Sam Saunders, the owner of Sam's Fabulous Furs, walked over to the
secluded park where he liked to have his lunch each day. He sat on
his usual bench by the lake and took out his usual bagged lunch.
However, he would soon find out that today would be anything but

The park was also not nearly as secluded as he might think.
On a rise overlooking the lake, several women were watching the man
closely. They were lying on a luxurious black mink blanket. One, a
gorgeous blonde who was wrapped in a sliver fox fur coat, lowered her
binoculars and turned to the young woman lying next to her.

"Your father is right on time, just like you said he would be
bunny," Victoria Fox told Emma Saunders.

The brunette teen cutie smiled up at her mistress from her resting
place on the blanket. The girl was clad only in a white mink jacket
which was hanging open to reveal her nubile young body. The mere
presence of Victoria Fox was enough to make little Emma wet, and she
was busily fingering herself while the older woman monitored her
daddy. When the glamorous blonde called her `bunny', which was the
pet name she used for Emma, the girl orgasmed, just as she had been
trained to do.

"Now let's see if you were right about his nasty little fetish," she

"Oh, I am Mistress Fox," the girl assured her. "I found all of those
pictures of Asian girls dressed like schoolgirls on his computer."

"In that case, he'll go crazy for Sung Lee. And if all goes as
planned then you'll get a reward later." She reached out with her
ebony cane with the elaborate silver fox-head tip and rubbed the
girl's legs. The teen sighed and let her hands slip back to the slick
spot between her legs.

"Morgan, are we ready?" The blonde asked, turning to the other young
woman on the blanket.

The pretty brunette, who was examining their target through the
telephoto lens of her camera, nodded. Morgan, who acted as the Foxy
Ladies' official photographer, snapped a couple of practice shots of
Mr. Saunders as he ate his lunch. Satisfied that she had a good angle
to work with, she turned to Victoria Fox and gave her the thumbs up.
The fur-clad femme pulled out her cell phone.

"Sung Lee, its show time," she said before hanging up the phone and
putting it away.

Sam Saunders enjoyed his lunches in the park. Even though he loved
his job as a furrier, it was nice to get out of the store and relax.
The wealthy women who were his main clientele could be quite
demanding. In contrast the park was quiet and secluded, and he could
be alone with his thoughts. Today his thoughts centered on a lovely
young divorcee who had come in looking for a new sable coat. She had
been a real ice queen, bitchy and imperious. He was fantasizing about
spanking her ass with her dressed in only the luxurious blonde sable
that she had bought that morning. His reverie was interrupted by the
sound of approaching footsteps. He looked up and couldn't believe his
eyes. Walking towards him was a very pretty, very young-looking Asian
girl. His well-trained eye recognized her as being a Korean and she
was a feast for those eyes.

The girl was tall and slim with long legs and pert round breast. Her
face was lovely and mysterious, with big, dark, almond-shaped eyes
which were high-lighted by smoky eye-shadow. Her long, black hair was
swept back with little barrettes and gathered into pigtails. It gave
her an air of youth and innocence that was belied by her nice body
and mature expression.

It was her outfit, however, which caught his attention. The young
lady was dressed in a classic school-girls outfit - red plaid skirt,
white blouse tied up to expose her tight belly, white thigh-highs,
and little white patent leather shoes. She was sucking on a round,
red lollipop that had a white heart in the middle. She looked as if
she had walked directly from one of his fantasies into the park. He
literally pinched himself to insure that he wasn't dreaming the whole
thing. He nearly fainted when she stopped next to his bench and spoke.

"Excuse me sir, can I sit down?" she asked politely.

He nodded dumbly and she sat down next to him. Her white-stockinged
legs were so close that they were practically touching his. He
couldn't help staring at those pretty legs as she crossed them
sexily. He could see the white, creamy skin of her thighs under the
extremely short skirt.

"I'm Yumi," the girl continued, offering her hand.

Her fingers were long and slender and a bolt of excitement shot
through him when he took it and gave a short, nervous shake.

"I'm sorry, did you same your name was `Yummy'?" he asked.

"Mm-hmm. Do you like it?"

"It's a very nice name," he told her. "It suits you."

"Thank you," she replied. "Would you like a lick? Of my lolli I
mean," she offered holding out the pop.

"Um¸ no thanks." He was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The truth
was the girl was giving him a boner. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

"Yes. I'm afraid I'm being a naughty girl today." She took another
lick of her lollipop. "Are you sure you don't want some? It's cherry."

"Well maybe one lick," he agreed looking around. He didn't see anyone
so he took a tentative little lick at the red pop. "Wow that tastes
very good Yummy."

"Have some more," the girl encouraged sticking it in his
mouth. "That's right, suck on Yumi's lolli. It will make you feel
nice and sleepy."

He was indeed becoming a little drowsy. He yawned and blinked his
eyes. They were getting rather blurry. The Korean cutie's slender
fingers were gently massaging the front of his pants. His cock was
now fully erect.

"Say, how old are you?" he asked as she unzipped him.

