Cyn's Visit

Judge Simpson entered his chambers at around 7am as he did every
morning to review the cases on his schedule for the day. However
there was surprise waiting when he arrived this morning.

"Hello your honor."

The judge spun around to find a gorgeous blonde sitting on the couch
in his chamber casually reading through a file. He immediately
recognized her. A couple months ago Cynthia Cloud had paid the
Judge a visit during the trial of a well known mob boss.

"I see you remember me." Cyn commented eyeing the bulge that
appeared in his pants.

The judge swallowed not knowing what to do. He was torn by mixed
emotions since their last meeting. He felt overwhelming guilt at
allowing the mobster to go free, but at the same time he got very
aroused every time he thought about how Cyn had put him to sleep.
He longed to fall under her sleepy spell again, but prayed this day
would never come.

Cyn read the conflicting feelings in the judge's face. Many of her
slaves went though the same thing. Deep down they know they should
not be doing the things she asks of them, but once they experienced
the pleasure only she could give they are powerless to resist her.
Just knowing this began to get her aroused.

"What do you want?" He asked hoping she would not ask too much of

"This case," she motioned to the file she had been reading, "is
going to come before you today. You will dismiss it for lack of
evidence. Do not grant the prosecution an extension."

"I can't do that, it depends on the circumstances. The prosecution
is entitled to at least one extension and is often granted more."

Cyn pulled out her shiny gold lipstick tube and matching compact.

"Really? You look a bit tired; perhaps you need a nap to help you

Judge Simpson began to breathe heavy as Cyn stroked the crimson
lipstick across her lips. He wanted her to put him to sleep again
so bad, but his career was at stake. If the D.A. had not blown the
case the last time the judge did as Cyn asked he would be under
investigation right now. He couldn't afford another suspicious
trial so soon. He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed

"I'm not going to let you do this again." He told Cyn with as much
conviction as he could muster.

Cyn stood up and confidently walked towards the judge.

"Put down the phone." She commanded

"Security. This is Judge Simpson."

Cyn pushed down the disconnect button on the phone with her
perfectly french manicured finger as she moved her body close the
Judge Simpson.

"Do you remember my perfume Judge? Most men find it unforgettable."
She said leaning close.

The judge inhaled and the alluring scent filled his senses.

"Yes, you remember don't you?"

Cyn reached up and began to caress the back of his neck as she let
the pheromones in her perfume increase the judge's arousal.

"Good boy just breathe in my sensual perfume. Remember how I made
you feel? How you begged to serve me?" She cooed as she leaned
forward and kissed him deeply.

Cyn pressed her body against his as they kissed. Her hand continued
to caress the back of his neck while other hand moved down to rub
his bulging crotch.

"That's it give in to the pleasure. Fall under my sleepy spell."
Cyn said breaking the kiss.

The memories and feelings of the last time Cyn seduced him came
flooding back.

"Oh god, please put me to sleep, I'll do anything!"

Cyn stepped back and turned her back to him.

"I don't know, you were about to have me thrown out by security."

"Please, I need you to put me to sleep. Please I'll do anything."
The judge begged taking a step forward as well then dropping to

Cyn was getting extremely aroused, she wanted to toy with him more
but she had another appointment this morning.

Cyn turned with her gold compact in her hand. She took her time
opening it as she flashed the judge her most seductive look.

"Yes, please put me under your sleepy spell."

"Beg! Beg me to put you to sleep!"

"Please Mistress I beg you. Please put me to sleep. Please!"

"Very well slave...Sssleeeeep!"

She blew into the compact causing pink dust to fly into his face.

The judge moaned as inhaled deeply.

Cyn was incredibly turned on as she saw a wet spot grow across the
front of his pants. His eyes fluttered and he slumped to the ground.

"Now my pet let's talk about the case."

Cyn was about to give her commands to the sleepy judge when she was
interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Judge Simpson? This is security is everything alright?"

Cyn walked quickly to the door and opened it to find a young and
very handsome guard. She smiled and before he could say anything
held up her compact and blew sleepy dust right into the unsuspecting
guard's face. As his eyes glazed over she took his hand and pulled
him into the room. She led him like a puppy over to the couch and
gently laid him down.

"Mmmm, I think I can postpone my next appointment for you." She
said running her hands down his hard muscled chest.

Cyn was still very wet from the judge and now she had this strong
handsome guard at her mercy. It was time to mix a little pleasure
with business. Within moments she had the guard's belt off and his
pants down exposing his rock hard cock.

"Oooo, very nice. Let's just make sure that you don't finish before
I'm ready.

Once again Cyn picked up her compact. Another property of her
sleepy dust was its numbing effect where it was absorbed by the
skin. She blew into the compact sending forward a pink cloud that
engulfed the guard's cock. The dust settled coating it completely
with a pink residue.

Cyn lifted her skirt and positioned herself above the guard's
waiting penis. She reached down and gently guided him inside her.
She placed her hands on his chest and slid up and down his shaft
slowly, moaning softly as she took her time enjoying the pleasure
and confident that she could continue as long as she liked.

Cyn continued to slowly slide up and down, moving a bit faster as
her arousal built. The guard under her felt little due to the
sleepy dust. Knowing this just turned Cyn on more. She knew he was
there only to pleasure her. She felt her orgasm build as she moved
faster almost bouncing at this point. She bit her lip and rocked
back as she felt the orgasm explode through her body. Cyn continued
to rock back pressing his cock against just right spot inside her as
she reveled in her own pleasure. As the orgasm subsided she relaxed
a bit taking a few moments to catch her breath.

After cleaning herself up in the judge's private bathroom she pulled
up the guards pants and lead him out of the chamber. She could not
leave her judge in a compromising position. The guard's cock was
still hard and probably would be until the effects of the dust wore
off. Cyn started to get aroused again thinking about the guard and
how she had used him, but she surpressed those feelings quickly.
There was work to do. She found a supply closet and led the guard
inside. She took out her compact one last time.

"Now my little sex toy it's time to put you bed. When you wake you
will remember only that you ducked in here for a quick nap and had
an extremely erotic dream."

Cyn puckered her lips and blew the guard to sleep. She then
returned to finish with the judge before heading off to her next
appointment. This was turning out to be quite a busy day.