Alfred walked through the halls of Wayne Manor towards the front door as the bell rang for the second time.

"Forgive the delay madam I was dusting in the west wing when you rang." Alfred apologized to the beautiful red haired woman he found standing outside the front door to Wayne Manor wearing a tight black sweater and red Scottish plaid miniskirt. Her shapely legs were covered with sheer black stockings the ended in her black stiletto heeled ankle boots Sweet smelling smoke drifted upward fron the cigarette she held tilted upwards between her fingers in a short black holder.

"Is Mr. Wayne in?" She asked in her honey sweet voice before bringing the holder to her lips.

"I'm sorry madam Mr. Wayne is out of town on business. I am his butler Alfred Pennyworth, is there something I can do for you?"

"As a matter of fact there is..." The woman once again brought her holder to her lips and drew causing the tip glow. She then puckered her lips and blew a think stream of pink tinged smoke into the butler's face. "…you can take a deep breath full of my lullaby smoke." She replied laughing.

Alfred's eyes went wide as the sweet scented smoke hit his face. He tried not to breathe the smoke, but couldn't help himself. He became very lightheaded and his limbs began to feel like wet sponges. He took a deep breath and found himself wanting more

"Poor Alfred." The woman cooed stroking his cheek with the hand that held the holder. "One blow is enough to paralyze, but not to satisfy leaving the victim craving more of my delicious smoke. Rae, Mimi, put Mr. Pennyworth out of his misery."

The red haired temptress confidently strode through the door past the wide eyed butler as two women, a blonde and brunette dressed the same as the first walked up to the paralyzed butler standing on either side of him. The each brought a short black holder to their lips and inhaled. They placed a hand on his shoulders and leaned in close to his face. They then opened their mouths in a wide O and blew thick pink tinged smoke into his face.

"Nighty night baby." Rae purrs as the butler's eyes rolled back into his head and he slumps to the floor. "Quickly girls, we need to find the safe."

"Sweet dreams." Mimi blows a kiss towards the sleeping butler as trots off in search of the house safe.

The women each took out small scanning devices and split up. It didn't take Doe long to find the find the safe hidden behind a painting above the fireplace in the family room. An obvious spot. After putting her lit cigarette down on an empty antique candy dish on the table, she took out a small plastic explosive and affixed it to safe door. Kneeling down behind the sofa she hit a button on the remote blowing open the safe door. Rushing back over she found the safe full of stacked one hundred dollar bills, several stock certificates and a black felt covered box.

Meanwhile... Dick Grayson comes home from college to find the front door ajar. Becoming immediately suspicious he cautiously pushes the door open and slips inside.

"Alfred?" He whispers leaning over the sleeping butler after making sure he's still alive. Dick shakes Alfred a few times trying to wake him to no avail. "What's that smell?" Dick asks himself wrinkling his nose at the faint scent.


Dick turns towards to the family room hearing the strange female voice. He creeps carefully towards the doorway and peers into the room to find Doe running her hands through the Wayne family jewels contained in the black velvet box.

"What's going on here!" Dick exclaims barging into the room.

"Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's ward." Doe purrs calmly setting the box of jewels back in the safe. "Calm down and I'll explain everything."

Doe takes a step towards the table where wisps of smoke trailed up from the tip of the smoldering cigarette, but the wary Dick Grayson follows her gaze and quickly moves between Doe and the table cutting her off.

"You'll explain the Gothem police!"

"Come now Dick, you don't want to call the police on me do you." Doe took a step towards him placing a hand on the young man's chest. "I'm sure we can work something out." Doe smiled seductively looking up into his blue eyes.

"Your tricks won't work on me temptress!"

"Really?" "How about mine handsome?" Mimi said from behind blowing cloud of lullaby smoke into his face.

"Good work Mimi!" Doe said strolling past the stunned Dick to retrieve her cigarette from the table.

"Mmmm, you certainly do stay in good shape for a rich kid." Mimi said running her hand holding her cigarette along his chest allowing the smoke to trail up into his nose.

"Not too much now. I don't want him going to sleep just yet." Doe said as Rae joined her by the safe and the two women began placing the contents in a bag.

"Oh I think I can keep him up." Mimi teased leaning in and kissing the paralyze youth deeply blowing a small amount of smoke into his mouth. "This gentleman definitely prefers blondes." Mimi laughed rubbing his erection through the crouch of his pants.

