Mike Conor and Eliza Dowling stepped out of the gate at Gotham 
airport where they were met by the lovely Barbara Gordon.

"Mike, it's so good to see you again."

"Wow you look great." Mike replied hugging his old college 
girlfriend as his partner eyed them up.

The two hadn't seen each other since they both received their 
criminal justice degrees, but kept in touch over the years. After 
school Mike had gone on to have a brilliant career in the CIA and 
was currently considered one of the country's top agents while 
Barbara returned home to work as head librarian. Barbara's father 
police commissioner Jim Gordon had called the FBI for help after 
Mimi had married Dick Grayson and the trio, who now called 
themselves The Lullaby Girls, moved into Wayne Manor after Bruce's 
strange coma like condition. Gordon had put three of his best 
detectives on the case after he was unable to find Batman, and each 
one disappeared. Being from Gotham and given his past the bureau 
immediately contacted the CIA and asked for agent Conor and his 
partner agent Dowling to take the case.

"Barb, this is Eliza Dowling, my partner. Eliza this is Barbara 

"Nice to meet you. Let's get your bags; I have a car waiting to 
take you to my father's office. I think he's more excited to see 
you than I am."

"Dick darling, be a doll and refill my champagne." Mimi purred 
exhaling a thick cloud of pink tinged smoke in to the summer air as 
she reclined on the chaise by the pool.

"He does make a wonderful pool boy." Rae giggled exhaling an 
equally impressive cloud.

The three women were rarely seen these days without their trademark 
holders and smoldering lullaby cigarettes. While the women were 
quite immune to the effect of the devious smoke they found smoking 
the cigarettes to be even more pleasurable than normal ones and 
considerable more addictive. While Rae and Mimi spent the past 
months at Wayne Manor sitting by the pool sipping champagne and 
abusing Dick and Alfred, Doe was hard at work hatching a new plot. 
The diabolical diva was not content with the money and luxuries like 
her partners, she lusted for power. With Wayne's money and worlds 
greatest research facility, the Batcave, her scientists were well on 
the way to creating the weapon that would give her the power she so 
desperately craved.

"Alfred, go fetch Rae and Mimi. My big announcement is only moments 

Doe lounged on her favorite plush divan and fitted a cigarette into 
her holder as the panel on the wall slid back revealing the hidden 
TV. Casually pressing the remote as her lips closed around the end 
of the holder, the TV click to life as she exhaled a tight stream of 
smoke. Rae and Mimi followed Alfred a bit annoyed at having their 
afternoon tanning session interrupted, but both girls knew better 
than to cross Doe. They figured they'd listen to her announcement 
then get right back to poolside.

Meanwhile many miles away Mike Conor walked into his Jim Gordon's 
office where the police commissioner greeted him and offered him and 
his partner a sit on the leather couch.

"Mike, thank-you so much for coming. With Batman gone I've simply 
been beside myself. The Mayor has been receiving pressure from the 
board of Wayne Industries to do something about Dick Grayson, but 
with no hard evidence of foul play I'm afraid young Grayson has full 
control of all Wayne's assets. With the election coming up Mayor 
Linseed is becoming increasingly anxious."

"I understand Jim. Why don't you give me all the information you 
have on these Lullaby Girls and agent Dowling and I will begin to 
sift through it. Tell the mayor to relax he's run unopposed ever 
since that ridiculous campaign with Batman and the Penguin." Mike 
said with a smile.

As if on queue the door to the commissioner's office swung open and 
a flustered Chief O'Hara came running in.

"Begora Commissioner! Turn on channel 2!"

"What is it O'Hara?" The commissioner asked clicking on the TV to 
find and all too familiar woman standing at the podium at what 
appeared to be a press conference.
Doe wore a finely tailored business suit with her gorgeous red hair 
piled up in an intricate, but professional style. Her entire 
appearance portrayed a confident intelligent business woman with air 
of sexuality that seemed to float just below the surface. She 
flashed her most elegant smile to the cameras, her eyes showing just 
a hint of seduction. She played the press wonderfully and never 
lost her cool even when asked questions of her criminal background 
that more than implied accusation. In the end the crowd did not 
know how to react when she announced her candidacy for mayor of 
Gotham city.

