. She reached down and began to stroke his cock expertly coaxing it to life. "I bet you haven't been this horny in years."

She straightened up and unbuttoned the front of her uniform while her hand continued to work his cock. Her boobs jumped free pushing the uniform open as the buttons came undone. Her shiny white satin bra supported their weight as she once again leaned forward and pushed her boobs into his face.

"You're so hot for me aren't you baby? I wonder if you can still...cum."

Her voice dripped with sex practically sending the old man over the edge. Had he been years younger he surely would not have been able to hold out, but at his age it took more work to get the blood flowing. The ex-prostitute knew exactly how to handle the old man and just when it seemed he would have his first orgasm in twenty years she brought her stethoscope up and sprayed sleepy gas in face.

"I guess we'll never know. Sweet dreams old man, I know they'll be of me!"

"Mrs. Cartwright." She said approaching the woman in the second bed who was beginning to stir. She checked the vitals then sat on the edge on the bed as the woman's eyes opened and she began to look around in confusion.

"Where am I?"

"Why you're in the poor house dearie." Anastasia said laughing in the woman's face.


"Oh poor baby doesn't remember transferring all her money to our Swiss bank account. Maybe this will help you remember."

She held up the silver end of her stethoscope and sprayed sleepy gas into Mrs. Cartwright's shocked face. When the pink smoke cleared the one time millionairess just laid there with her eyes close and a happy contented smile on her face.

"Pleasant dreams." Anastasia giggled as she continued her rounds.

For most patients she simply checked the vitals and administered their dose of sleepy gas, keeping all the former millionaires in a blissful sleep. She toyed with one or two more this time, sometimes she played with more, sometimes less depending on her fickle mood. There was one patient however she always saved for last and always spent time with.

"Mmmmmm, Trent Gallow."

This was her favorite patient. The handsome young Quarterback of the Gotham Knights was a projected hall of fame player till he blew out his knee in his fifth season. He had already accumulated a sizable amount of money and was smart enough to get a huge insurance policy before he got hurt.

Anastasia leaned down and kissed him passionately. Dazed he returned her kiss as he came awake. Suddenly he jerked away.

"You!" Recognition then anger played across his chiseled face.

"Shhhh." She placed a well manicured finger on is lips. "You wouldn't want to wake up the others and spoil our moment, would you?"

He grabbed her hand and sat upright pulling the sheet off him. "I'm getting out here this time and there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

"Really?" Anastasia purred thrusting her stethoscope in his face.

She paused for a moment waiting for the realization to click. She watched his eyes and just as he remembered how he ended up in that bed, she gassed him. When the smoke cleared his eyes were closed and he wore the same silly smile as the others.

"What was that you were saying? I'm the sexiest goddess you've ever laid eyes on? I know baby. It's dream time for both of us." She said sliding into bed and embracing her sleepy slave.


"Now my sleepy slave, remove that delicious purple costume of 
yours." Sandwoman ordered allowing her own fur coat to fall sliding 
off her shoulders.

Unfortunately for Batgirl she was unable to appreciate the site in 
her sleepy state. The fur slowly slid down Sandwoman's well toned 
body revealing her creamy skin. First her the slight feminine 
shoulders then it slid past her firm round breasts revealing the 
back satin and lace push-up bra. The fur continued its slow decent 
caressing its way past her flat toned ads and curved hips. The coat 
slid past her matching black stain and lace garter belt and ultra-
sheer black silk stockings revealing the Sandwoman's shapely thighs 
and long feminine legs. Finally the fur pooled on the floor around 
her high heeled sandaled feet.

She deliberately walked around to her desk and fitted a new 
cigarette into her holder. She lit the tip and inhaled sexily 
blowing a lazy cloud of smoke into the air. She knew the whole show 
was wasted on Batgirl, but Sandwoman loved to flaunt her sex appeal 
even in private. With the same deliberate type of motion as before 
she strode towards Batgirl who had finally stripped off her 
costume. Even in her own arrogance Sandwoman had to admire the well 
sculpted body standing before her. Batgirl was more toned and 
muscular than Sandwoman, but in a clearly feminine way.

"Mmmmm, yummy." Sandwoman purred as she exhaled another creamy cloud 
of smoke.

"So pure and innocent, just waiting for me to corrupt."

Sandwoman slowly walked around Batgirl as if examining a piece of 
art, trailing a well manicured hand across the sleepy woman's body.

"Poor Batgirl, so sleepy and helpless." Sandwoman gloated stroking 
the heroine's cheek.

Sandwoman leaned forward and kissed Batgirl deeply. In her dreamy 
state Batgirl returned the kiss fully. Sandwoman's experienced 
hands quickly found their way to Batgirls pert breasts. A slight 
moan escaped the young heroine's lips as Sandwoman skillfully teased 
her nipples.

Sandwoman smiled as she broke the kiss and inhaled deeply from her 
holder. She blew a thick sleepy cloud of smoke directly into 
Batgirl's face deepening her sleep. She gently pushed Batgirl down 
on to the couch and placed a set of head phones she retrieved from 
her desk over the helpless heroine's ears.