Dick stared at the three women unable move. His head was swimming. Part of him was pissed at himself for falling into their trap, but another part was excited by the three gorgeous women and also found himself craving the sweet pink smoke.

When Doe and Rae finished cleaning out the safe they joined Mimi over by Dick.

"So what do we do with him Doe?" Mimi asked with her one arm draped around his shoulder and her hand holding the cigarette still rubbing his manhood.

"Let's blow Mr. Grayson a lullaby." Doe replied smiling evilly.

Rae moved to the side opposite Mimi as Doe moved directly in front of Dick. "Sleepy time dear."

The three sirens brought the holders to their lips and inhaled. Each puckered their lips and leaned in as if to kiss the helpless youth and with their lips practically touching his, they slowly blew their smoke clouding his entire face. Dick's eyes rolled back and he dropped to the floor with pink residue from smoke on his face.

"Looks like we'll walk away from this job with an added bonus, and I know just what to do with him. Drag him out to the car, girls."


Bruce Wayne returned home from his business trip to find Comissioner 
Gordon and Chief O'Hara along with a couple uniformed officers at Wayne Manor.

"Comissioner?" Bruce said walking into the living room.

"Bruce, thank heavens your back. There's been a robbery here this 

"Begora the commissioner's right Mr. Wayne. The felonious lasses 
made off with everything in your safe and they left this note pinned 
to old Alfred." Chief O'Hara added handing Bruce the note.

The flowing feminine handwriting read:

Mr. Wayne we have young Dick Grayson. If you every wish to see him 
again bring one million dollars to Gotham Amusement Pier tomorrow 
night. We'll contact you there. NO POLICE!

"I'm sorry Sir; there was nothing I could do."

"Don't blame yourself, Alfred. The important thing now is Dick's 
safety. I must comply with their demands."

"I've been trying to reach Batman all night, but he hasn't 

"Well I'm sure Batman has more important matters to attend to, as 
I'm sure you do as well Commissioner. I suggest you and Chief 
O'Hara return to your posts. 
There nothing more you can do here and Batman may be trying to 
contact you as we speak."

"Good thinking Bruce. We'll be in touch tomorrow. Come along 

Bruce watched the police officers leave then turned to Alfred.

"There's no time to lose Alfred, were the bat-close circuit camera 
recording at the time of the robbery?"

"Yes sir, as always I dusted and refocused the lenses that morning."

"Good! I'll feed the images into the bat-computer and see what it 
comes up with."

Meanwhile at the secret hide-out of the lullaby girls young Dick 
Grayson was going through his own dusting and refocusing.

Dick Grayson awoke to find himself naked and strapped to a plush 
bed. Not long after he awoke and tired of pulling uselessly on his 
bounds the door to his room opened and Mimi sauntered in. Her silky 
blonde hair was flowing down over her shoulders and was a beautiful 
contrast to black silk and lace negligee she was wearing. Her long 
legs were encased in the same sheer black stockings she wore 
earlier. Her black stiletto heels clicked across the floor and pink 
tinged smoke drifted from the tip of the cigarette holder as she 
approached with a seductively predatory look that sent an exciting 
tingle down Dick's spine.

"Looks like somebody's awake from their little nap." She purred 
sliding across the bed to lounge beside him.

Dick's cock immediately sprung to life as he tried to feign control.

"W-where I am?"

"That's not important, now is it?" Mimi leaned over and caressed 
his chest with the holder between her slender fingers. The smoke 
slowly drifted up towards the young man's face.

"I didn't think so."

Mimi slid closer pressing her body against his. Dick shuttered as 
the drifting smoke hit his nose.

"Yes, you like my lullaby smoke don't you. It has some interesting 
side effects."

Mimi brought the holder to her lips and inhaled. Leaning down close 
to his cock she blew a thick stream of smoke across it leaving some 
pink residue. Dick moaned as the smoke engulfed his throbbing cock.

"One is that if blown at close range with enough volume it can 
actually numb a part of the body. See."

Mimi laughed as she straddled Dick and lowered herself over his hard 
numb member.

"Mmmmm, it's a shame you can't feel this."

She began to slide herself up and down along his shaft.

"Don't worry baby, it's very temporary. Another side effect I'm 
sure you've noticed is it tends to be quite addictive."

Once again she brought the holder to her lips and inhaled. As she 
continued to ride his cock she leaned forward and blew a dose of her 
lullaby smoke into Dick face, moving her head slowly from side to 
side, and completely clouding him. Mimi laughed.