"What! This is incredulous!" The commissioner exclaimed.

"Calm down Jim. This is just the type of arrogant move that will 
slip her up. We'll review these files and see if there is anything 
new then maybe take a ride out to Wayne Manor. I'll check in 

Eliza picked up the folder and followed her partner out. Her and 
Mike have foiled everything from assassinations to billion dollar 
drug deals, but there something about this case that unnerved her.

"Can you imagine that fool Gordon's face when he sees this." Mimi 
giggled along with her partners in crime.

"Are you really going to do Doe? Are you going to run for mayor?"

"Of course Rae." Doe said with a devious smile. "By the time my 
plans complete this city will be mine! Come girls we have a fund 
raiser to plan." Doe said as she sauntered out of the room with 
wisps of pink tinged smoke trailing behind her.


Mike and Eliza poured through the police files looking for some new 
piece of information they may have missed previously. In truth 
there was not much there. Most of the investigation was conducted 
by Batman and the three missing detectives.

"Here's something." Eliza said smiling over at her partner.


"There is a fund raiser being held tomorrow for Doe's campaign."

"Perfect! I'll go to the fund raiser and check things out while 
break into Wayne Manor."

Eliza eyed her partner skeptically remembering how his eyes lingered 
on Doe during her press conference.

"I'll hit fund raiser partner. You're much better with security 
systems than me, besides I need a new dress on the agency anyway." 
She joked with a playful smile trying to cover her slight pangs of 
jealousy at the though of Mike dancing with the dazzling Doe.

The plan for the fund raiser was simple. Doe would smile flirt and 
generally entertain the distinguished guests and the members of the 
press. It was all pretty standard stuff for an event such as this. 
However for the other two members of the trio things would not be so 

Mimi was elegantly dressed in her black sequenced gown. The 
strapless dress clung to every inch of her alluring figure and 
trailed down to floor. When she walked her shapely legs were 
visible through the slit running up the side. Her hair was pulled 
across her head from left to right and flowed down the right side of 
her face and head in full luxurious blond waves. She looked 
irresistible. She lingered off to the side casually sipping her 
champagne and watching the guests arrive.

Jim Gordon arrived about an hour after the fund raiser started. He 
was appalled when he received his invitation. He could hardly 
believe the audacity of the villainess vixen, but then he realized 
this might be the perfect opportunity to do some police work of his 

The commissioner made his way through the crowd of socialites 
intently watching Doe as she seemed to glide from one clique to 
another smiling a politicking. He watched her so intently that he 
never realized Mimi had been following him through the ballroom. As 
Mimi continued to stalk her prey looking for the right opportunity, 
she saw one develop. Doe made her way from the main ballroom to the 
smaller cocktail room and not wanting to lose site of his mark Jim 
Gordon quickened his pace towards the connecting hall. Mimi had 
anticipated this and already made he move to cut him off.

Commissioner Gordon entered the connecting hallway and in haste to 
get to the cocktail room never noticed the open doorway to his 
left. Mimi abruptly stepped out in front of him, catching him off 
guard, and blew a thick stream of pinkish smoke right into his 
face. The commissioner's eyes went wide in surprise as the sweet 
smoke numbed his face and paralyzed his limbs. Mimi smiled as she 
quickly grabbed the stunned policeman and pulled him into the 
storage room closing the door behind them.

Rae was dressed in a green sequenced gown very similar to the black 
one Mimi wore. Like her counterpart she too had an assignment 
tonight. She leaned back on the bar and watched Robert Maxwell 
approach. She turned to the bartender, one of the missing 
detectives, and the two exchanged a knowing smile.

Three weeks ago he was one of Gotham's top detectives, until he 
began sniffing around to close to Wayne Manor. One day while on 
stake out outside the gates Rae snuck out through the Batcave and 
caught the detective unaware. She approached the car from the 
passenger's side, opened the door, and exhaled a huge thick cloud of 
lullaby smoke into his face. It only took two days of training to 
addict the helpless detective to the sleepy smoke and warp his mind 
much like Mimi had done to Dick.