"Twenty-three," replied Sung Lee with a giggle as she pulled his dick

The businessman knew that something was wrong but his brain had
effectively ceased to function. He leaned back with a loud sigh, his
eyes closed, as Ms. Fox' femme began to suck his cock. Not far away,
Morgan was capturing it all on film. After a few minutes of licking
and slurping, Sung Lee's cell-phone rang and she paused to fish it
out of her purse. It was her mistress who was enjoying the
performance through her binoculars.

"We have plenty of pictures of you blowing him my dear," Victoria
told her Asian assistant. "Have him lick your pussy a bit and then
gas him."

"Shall I fuck him as well?"

"That won't be necessary darling; I think we'll have all we need."

Sung Lee put her phone away and gave Mr. Saunders a hard slap in the
face. He came awake with a start and looked around. He was still
quite dazed and the lovely Lolita gave him no chance to get his
bearings. She pushed his head down into her lap and spread her legs
to reveal her white satin panties. She stuck her lollipop back in his
mouth to let him get some more of the drugs that coated it. When his
struggles slowed she removed the candy-coated sleepy-pop and pushed
his face into her undies. He began to lick her and she leaned back to
try to enjoy herself.

After several minutes she grew tired of his unimpressive oral
efforts. She figured that Morgan had shot more than enough
compromising film and that it was time for Mr. Saunders to take a
much needed nap. Reaching back into her purse she grabbed a small
aerosol spray. She grabbed the slobbering middle-aged fool by the
back of the head and pulled him away from her pussy.

"Ms. Fox sends her regards," the attractive Asian told him. "And some

She depressed the top of the aerosol releasing the sweet-smelling
pink gas contained therein. The fuzzy-headed furrier disappeared in a
cloud of smoke as the fiendish femme held the spray in front of his
face for a long time. Finally he collapsed to the ground at her feet.

Sung Lee rose and began to walk in the direction of the hiding women.
When she arrived Morgan was finishing packing up her cameras and Emma
was writhing on the ground at Victoria Fox' feet. The glamorous
blonde was enjoying her trademark victory cigar while fucking the
youngster with the heel of her black stiletto sandal. She had gagged
the girl with a white silk scarf so that her cries of pleasure would
not be heard too loudly.

"You were absolutely perfect Sung Lee," the foxy femme told her Asian
acolyte. "We have more than enough material to blackmail our Bunny's
foolish father. But why do you look so sad?"

The Korean cutie merely shrugged. She had been expecting the moment
to be more erotic, but it had been a disappointment, the older man
pawing at her ineffectually and drooling on her nice, white panties.

"I bet someone didn't get their little cunny licked as well as they
liked," Victoria teases. "Well since daddy couldn't do it, maybe
little daughter can make up for it."

She pointed to the squirming slut at her feet and Sung Lee wasted no
time in accepting the offer. She knelt over the girl and leaned down
to kiss her through the gag. She then moved her mouth to Emma's neck,
nuzzling and licking her soft skin. Her fingers had moved down
between the teen's legs and were meandering through the fine hair of
her well-trimmed bush. Emma moaned softly through the gag and then
more loudly as the woman above her ran her scarlet nails over her
clit and between her wet, pink lips.

The fur-swathed blonde watched delightedly as she puffed on her
Davidoff cigar. Emma and her other little friends were proving to be
well worth the effort put into seducing and recruiting them. She
grinned around her cigar as she thought of the endless possibilities.
First there were their families, all of whom were very well-off.
Added to that was the girls' standing as the most popular clique in
school; they would have no trouble seducing anyone that Victoria told
them to – high-school boys, teachers, members, of the community; the
possibilities were indeed limitless. She turned to Morgan and sent
her off to fetch the Rolls, which was parked nearby.

Meanwhile, Sung Lee had finally tugged off Emma's gag to give the
girl unfettered access to licking her pussy. The mink-coated brunette
was certainly a better lay then her father and soon had the Korean as
wet as she was. As they continued their love-tangle, Ms. Fox heard
voices approaching along the path. She left the two sluts to their
business and moved behind one of the trees. An older couple crested
the hill and stopped in shock when they saw the delectable duo doing
it on the soft mink blanket.

"Stop that this instant!" the woman shrieked.

Sung Lee looked at her, with her unscrupulous Oriental expression and
pointed toward the tree that the woman stood next to. The elderly
bitch turned just in time to see the fox-furred femme behind the tree
raise her ebony cane. A blast of yellow gas enveloped her, and she
slid to the ground with a sigh.

"What did you do to her?" demanded her companion as he attempted to
back away. Their nice walk in the park had turned into a nightmare.

Sung Lee rose silently and approached the man who now had his back to
her. She wrapped her arms around him and held him in a surprisingly
tight grip while her Mistress stalked closer, bringing the cigar to
her lips as she did so. She took a deep pull and exhaled into the
gray-beard's face, watching as he instantly relaxed.

"I put her to bed," she told him, "Which is exactly where you're
going. Sweet dreams."

She blew another cloud of lullaby smoke at him and Sung Lee let his
unconscious body fall to the ground. The blonde regarded him
momentarily before turning to the girls.

"We need to be going ladies; we have some fur shopping to do."