"The third side effect, that I'm most excited about testing on you 
young Dick Grayson, is after numerous doses the subject tends be 
more and more open to suggestion."

Dick just stared back unable to move after the paralyzing blow.

"Oh yeah Dick, I'm definitely keeping you!" Mimi moaned.

She leaned forward and placed her hand on his chest to support 
herself once again causing the smoke to drift into Dicks face. He 
was beginning to feel really drowsy, but struggled to stay awake. 
Even though his cock was numb he had never been more excited. Mimi 
was now sliding up and down much faster. She glanced over at the 
clock and then shot Dick a knowing smile. She moved even faster now 
and moaning with pleasure. Almost suddenly the feeling returned to 
his cock and pleasure shot throughout his whole body. Mimi could 
tell by the look in his eyes that feeling had returned.

"Not yet, lover! It's sleepy time!" She said drawling on the holder 
and quickly exhaling a thick stream of lullaby smoke into his face.

Dick's eyes screamed NO, but he couldn't fight the second dose of 
lullaby smoke and slumped unconscious just as Mimi rocked back and 

"How was he?" Rae giggled as a wet haired Mimi walked into the 
planning room in her black silk robe.

"You should've seen the look in his eye when he realized I was going 
to send him to the land of nod before he came."

The two women laughed.

"But what about that cock of his?"

"Get serious, girls!" Doe ordered strolling in and taking her seat 
at the table.

"We've got a lot riding on my new plan. Is everything set at the 
amusement pier?"

"Yes, Doe." Rae replied.

"Good. I take it from the giggling you are taking good care of Dick 

"By this time tomorrow he'll be total putty in my hands."

Back a police headquarters the red phone in Commissioner Gordon's 
office began to flash.

"Batman! Thank god!" The commissioner exclaimed grabbing the phone.

"Commissioner, sorry I was unavailable earlier. I've spoken with 
Mr. Wayne. I want to set a trap for the felonious females at the 
amusement pier."

"Excellent, Batman, I'll have O'Hara send a detail of his best men!"

"No, Commissioner! We don't want to arouse any undue suspicion. The 
standard number of men patrolling the amusement pier should be 
sufficient. Have O'Hara post them at the pier exits. Mr. Wayne and 
I will handle the rest."


Gotham Amusement Pier was filled with lights, sound, and people out 
looking for fun. Most people that is.

Bruce Wayne walked through the gateway to the pier with just a 
slight nod to the police officer standing off to the side. He 
walked a little further carrying his brief case before passing 
another officer. Bruce was on his way to the house of mirrors as 
were the instructions left by an anonymous caller earlier today. 
Bruce checked his watch approaching the fun house where he noticed 
police Chief O'Hara milling about in plain clothes. The veteran 
officer was one of Gotham's finest, but he was also too 
recognizable. Bruce hoped O'Hara's good hearted mistake hadn't 
tipped the kidnappers off.

Meanwhile as the police officer at the gate watched those coming and 
going carefully a mime approached. She walked in a mechanical 
imitation of a broken robot. The mime's tight fitting black and 
white striped outfit immediately caught the officer's attention. 
The stretchy material seemed to cling to every feminine curve. 
After entertaining a couple of kids who ran off laughing she turned 
towards the cop and winked. She pantomimed taking out a compact and 
fixing her hair and make-up then turned and walked towards him with 
an exaggeratedly sexy strut. The police officer continued to 
chuckle as she walked up to him. When she was right in front of him 
she stopped dead as if she hit a walk then looked up perplexed. She 
began to push forward as if trying to break through the invisible 
door. When that obviously seemed to fail she began to feel around 
with her palms flat to the air as if looking for an opening. The 
cop was beginning to tire of this routine, as most people did, but 
the mime continued to search. With a frustrated look on her face 
she gave up. She put her palm out just below the police officer's 
face as if she was leaning on the invisible wall resting. She 
smiled as suddenly pink gas sprayed from her palm into his face. 
His eyes rolled back and he slumped to ground asleep. The mime 
dragged him a couple feet to some bushes where she hid his sleeping 
body. She blew the sleeping cop a kiss and trotted off.

The second officer was making his way through the crowd keeping his 
eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

"Excuse me officer, do you have a light?"