"Scotch and soda." Mr. Maxwell ordered before turning to the 
gorgeous brunette next him.

"Well hello Mr. Maxwell." She purred. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Bartender hurry with that drink before the company at this bar 
turns my stomach."

Robert Maxwell was one Gotham's top investigative journalists and 
currently the most vocal opposition to Doe's bid for Mayor.

"I know what you three are. Doe has no shot of winning this race 
once I air my detailed expose into her criminal past." Robert took 
his drink and turned in huff.

Rae took another sip of her chardonnay as she watched him walk off. 
She turned to the bartender who nodded lettering her know that the 
drink was indeed spiked. Rae smiled thinking about how she'll make 
him beg to be put to sleep. She finished her wine and move through 
the crowd off to find her prey.

Mimi stood with the holder to her lips her tongue playing with the 
tip and eyeing the helpless paralyzed commissioner seductively. 
There was nothing about the aging man that attracted her in any way, 
but she loved to toy with men that were helpless under how power.

"Poor, poor commissioner Gordon." She cooed stepping closer and 
drawing on her holder.

She opened her mouth and allowed the smoke to drift in a perfect 
French inhale. Her face was close to his and the sweet fragrance of 
perfume and lullaby smoke seemed to fill his head.

"What delicious torture this must be for you. Helpless before me. 
You want to resist, but unable to break my spell. Just relax my 
darling. Give in to the sleepy bliss."

The temptress brought her holder to her lips again and inhaled 
deeply as her hand snaked down to the commissioner's stiff cock. 
She tilted her head upward, pursed her lips, and blew a tight stream 
of smoke just past her victim's nose towards the ceiling. The angle 
was calculated to deliver just enough lullaby smoke to tease his 
growing craving without putting him to sleep.

"That's it Jimmy boy breathe deep. The more smoke you breathe in 
the more you'll crave. By the time I'm finished with you you'll be 
powerless to resist or interfere with Doe's campaign." She cooed in 
his ear pressing her body against his and working him more with her 

Mimi's hand was now inside the commissioner's pants stroking his 
cock. She brought the holder to lips once again smiling at the 
thought of what was to come. She inhaled as she intently watched 
his eyes. She noticed them widen slightly and felt throbbing in her 
hand. She exhaled a thick cloud into his face that caused Jim 
Gordon's eyes to roll back into his head. Mimi laughed as he 
slumped to the floor with his cock twitching on the verge of orgasm.

"Sweet dreams Jimmy." Mimi laughed blowing him as kiss as she 
sauntered out.

Robert Maxwell began to feel a bit light headed as he sipped his 
drink and chatted with a pretty socialite. He politely excused 
himself and made his way to the bathroom. He walked over to the 
sink, leaned forward, and splashed cold water on his face trying to 
clear his head. When he straightened he looked in the mirror and 
saw Rae standing behind him with a wicked grin.

"What's the matter Mr. Maxwell; too much to drink?"

"What did you do bitch!" He yelled turning as quickly as he could 
while he clutched the sink for support.

"I had the bartender drop a little something into your drink to help 
you sleep." She laughed as he stumbled forward trying to grab her.

"Don't fight it Mr. Maxwell, even now I'm sure you can feel the warm 
sleepy feeling overtaking you." Rae replied as she easily side 
stepped his stumbling grab.


"You'll do what silly boy?"

Rae fitted a cigarette into her holder as she leaned against the 
sink after side stepping another futile grab. Robert Maxwell was 
now crawling towards her in a last ditch attempt for revenge. Rae 
laughed exhaling a plume of smoke towards the ceiling as he 
struggled at her feet just to remain conscious. He grabbed at her 
leg as she knelt down and grabbed his chin forcing his face level 
with her's.

"Enough struggling darling. Nighty night." She cooed blowing a 
thick steam of lullaby smoke right into his face.

She dropped him to the floor as the bartender entered and picked up 
the sleeping reporter. The bartender felt a twinge of jealousy as 
he notice the tell tale pink powdery residue on Robert Maxwell's 

"Put him in the van. So much for his expose."