The sleep conditioner was one of Sandwoman's most ingenious 
inventions. Her years of psychology research at Columbia and Oxford 
prior to finding Dr. Somnambula's notes had not only made her the 
world's leading authority on sleep, but gave her quite a substantial 
background in subliminal conditioning. This device was specially 
tuned to reprogram a person's sleepy mind. When Batgirl awoke she 
would be have a completely new perspective. Sandwoman returned to 
desk and leaned back on her chair admiring her work. Batgirl was in 
her clutches dreaming peacefully. She blew another lazy cloud of 
smoke into the air when the red light on her desk began to flash.

"Nurse Anastasia, we have uninvited guests."

The batmobile pulled up out front of Dr. Sommiel's office. Robin 
jumped out and headed towards the door when he was stopped by 
Batman's restraining hand.

"Hold it chum! This could be a trap."

"Holy quick thinking you're right! What do we do?"

"We enter through that second floor window." Batman replied 
removing his batrope from his belt and fastening it to his batarang.

A mere twenty minutes later they were climbing in through the window.

"It's a good thing you taught me to take my time Batman that wall 
was slippery."

"Haste makes waste Robin, remember that."

"Very wise Batman, but what brings you to my humble office...through 
the second story window...this late at night." Sandwoman asked 
lounging on a plush divan in her bra, garter belt, and stockings.

"Holy accusatory tone!" Robin exclaimed squinting to make out the 
shadowed form in the dark room.

"I believe you mean holly intrusion, Boy Wonder." She replied 
exhaling a thick cloud of smoke towards the ceiling as the lights 
clicked on revealing Sandwoman.

"Forgive us doctor Batman said turning so as not to look at the 
mostly naked woman.

Robin's gaze lingering a moment, captivated by the goddess before 

"That's quite alright boys I was little lonely tonight and 
appreciate the company." The Sandwoman teased standing and reveling 
in the cape crusaders' uncomfortableness.

"Here, let me cover up and we can go somewhere more comfortable." 
She said putting on her fur coat as she exhaled another thick cloud 
of smoke.

"We're not here to be comfortable; we're to ask about this." Batman 
stated holding up the post card.

"What is that?" Sandwoman asked innocently taking a step forward and 
purposely allowing her coat to open a bit allowing a quick glimpse 
of her body. 
She caught Robin once again stealing an extra look as she took the 
card and inhaled on her holder.

"Oh yes, this is one of my subliminal message postcards." She said 
quickly turning and blowing a stream of smoke into Batman's face.

Batman began to cough as Sandwoman followed by blowing another thick 
cloud into his face then turned to a befuddled Robin while Batman 
fell to his knees.

"Holly knock out! What did you do to Batman!"

"Batman is so tiresome so I blew him some of my sweet sleepy smoke, 
but never mind Batman, let's talk about us."

"No Robin, you mustn't succumb to her charms." Batman wheezed 
struggling to remain conscious.

"Are you still awake?" Sandwoman asked rhetorically as she extended 
her shapely leg and thrust her high heeled sandal into his face.

"Tell me Batman, how do my pretty little feet smell." She said 
never breaking eye contact with Robin.

Pink gas erupted from the toe of the sandal engulfing Batman's 
face. The second dose was too much even for Batman and he fell flat 
on the floor, sound asleep.

"Now where were we...I think right about here." She said to Robin 
while shrugging off her fur.

She leaned forward and kissed Robin deeply allowing just a bit of 
sleepy smoke to drift from her mouth to his. Her hand snaked down 
to the obvious bulge in his green shorts.

"Mmmmm yummy." She purred.

"Don't fight it Robin I saw the way you looked at me...at my body."

She pressed her body against his.

"I saw the desire in your eyes when I blew my sleepy smoke into 
Batman's face."

Sandwoman inhaled again and blew small amount of smoke into Robin's 
face before turning her head and exhaling the rest to the side. She 
had experimented and knew the exact doses of sleepy smoke required 
for different effects. She wanted Robin to be lightheaded, almost 
high, but not drowsy...not yet.

"I could put you to sleep at any time. You are essentially already 
in my clutches Boy Wonder. I could put you under my sleep spell and 
make you my slave. Does that excite you? Mmmmm, yes it does 
doesn't it. It turns you on to know that I could put you under at 
anytime. I've studied your history, I know your secrets."

Sandwoman pressed her lips to his once again and kissed him deeply.

"That's right Robin. You're always getting captured by Catwoman, 
always walking into traps by pretty feminine henchwoman, always the 
one being put to sleep. You easily fell under the spell of evil 
woman like Pussycat and Marsha Queen of Diamonds, why is that? A 
strong well trained crime fighter like you, so much more experienced 
than Batgirl yet so much less capable."

Her soft hand found its way inside his tights as she blew another 
quick whiff of smoke into his face.

"I think you let yourself be captured. I think you're really a 
submissive little boy with a fetish for being captured by sexy 
women." She grabbed his cock as she said this sensing he was about 
to cum.

With her other hand she brought the holder to her lips and inhaled. 
She released her grip and gave him one last stroke as she blew a 
long thick stream of smoke into his face. Robin began to moan in 
ecstasy as his cock jerked causing a wet stain to spread across the 
front of his tights. His eyes rolled up and fluttered closed as he 
slumped to the floor.

Sandwoman laughed in delight.