The police officer turned to find a very beautiful woman with fiery 
red hire piled up in a very elegant fashion. She was wrapped in a 
soft white fur coat that extended past her waist and her shapely 
stocking clad legs extended below the bottom of the coat. The red 
haired beauty brought her short black holder to her ruby lips and 
waited for the officer to light her cigarette.

The policeman smiled frozen like a deer caught in headlights. He 
was completely mesmerized by the gorgeous woman before him. He 
pulled out a lighter and was about to light her cigarette when he 

"I'm sorry Miss, Gotham ordinance 10534 prevents smoking in 
amusement parks."

"Oh, alright."

Doe pulled the cigarette out of the holder but brought the holder 
back to her lips and blew. A pink powder flew out in a cloud of 
smoke right into the police officer's face. Doe caught the cop as 
he slumped and dragged him between two buildings.

"Nighty night."

Police Chief O'Hara watched Bruce Wayne enter the house of mirrors. 
There was one entrance and one exit. The chief could see them both 
from where he was standing eating his popcorn.

"Excuse me Mr."

"Yes?" The Chief replied turning to find a brunette in pig tails.

She was dress like a school girl, but her body betrayed her age. 
The buttons on her tight white top were straining to hold in her 
full breasts and her plaid skirt was high enough to show off her 
well toned thighs.

"Would you like to lick my cotton candy?" She asked coyly.


While Chief O'Hara fumbled for the words Rae thrust her pink cotton 
candy into his face. The smell was overpoweringly sweet. He tried 
to push it away as all kinds of warning bells went off in his head, 
but he was already too weak. The scent of the candy overwhelmed 
him. Rae rubbed the candy all over his face as he fell to the 

"I hope this doesn't give you a sweet tooth, Mister."

Rae giggled as she skipped off leaving a sleeping O'Hara lying on 
the ground with pink cotton candy smeared all over his face and hair 
and popcorn strew all over his cloths.

Bruce walked through the house of mirrors easily navigating his way 
through the maze. The instructions were to make his way to the 
center of the maze. There he would find Dick Grayson. Bruce was to 
leave the brief case then exit with Dick.

When Bruce finally made his way to the center of the maze he found 
an unconscious Dick Grayson just as the kidnapper promised.

"Dick!" Bruce rushed to his side.

Dick held up his cuffed hands as Bruce removed the gag.

"Don't worry chum, I'll have you out of these in a moment.

Dick smiled as pink gag hissed out of the key hole on the handcuffs 
right into Bruce's face.

Dick laughed in a distinctively female voice. Bruce stared in shock 
as Mimi pulled off her Dick Grayson mask and shook her long blonde 
hair free. Bruce hit a button on his belt buckle alerting the 
police something had gone wrong just before losing consciousness. 
One of the mirrors slid back and Doe and Rae walked in smiling.

"Excellent! Check the money!" Doe exclaimed.

"Who cares about that? With Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson in our 
power, we have all the money we'll ever need!"

"Don't get ahead of yourself Mimi."

"It's all here!" Rae shouted quickly looking through the brief case.

Mimi finished taking off her costume revealing the tight black and 
white mime outfit when they heard a police siren.


"Wayne must've tipped them off!"

"We have to get out of here!"

"What about him?"

"Leave him! We'll just have to come up with something else! Come 
on! And grab the case!"

The three women ran back through the mirror which lead to a secret 
back way out of the house of mirrors. They made it out just as the 
police rushed in.

"Split up and meet back at the hideout." Doe whispered to the other 


Dick Grayson awoke to find himself alone and still securely strapped 
to the bed. He didn't know how much time had passed. His naked 
cock stood fully erect, as his mind filled with images of Mimi 
riding him and the sexy way she blew her pink tinged lullaby smoke. 
At the mere though of the sexy seductress Dick felt a desire well up 
inside of him. He couldn't get the image of Mimi blowing her smoke 
out of his head. He could almost smell its sweet scent. His cock 
throbbed and he longed for release. He longed for lullaby smoke, 
but most of all he longed for Mimi.

Bruce Wayne awoke on the leather couch in Commissioner Gordon's 
office. His head was clouded, but slowly the cobwebs melted away 
and he sat up.

"Bruce! Thank heavens you're alright! What happened?"

"It was a trap commissioner. They got the money and hit me with 
some kind of knock-out gas. The jokes on them though. Batman hid a 
tracking device in the brief case."