Eliza arrived at the fund raiser a bit late making sure most of the
other guests had a chance to arrive ahead of her and get into the
swing of the party. This way her entrance would be more
inconspicuous. She approached the back entrance knowing she'd have
little chance at the front door without an invitation. Eliza's
milky white skin caught the moonlight which showed off her freckles
as she brushed her light brown hair out of her face. The single
guard stiffened as he watched her approach.

"Guests are supposed to enter at the front ma'ma." The guard said
politely to beautiful agent.

"The guard at the door directed me back here. He said something
about my invitation?"

"Let me see, maybe I can figure out what the problem is."

Eliza reached into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and
held out towards to guard. As he reached for it a yellowish gas
shot out of her ring into the guard's face.

"The problem is I don't actually don't have an invitation." Eliza
replied as the guard's eyes fluttered and he drooped to the ground
fast asleep.

As agent Dowling stepped over the sleeping guard she noticed Rae and
Mimi enter a stretch limo. She paused for a moment and watched as
two bundles were loaded into a white van. Moments later the van,
followed by the limo, drove off. She thought for a moment about
following them, but dismissed the idea and turned to enter the fund

Agent Conor easily disabled the security system and made his way
into the main house at Wayne Manor. He didn't really know what he
was looking for so he began a systematic search of the huge house
moving from room to room. What Mike didn't know was the security
system he disabled was for show and was not the one Bruce had
designed himself and tied into the Batcave. A signal was just sent
to Doe, Rae, and Mimi and every move he made was being recorded by
the hundreds of tiny hidden cameras located throughout the house.

It didn't take long for the suspicious Doe to notice Eliza following
her every move. Being a bit shorter than most of the party goers it
was easy for Eliza to lose herself in the crowd, but Doe had
meticulously chosen the guest list herself and was immediately
suspicious when she spotted an unknown guest.

Eliza watched the red haired beauty with a mix of jealousy and
admiration. Eliza was quite pretty herself with her big gold
flecked brown eyes, but her figure was a little rounder than the
tall elegant villainess. She could see why men found her so
attractive. Although she had never had any lesbian tendencies she
almost felt a little attraction to Doe herself. Suddenly Eliza
realized she was caught as Doe's eyes met her's. Eliza froze, in
the moment she had let her mind wander Doe had spotted her and was
now moving through the crowd toward her. Eliza was like a deer
caught in the headlights as Doe walked up to her with a friendly yet
somehow alluring smile.

"I'm Doe Davenport. I don't believe we've met."

"Eliza Dowling." She replied her mind racing.

"Enjoy the part Ms. Dowling. It was a pleasure to meet you, now if
you'll excuse me."

Eliza felt a bit flush as Doe turn and walked off. Did she suspect
something or was the encounter as innocent as it seemed?

Before long Mike came to the infamous study and found the secret
entrance to the Batcave. He slid down the poles that obviously
haven't been used in months and quickly found himself in the cave
below. Although the batpoles have not been in use the cave was far
from abandoned. There were no people there at the moment, but it
was obviously still in use. Mike made his way over to the research
area where white boards were filled with complex equations, several
chemical compounds stood in various size beakers, and notes were
scattered all over the tables. Mike began to leaf through the notes
trying to get some idea of what was going on. After a few minutes
he realized the scientific scribble was above his head so he
gathered the notes and figuring he would send them off to the lab
for analysis.

Eliza had continued to watch Doe from a distance. If the red haired
vixen was aware she gave no outward sign. After making a quick trip
to the bathroom Eliza lost track of Doe, Figuring she was not going
to uncover anything else here she decided to leave hoping her
partner did better at Wayne Manor.

"You're obviously quite good if you have made it this far, but did
you really think a place like this would be so easily breached?"
The honey sweet feminine voice echoed out through the cave.

Mike spun around to see a gorgeous blonde confidently walking
towards him.

"We knew them moment you disabled the first alarm." Mimi boasted
exhaling a stream of pink tinged smoke.

"Congratulations, but how will you keep me from leaving? I don't
think I'll have much problem overpowering you."

