Dark Desire

I wait in your apartment hiding in the shadows,
I'm wearing a black rubber suit, a black balaclava and
steel toe boots. I have turned off the heat, I prefer
it cold, being mid winter, its very chilly in here. I
wait for you in total silence, the only sound is my
breathing. I'm a little warm in my rubbers, bit it
feels so good, so snug, against my body. I pull my
black leather gloves tight, I'm nervous. It seems like
eternity since I picked the lock on your door and let
myself in.

I am rewarded for my patience with the sound of
your Key going into the lock. I move quickly, my
gloved hands hold a brown bottle labeled chloroform
and a heavy cotton wad. I open the bottle and soak the
cotton wadding putting the bottle on a nearby table,
the scent of the chemical reaches my nostrils, a warm
tremor goes through my lower regions. I'm terribly
excited. Your having trouble with the lock, its old
and needs replacing, I wait by the full length mirror
in your foyer, I want you in front of the mirror, I
want to see your face and your eyes. Thats what
brought me here in the first place, seeing you at the
masquerade ball two weeks ago. There is something
terribly sexy about a lady in a mask. Your eyes stood
out from behind the mask you wore, such dark and
interesting eyes they are. I want to see your face

You open the door, your wearing a white synthetic
fur coat, blue sweater, blue leather pants and
matching gloves. I glimpse your face, smiling
underneath my balaclava, you are beautiful. You drop
your keys in an unused ashtray on the small table near
the door, hang the coat on the rack next to it. Your
coming down the foyer, you have not taken the gloves
off, I'm totally focused on you, as you walk by the
mirror, I pounce.

I grab you around the middle with my left hand,
at the same time I cover your nose and mouth with the
wadding, in my right. We begin our dance for after
all, is that not what a chloroforming is? A
semi-erotic dance between two strangers, almost like a
tango, how close we are, I could almost be part of
you. All this time I keep watching your eyes, so dark
and exotic.

The wadding is cold against your face, the
initial intake of breath, at the shock of my attack
has sealed your fate. The cold sweet fumes burn your
lungs, but its only momentary. Your like a wildcat
struggling, you kick my shins, I have thought of that,
wearing shin guards, you go for my eyes, I thought of
that too, parachute goggles. While this struggle goes
on, a lethargic warmth glides up your body, numbness
replaces everything it comes across. For a few short
seconds a highly erotic feeling touches your lower
extremities, but it fades as the warmth slowly reaches

As your struggle decreases, your gloved hand
touches mine, trying to pry the intoxicating wad away
from your face. With your left hand, you try to find a
weak spot, in a feeble last attempt at escape, you
grab my crotch, I climax as your hand trays to find
something to hold onto(why do you all think, its
always a man?) Even though you fight the fumes that
sting your eyes you notice how tall I am in the
mirror, well over six feet and as you can feel very
strong. My hour glass figure wears my rubber suit
well, my green eyes are bright and vivid. My head is
swimming from my feelings of Ecstasy that you have
inadvertently brought upon me. I clear my head, must
pay attention to you.

Your struggle is waning, your eyes are too heavy
to keep open, a pleasant drumming sound drowns out all
noise. In your mind, you see a multi-colored vortex
that spins faster and faster drawing you down into a
warm black oblivion. Your leather clad hands fall away
and your body sags, I gently lower you to the floor,
keeping the wadding over your face for just a few
seconds longer until I am confident that your are

I scoop you up, tenderly carrying you to a nearby
sofa, I lay you down and place a pillow under your
head. It is now that I fully realize how beautiful you
are. I take my gloves off and stroke your hair, then
touch your face. I must not take too long, I must
leave soon. I bend down and kiss you full on the lips,
I can taste the chloroform on them, I smell it on your
breath. I unzip my suit and take your leather gloved
hand and place it on one of my ample breasts. I close
my eyes and feel warm all over.

The alarm on my watch goes off, time to go, I get
off the sofa and collect my things, putting on my long
hooded leather coat. I go back to the sofa to give you
a little more chloroform, no need to wake too soon.
From one of my many coat pockets, I take out a small
camera, to mark the occasion and keep a moment of our
time together. From another pocket I then take a long
stem white rose, I place it on your chest. I walk by
the mirror and pull my balaclava off, my long Blondie
hair cascades from underneath it. I laugh as I look at
myself, I do look like an amazon, I place the
balaclava in one of my pockets, Don my gloves, pulling
the hood of my jacket over my head, its big and will
cast a shadow on my face. I open your door look to see
that no one is around and leave the apartment, locking
the door on the way out.

I make my way outside its rainy and damp, fog is
rolling in, I feel wonderful, I make my way to the car
thinking of how my husband will react, when he
realizes he has a tigress in his bed tonite. I smile
thinking of your beauty, get into my car and drive
away into the night.