"That explains why I haven't been able to reach him. He must be 
racing to Dick's rescue as we speak! Good work Bruce! Can I 
arrange for one of my men to take you home?"

"No Commissioner. I wouldn't think of drawing one of Gotham's 
protectors away from their appointed job. If I can use your phone 
I'm sure Alfred will pick me up."

"Damn!" Doe exclaimed as Rae dropped the brief case on the 
table. "Time for plan B. We could've made Mr. Wayne's life 
pleasurable, but now he'll suffer. Mimi, I think it's time for 
Dick's treatment." Doe said with an evil smile.

The door to Dick's room opened and Mimi slinked in wearing nothing 
but a long black fur coat. Her long blonde hair cascaded down 
mixing with the fur. She swung her right hand where she held her 
trademark short black holder with an unlit cigarette as she walked 
towards the bed. Dick strained against his bounds.

"Shhhh. It's alright baby. The cravings must be terrible." Mimi 
cooed sliding on to the bed and caressing his chest with the hand 
holding the cigarette.

Mimi brought the holder to her lips and lit the cigarette drawling 
deeply and exhaling a thick cloud of smoke above Dick's head.

Dick strained against his bonds breathing deeply as the pink smoke 
drifted upwards beyond his reach. Mimi laughed as she leaned 
forward and waved the cigarette under his nose. The wisps of smoke 
from the tip drifted up and again Dick sucked in.

"Not too much darling." Mimi cooed pulling the cigarette away.

"Please Mimi! I'll do anything I need it!"

"Poor baby." Mimi purred as she reached down and slowly caressed 
his cock with the fur sleeves of her coat.

"I don't know if I could trust you with anymore lullaby smoke. You 
already seem quite addicted."

"You can trust me! I would do anything...for you."

"Anything for me? That's so sweet, but why?"

Mimi brought the holder once again to her lips and exhaled a stream 
of smoke above Dick's head. This time a little lower so he could 
breathe some in. She had to be careful to make sure he didn't get 
too much.

"Dick Grayson you're in love with me aren't you?" she teased.

She exhaled another stream just as before. The air around Dick was 
heavy with the sweet scent of the pink smoke clouding his mind. All 
the while Mimi continued to play with his manhood.

"It's OK baby after all I am the most beautiful woman you've ever 

Once more the statement was punctuated with an exhale of lullaby 

"I'm soooo sexy and seductive; you couldn't possibly help falling 
madly in love with me. Of course you would do anything for me."

Dick was becoming more and more light headed as the small doses of 
smoke seemed to cloud his head. Mimi was beautiful and incredibly 

Mimi leaned over and kissed Dick deeply allowing just the right 
amount of smoke to seep from her mouth to his. When their lips 
parted Mimi knew she had him. The side effect of the lullaby smoke 
had opened Dick's mind to every delicious word that Mimi spoke. She 
was careful to slip in what he thought and how he felt. While 
keeping his conscious mind aroused and distracted.

"Now Dicky, if you do something for me to prove your love I'll 
release you from your bonds."

"I'll do anything to be closer to you and to breathe more of your 
wonderful smoke!"

"Hmmm, let me see. I know tell me you deepest secret."

"I'm...I...I can't."

Mimi could see the struggle on his face; she must've really hit on 
something good. This was a mental struggle that she had to win if 
she was going to completely break him.

"Oh, come on Dicky baby. You can tell me."

She began to caress his chest with her hand holing the cigarette and 
just as before the wisps of smoke from the tip drifted to his 
waiting nose.

"Come on tell Mimi." She purred in his ear. Her voice dripping 
with sex.


Mimi brought the holder to her lips and leaned close to Dick, then 
abruptly turned and stubbed the cigarette out and got up.

"I thought you loved me." She said with a pout.

"I...I can't...wait..."

"Yes?" Mimi turned with a fresh unlit cigarette in the holder 
between her ruby lips.

Dick actually looked like he was in pain.

"Tell me!" She said with more authority as she clicked her lighter 
to life and brought the flame close to the tip.


"Tell me!"


She brought the flame to the tip lighting the cigarette.

"I'm Robin!" Dick blurted out as Mimi inhaled.

"I'm Robin the boy wonder and Bruce Wayne is Batman!"

Mimi quickly blew out her smoke towards the ceiling with a look of 
shocked confusion on her face. After a few seconds the surprised 
look turned to a huge smile as the realization set in. She inhaled 
deeply and leaned forward blowing a long thick stream of smoke into 
Dick's face. Dick's struggled to remain conscious.