Mike caught movement in the shadows to his right out of the corner
of his eye. Mimi laughed as she continued to walk towards him.

"One thing I never have a problem with is overwhelming men." Mimi
purred running her tongue along the tip of her holder.

Thinking Mike distracted by the seductive Mimi, Dick Grayson leaped
out of the shadows and grabbed Mike from behind. Mimi took a step
forward drawling on her holder. Mike ducked as he she leaned
forward and blew a paralyzing stream of smoke that hit Dick square
in the face. Mike felt Dick's grip loosen and quickly pulled away
just as Rae stepped out in front of him. Rae brought her holder to
her lips, but Mike swatted the holder out of her hands before she
had the chance to inhale. Sensing movement from behind Mike ducked
as Mimi blew another thick cloud, this one enveloping Rae. Although
she was more or less immune to the smoke the strength of the blow
stung her eyes. Mike took the opportunity to roll forward causing
the blinded Rae to trip forward into Mimi. The two women went down
in a heap as Mike ran to the Batpoles and hit the hydraulic lift
button just as the service elevator opened and the former police
detectives emerged.

Eliza walked out of the fund raiser and headed towards her car when
an elderly man dressed in a black tuxedo opened the door to a black

"Miss Dowling, Miss Davenport wishes to extend the offer of a ride
to where ever you are headed."

Eliza was a bit skeptical, but this could be a chance to get close
to Doe. Before she thought it through completely Eliza found
herself climbing into the limo. Alfred closed the door and a moment
later the limo drove off.

Doe was lounging comfortably in the plush seat of the limo when
Eliza settled in. Doe blew a voluminous cloud of smoke into the
limo adding to the slight haze that already hung in the air.

"Thank you for the ride Miss Davenport. It was quite a generous

"You looked a bit tense at the fund raiser I thought perhaps a limo
ride would help you relax."

Eliza did begin to feel relaxed as she settled back into the plush

Doe brought the holder to her lips once again. Eliza thought to ask
her not smoke, but she never got the words out as Doe blew another
thick luxurious cloud towards her. Eliza inhaled the sweet smoke
and began to feel very sleepy.

"I'll cut with the pleasantries since I can see you are beginning to
feel very sleepy. I had my men run a quick check on you agent

A voice somewhere in Eliza's head screamed, but she felt so sleepy.
Another cloud of smoke seemed to drift over her as she leaned back
and closed her eyes, a content smile spread across her face.

"Good girl." Doe purred extending her stockinged leg across to
Eliza and pushing her foot up the helpless agent's dress.

Eliza sighed as she felt Doe's nylon covered foot slide up her thigh
and press into her sex.

"Now Eliza darling I want you to just relax and listen to my voice."

Eliza squired a bit in the seat as Doe's foot continued to work its
magic. She continued breathing the special lullaby smoke that put
her in an aroused sleepy state.

"Your conscious mind in deep under the sleepy influence of my
lullaby smoke and enjoying the pleasure and arousal, but your
subconscious mind is open. It is completely open to me and my
beautiful voice."


Doe shook her head at Mimi and Rae's incompetence as she watched the
tape of the earlier events.

"That must be Mike Conor, agent Dowling's partner." Doe said
thoughtfully. "What where those papers he made off with?"

"The notes for...the weapon." Mimi sheepishly replied.

"Lucky for you two I already have a plan to get them back. At least
your assignments at the fund raiser went well. Now get to work
girls. I want Jim Gordon back in the office before people get
suspicious. The same goes for Robert Maxwell."

"No problem Doe, by the time I'm done with Mr. Maxwell you'll have
your own private press secretary."

"Yeah and Gordon is practically mine already, but what about the

"The new lullaby smoke worked like a charm. She was immediately in
a very aroused and sleepy suggestible state. It didn't take
repeated doses like the older formula. I'll give her one more
session then she'll be ready to take care of agent Conor for us.
Shall we girls?"

The three women laughed as the walked off to take care of their

Eliza awoke to find her self in a plush bed with silver satin
sheets. She was completely disoriented and couldn't seem to figure
out where she was or how she got here. There was something tugging
at the back of her mind, but she could grasp it.

"Doe?" She mumbled as the vision of a red haired goddess popped
into her mind.

Eliza sighed sinking down into the plush bed. Just the thought of
Doe made her womanhood tingle. She reached down and began to rub
herself as the clouded memory of a limo ride seeped into her
thoughts. She thought about how Doe had made her cum with her foot
and how wonderful it felt to be so sleepy, so helpless, and so
submissive. She began to get even more aroused thinking about Doe
when the door to the bedroom opened.

"Starting without me agent Dowling? Naughty, Naughty."

Eliza jumped up and turned to see Doe in a short white silk robe.
Her smooth shapely legs completely exposed below. Doe held a silver
dildo in one hand and much to Eliza's disappointment an empty holder
in her other. Doe laughed watching the woman's eyes and reading her

"Don't worry Elisa darling," She said sitting next to her on the
bed, "I know what you need."

Doe removed a long white cigarette from the pocket of her robe and
carefully fitted it into the holder. Eliza watched as she brought
the holder to her lips and lit the cigarette. Doe slowly blew out a
thick cloud that drifted over Eliza Dowling's head enveloping her.
Eliza took a deep breath. The smoke was sweet. She immediately
felt her body relax and her mind began to drift.

"Good girl. Breathe deep and sleep for Doe. Sleep and listen."

Doe inhaled one again from the holder and blew another thick cloud
into the helpless agent's face. The sweet scent filled her senses
and sent her falling deeper and deeper. Eliza heard a distant click
then a soft humming sound as she drifted in her aroused sleepiness.

"Ohhhh!" She moaned as Doe glided the vibrator into her already
moist sex.

Doe femininely held her holder between her slim fingers tilted
upward with thin tendrils of smoke drifting towards the ceiling
while she worked her little toy inside her victim.

"That feels good doesn't it? Just let your conscious mind sleep and
enjoy the pleasure while my voice penetrates your mind. I need you
to do a favor for me Eliza. Can you do that?"

"Mmmmm, yes." She replied squirming more and grabbing at the sheets.

Doe took another measured drag from her holder and blew a stream of
smoke towards the ceiling.

"Of course you can darling, you would do anything for me wouldn't

"YES! OH GOD YES...ANYTHING...FOR...YOU!" Eliza screamed thrusting
her hips forward in orgasm.

Mimi dismissed the idea of using the new lullaby formula. She was
confident she could break the aging police commissioner quickly
combining her seductive ability with the original smoke. She had
much practice since breaking Dick and had the technique and doses
pretty much down. The new formula may open the victim's mind
quicker but Mimi relished the power she had after delivering the
first paralyzing dose. The new formula lacked that. Mimi walked
into the bedroom where Commissioner James Gordon was naked and tied
down to the bed by black silk ropes.

"Release me at once you villainess vixen!"

"Temper, temper Jimmy." Mimi teased sliding onto the bed with him.

Lying on her chest she pulled herself toward the commissioner easily
sliding her black satin teddy across the black satin sheets. Her
face was just inches from his as her hand reached down and began
messaging his cock to life.

"Now Jimmy," She paused to lick her lips, "are you going to behave
for Mimi?"

James Gordon could feel her warm breath on his lips as she spoke and
could not deny the arousal her expert hand awoke in his loins. He
had not been touched by another woman in the twenty years since his
wife died, but he was also seasoned veteran and was not going to be
seduced by a woman younger than his daughter.

"Forget it; I'm not going to dance to your little tune!"

"Gooood," Mimi moaned rolling onto her back, "It gets me so much
hotter when they put up a fight."

She slowly sat up and reached over to the night table for her holder
and silver cigarette case. She slid back so her back was against
the head board of the bed and her creamy thigh was eye level with
the commissioner. She stretched her legs out and absently used her
toes to toy with his cock while she fitted a cigarette into her

Commissioner Gordon struggled against his bounds as he tried to
squirm away from Mimi. Paying little heed to his efforts she
brought the holder to her lips and lit her cigarette. She took a
deep inhale then lazily exhaled a cloud of smoke towards Jim. The
pink tinged smoke drifted just over his head.