"No, I love you." He begged as his eyes started to close.

"I know baby."

Mimi inhaled again and puckering her lips leaned forward.

Dick was dropping fast, but fighting hard to stay awake he was so 
close he thought.

A stream of smoke shot from her lips filling his vision and 
surrounding his head in sweet pink lullaby smoke. Dick was at once 
sound asleep.

"A little nighty nighty kiss loverboy. Now to tell Doe the 
wonderful news!"


The Batmobile pulled up in front of an abandon warehouse outside 
Gotham where the tracking device in Bruce Wayne's brief case led the 
Dark Knight. Batman made a quick call to the commissioner before 
heading towards the door. Batman silently opened the side window 
and slid into what looked like a store room. There was door on the 
far end and he could hear bag pipe music coming from the other 
side. The Caped Crusader reached into his utility belt, removed his 
bat ear plugs, and carefully fitted them under his cowl. He moved 
to the door and listened for a moment before kicking it in.

The door flew inward splintering with a crash as Batman leaped into 
the room. He quickly scanned his surroundings. He was in a lushly 
decorated room, obviously feminine. Silk drapes large couches and 
pillows all very cozy looking. At the far end Doe sat wearing a low 
cut black sequenced gown that hugged the curves of her sensuous 
body. Her red hair was piled high on her head in an intricate bun. 
She looked as beautiful as ever sitting before a floor standing 
mirror with her bag pipes.

"Batman!" She gasped with a start. "What's going on?"

"Don't play coy with me you devilish musician! Where is Dick 

"Why Batman, I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. Why 
don't you relax and listen to a lullaby I've been working on."

Doe began to play a soft relaxing tune on the bagpipe as she rose 
and moved closer to the Caped Crusader. Batman smiled knowing his 
earplugs would protect him from her trademark sonic attack. When 
she had moved with in a couple feet of him a wicked smile played 
across her lips and she blew hard into the pipes. The most annoying 
earsplitting noise spilled forth right at Batman.

"Give it up Doe! My Bat-earplugs protect me from your incapacitating 

"Do they protect you from this?" Rae purred blowing a tight stream 
of lullaby smoke right into his face.

Batman's reaction to smoke was immediate. His tights did nothing to 
conceal the arousing effect it had on him. Rae slid around in front 
of Batman pressing her body against his while Doe laughed.

"I'm disappointed Batman. You of all people allowing yourself to be 
distracted by a beautiful woman. Although the bag pipe music did 
hide Rae's approach rather nicely." Doe teased.

"Maybe deep down he wanted to be captured." Rae added fondling the 
Cape Crusader's hard-on through his tights.

Batman's mind was a whirl. The trap caught him completely off 
guard. He head was clouded and couldn't move. Normally he had 
enough control over his emotions to resist Rae's advances, but the 
sweet scent of the smoke filled his head arousing him and confusing 
him at the same time. He felt a craving welling up inside him when 
he saw Doe pull out a holder and light the cigarette at the end. 
She lazily exhaled a pinkish cloud towards the ceiling, then 
purposefully walked toward the helpless hero joining Rae. She 
leaned close and stoked his cheek.

"Batman or should I say Bruce Wayne? What ever should we do with 

Rae already had his utility belt off and tights down as Doe reached 
around behind his neck and kissed him deeply allowing her smoke to 
drift from her mouth to his as she unfastened his cape. Placing the 
holder between her lips she then unfastened and removed his cowl. 
The two women continued to tease and caress his body as they blew 
sleepy clouds of lullaby smoke into the air.

Batman's eyes rolled back into his head consumed with pleasure and 
drowsiness. His cock was ready to explode any minute.

"Doe! The cops just pulled up!"

"You've crossed me for the last time Wayne! Put him to sleep Rae 
then meet us in front!" Doe said rushing out of the room with Mimi.

Rae stood up and brought the holder to her lips as she looked up 
into Batman's baby blues. The tip of the cigarette glowed brightly 
as she drew deep on the holder. Slowly and deliberately she moved 
the holder from her lips holding it tilted at angle her elbow bent 
and resting in her other palm. Her stare seemed to drip sex as 
Batman's mind crumbled. Her lips parted and Batman could see the 
smoke slowly drift forward as though the world moved in slow 
motion. The pink cloud poured from her lips enveloping what was 
left of his senses and sending him over the edge. His cock jumped 
and spurted in orgasm while Rae continued her never ending blow. 
Everything seemed to fade away as the smoke rose revealing Rae's 
satisfied smile as Batman slumped forward asleep. She pulled the 
cigarette from her holder and dropped it to the ground next to the 
unconscious hero. She crushed it under her heel before turning to 
leave and join Doe and Mimi.