The commissioner resisted the urge to breathe the sweet smoke and
turn his head holding his breath.

"Silly boy do you really think you can resist me?"

Mimi rolled over on top of the commissioner and began rubbing her
satin covered breast against him. She held her holder off to the
side as she moved her mouth up to his. Her glossy pink painted lips
brushed his as she turned her face but still held his gaze. Her
tongue licked the tip of the holder as she brought it to her mouth
and closed her lips around it. She inhaled moving the holder away
with tendrils of smoke still drifting from the mouth piece. Her
lips parted as she once again brought them to his. Small wisps of
smoke escaped her mouth as their lips brushed. The moment seemed to
last forever then Mimi tilted her face upward and blew her smoke
across his face tickling his skin.

Jim Gordon inhaled just a bit of the potent smoke, but it was enough
to relax him and leave him craving more. Mimi felt his body relax
under hers as she turned her head, once again brushing her lips
across his and repeated her skillful show with the holder. Her
other hand had found its way back to his erect cock. Once again she
blew her delicious smoke just far enough from his face to tease him
and intensify the craving. After releasing her smoke Mimi brought
her lips back to his, this time pressing forward and kissing him
deeply. Some remnants of her last inhale drifted into his mouth.
Mimi broke the kiss and turned a third time. Once again teasing him
with her expert technique. This time however after inhaling she
slid her satin covered body down his and took his cock in her smoke
filled mouth. The lullaby smoke swirled around his cock. At first
it felt warm, but then slowly as the numbing properties of the
lullaby smoke began to take effect he began to lose feeling. Mimi
slid her mouth off with a popping sound as the smoke began to pour
out around his numbing cock. Once the commissioner's throbbing
manhood was free she blew the remaining smoke out into his cock so
hard when it cleared there was a pink residue left on the head.
Mimi laughed watching his face as he lost all feeling altogether.
She then lifted up and lowered herself onto his numb cock.

She rode the aging police commission for just over an hour cuming
three times before she could tell by the look on his face that his
feeling was returning. Mimi settled down on his cock and reached
over grabbing another cigarette and fitting it into her holder. She
squirmed a bit on his cock as she brought the cigarette to life.
She continued to judge by his reaction how much feeling had returned
waiting for the right moment. Once she felt him thrust his hips
into her she clamped down around him an inhaled deeply from her
holder. She could feel his cock trying to cum under her pressure,
but she held tight then blew a thick steam of smoke into his face.
Before the full stream had reached its target the holder was once
again between her lips and in seconds another thick stream followed
the first. Half way through the third stream of smoke the
commissioner was sound asleep. When Mimi felt his cock begin to
soften she eased herself off.

"Sleep well sweetie, you'll need your rest for round two."

Mimi blew the sleeping man a kiss as she walked out of the bedroom.


Mike was sitting on the sofa in his hotel room still trying to
decipher the notes he had stolen from the Batcave while he waited
for the courier to arrive and take them to the lab. The door the
hotel room opened and instinctively Mike went for his gun. He was
relieved to see his partner Eliza Dowling walk in.

"Where have you been? I was getting worried?"

"I was tailing Doe all night."

"Did you get anything?"

"Nothing useful, how about you?" She asked sitting on the arm of
the sofa next him and crossing her muscular legs.

"Well I found out Batman is really Bruce Wayne which explains some
things. The famous Batcave is located under Wayne Manor, only now
it seems to be a research facility for Doe and the girls. I grabbed
a bunch of notes, but I can't really put them together. I think it
has something to do with sound waves, but it's way over my head.
I'm waiting for a courier to pick them up and take them in to one of

"Wow, sounds like you had quite a night. Are those the notes?"
Eliza asked pointing to the papers in a folder on the table.

"Yeah, do you want to take a look?"

"No thanks I have something more delicious in store for you." Eliza
replied casually taking a small compact out of her purse.

"What?" Mike asked not sure he heard her right.

Eliza answered by gently opening the compact. She held it out in the
palm of her hand, puckered her lips, and blew a cloud of pink powder
into Mike's face.

"Aw, look what I've done. It's all over your face." Eliza purrs
with mock sympathy.

"Here let me."

She leans in and gently brushes his face.

"What did you do?" Mike asks suddenly confused and sleepy.

"Shhhh." Eliza puts a finger to his lips.

"Just relax dear and let my sleepy powder do its job." She replies
leaning forward and bringing her lips close to his.

Just as she's about to kiss him there is a knock at the door.

"That must be the courier. Just sit here and sleep, I'll be back as
soon as I take care of him."

Eliza picks up her compact and headed to the door. When she opened
it she found a young skittish man standing before her.


"I'm looking for Conor." The young man whispered as his eyes darted
from side to side.

"You must be the courier, come in."

The man slips inside, but before he gets past the entryway Eliza
blocks his path.

"You have something for me?"

"Sleep." Eliza replies taking a deep breath and blowing sleepy
powder from her compact into his face.

The courier's eyes flutter as his legs go limp. Eliza follows his
movement as he falls continuously blowing the sweet powder from her
compact. By the time he hits the floor his face is completely
covered in pink powder.

"That should keep you from disturbing us."

"Now where were we?" Eliza asked returning to the sofa.

Mike was struggling to recover and was almost back on his feet by
the time she returned.

"My, you are a resilient one."

"What are you doing?" He managed to get out as he reached slowly
for his gun.

"No you don't."

Eliza held up the compact and blew more powder into Mike's face.
His eyes fluttered and he plopped back down on the sofa.

"That's better. Now just relax." Eliza purred.

She pulled his pants opened and blew powder onto his lower stomach
and into his pants. Mike sighed as smile spread across his face.

"Mmmm, doesn't that feel so much better than resisting me?" She
cooed stoking his cheek.

Mike's eyes opened slightly, but remained glassy and droopy.

"Let me help you get more comfortable and more relaxed." Eliza
reached over and unbuckled his belt then pulled off his pants and
underwear leaving his hard powder covered cock exposed.

Eliza reached down and began to stroke his manhood while the agent
was too helpless to resist.

Rae entered the bedroom where Robert Maxwell was being held. She
was wearing a skin tight leather cat suit complete with thigh high
stiletto heeled boots and soft elbow length gloves. Her hair was
pulled back in a tight pony tail that hung down her back. Robert
could only stare in awe from the upright table he was fastened to
with thick strips of silvery duct tape as her heels clicked across
the floor towards him.

"Comfy Mr. Maxwell?"

"You're not going to get away with this you bitch!" Robert shot
back trying to assert some kind of control over his predicament.

"Really?" Rae asked running a leather gloved finger tip down his
hard cock.

"You know strapped there naked there's not much you can hide from
me. Now if I can just get your big head to like me as much as your
little head..."

"Forget it!"

Rae eyed Robert seductively as she reached for a small vile and
syringe from a table next to him. She pushed the plunger in and
then gently drew it back eyeing the syringe carefully as it filled
with the drug.

"What is that?" Robert asked with some of the confidence lost from
his voice.

"This?" Rae repeated tapping the syringe and pressing the plunger
slightly to push any air bubbles out through the needle.

"This is something to make you a little sleepy, a little aroused,
and very pliable." Rae smiled as a few drops of the drug spurted
from the tip of the needle.

Robert cringed as she approached. All his bluster was now gone and
there was definite fear in his eyes.

"Don't tell me a big strong guy like you is afraid of needles." She
teased as she injected him with the drug.

Eliza straddled Mike and then slowly lowered herself down on to
him. He let out a moan in his sleepy state and squirmed a bit under
her as she slow moved up and down his shaft. The powder she blew on
his cock kept him hard as she stroked all the information he had on
Doe out of him. Her mission was now complete, but thinking about
the reward Doe promised her got Eliza so hot she decided to have a
little fun with her helpless partner.

"Mmmmmm." She moaned as began to ride him a bit faster.

Involuntarily in his sleeply state Mike began to match her rhythm
with small thrusts of his own helping to bring her closer to
release. Eliza, moaning, began to move up and down on him faster
and faster till finally she threw her head back and thrusted hard
into him.