The police officers lead by Chief O'Hara had a battering ram and 
were about to break down the door. When to their surprise it swung 

"Hold it men!" The chief called as Doe emerged and leaned against 
the open doorway casually smoking her cigarette.

"Is there something I can help you boys with?"

"Don't get cute with me lass! I've got a warrant here to search 
these premises. So stand aside!"

"Let me see that little permit Chiefy."

Chief O'Hara walked up to the door and handed Doe the warrant as she 
brought the holder to her lips.

"Paperwork always puts me right to sleep." Doe said blowing the 
chief a face full of lullaby smoke.

She quickly inhaled again and blew the chief his second dose. 
Putting him to sleep.

"Pleasant dreams sweetie."

The other five officers that had accompanied O'Hara pulled their 
guns, but were at loss as to what to do as Rae and Mimi joined their 

"What's it gonna be boys?" Mimi cooed as the three sensuous sirens 
stood waiting.

"Just hold it right there." One of the young officers called out.

"You're all under arrest."

"We surrender." Rae said as the woman all brought their holders to 
their lips and walked towards the bewildered police.

Each one in unison puckered their lips and blew a thick stream of 
smoke at the police moving their heads from side to side. They 
exhaled several streams moving between the stunned officers till 
each man was on the ground sound asleep.

"Rae, cuff their hands and feet then follow us inside. Come Mimi 
lets take care of Mr. Wayne."

When Rae returned the girls had strapped Bruce Wayne down on a 
medical table and had fitted what looked like a gas mask over his 
face. The mask was connected via a thick hose to a canister on the 
floor. Bruce's eyes fluttered open to find his three lovely captors 
standing over him.

"Ah Bruce you're awake." Doe purred.

"Not for long." Mimi added.

"Rae open the valve."

"With pleasure."

The women watched his reaction as the pink gas began to seep through 
the tube and into the mask.

"I'm sure you remember the scent of the lullaby gas that is now 
slowly seeping into your mask."

Just then Dick Grayson walked in wearing tight black leather pants 
and a matching muscle shirt. He pulled out an elegant gold lighter 
and lit Mimi's cigarette as she brought her holder to her lips. He 
was equally attentive to Doe and Rae as well, but his eyes 
constantly wandered back to Mimi.

"You see Mr. Wayne, the original plan was to lure you into a trap 
using Dicky here as the bait. You're quite a valuable man." Doe 
exhaled a lazy cloud of smoke then continued.

"However when you refused to cooperate and Dick showed such a 
promising reaction to the smoke I came up with plan B. Mimi used 
her unmatched seductive prowess along with the lullaby smoke to 
completely seduce and enslave Dick Grayson. Your ward and only 

Doe stood over Bruce trailing her hand across his chest as she 
gloated. The other two woman smiling as they leisurely smoked 
blowing soft pick clouds into the air.

"That begs the question, if we control your heir what use are you…
other than a constant thorn in our side. Of course the fact that 
you're Batman is just the icing on the cake."

The smoke was filling the mask now. Its scent thicker and 
disgustingly sweet in its more concentrated form was filling Bruce's 
head rendering even the great mind of Batman useless. His eyes 
fluttered as he fought with all his will to stay awake hoping 
somehow, someway he would miraculously escape as he has done 
countless times in the past.

"I'm sure even now your mind works to elude the inevitable, but the 
smoke filling your lungs is considerable more concentrated then the 
smoke from our cigarettes. Even now the drowsiness fills your body 
carrying you off to dream land. Soon you will fall into a deep 
delicious sleep from which you will never awake. By the time we're 
done with you you'll be in what I like to call the endless slumber. 
The overdose of lullaby smoke will induce a coma like state. A deep 
sleep from which you'll never awake. Dick will be granted control 
of your assets and we control Dick."

"The Wayne fortune will be all ours." Mimi added.

"Nighty night." Rae leaned over and kissed the glass of the mask 
leaving her pink lip mark before following the others out of the 

It was the last thing Bruce Wayne ever saw.