The Curse of the Cobra Pt. 1


The warehouse appeared to be deserted but I knew that wasn't the
case. My source was rock solid and was positive that this was the
place that the deal was going down. And I'm not talking about some
mundane drug deal or ho-hum arms sale. I'm talking about white
slavery. If my information was correct (and I had been investigating
this for months), I was about to witness the sale of two dozen lovely
young ladies, all between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, who
had disappeared in the last several months.

Most of the girls were tourists from other countries in Europe as
well as several from the United States. That is why I was involved.
You see in addition to being an internationally famous investigative
reporter, I have another less public but just as important persona. I
work as a secret agent for the good old US of A. My editor at the
Metropolis Bugle (who also happened to be my case officer at NSA) had
dispatched me here to Amsterdam to look into the disappearance of one
Stephanie Wilcox.

Ms. Wilcox was the only daughter of a wealthy industrialist who was
an important cog in the wheel that was the military-industrial
complex. Her father was now an unhappy cog and was making that wheel
squeak. This in turn made my bosses unhappy, the end result of which
was me skulking about on the roof of a warehouse down on the docks in
the middle of an Amsterdam winter. My black nylon jumpsuit wasn't
particularly warm but it allowed me to blend into the shadows and
gave me excellent freedom of movement which was sure to come in

I saw a glow up ahead and noticed that it must be one of the sky-
lights. Sure enough there was movement on the warehouse floor below,
though it was too far away for me to make out much. There was a door
close by and amazingly it wasn't locked. With a silent thanks to the
Gods I slipped inside. It was immediately warmer now that I wasn't in
the wind and I paused for a moment to catch my breath and let my body
readjust. When I was ready I made my way silently down the metal
steps until I came to a catwalk. I could hear muffled voices and
activity coming from below and I crawled out onto the catwalk to get
a better look.

Jackpot! This was definitely the place. Below me I could make out
perhaps ten men in blue overalls. They were busily loading the
unconscious bodies of the missing girls into large crates. The boxes
were padded on the inside and even had pillows for each of the girls
that were being placed in each box. They were dressed in just their
bras and panties and were elaborately bound in shiny latex ribbons
with bows placed on their heads making them look like festive gifts.
I couldn't let them leave this warehouse for what was surely a life
as some sheik's playthings. I shuddered to imagine what abuses they
had already suffered.

"Don't forget to add the gasss canistersss," a commanding feminine
voice added with a strange hiss. "We don't want them waking up

I scanned the perimeter for the source of the voice and quickly found
it. Standing by the door were a man and a woman. The man was dressed
in a white tropical-wool suit and white Bermuda hat. I recognized him
right away as the owner of a popular nightclub where the `beautiful
people' liked to dance the night away. I had interviewed him about
the disappearances several times, as more than one of the missing
girls was known to frequent his establishment. Herr Jagermann was
always more than willing to provide whatever I asked for but there
was something about him that I didn't trust. Now it appeared that my
suspicions were being proven true.

The woman was something else altogether. Standing nearly six feet
tall in her thigh-high black leather boots, she cut an imposing
figure. She wore a full-length black mink coat in deference to the
cold, although it hung open revealing her tight-fitting black leather
dress. In one hand she held a smoldering cigarette in a long black
holder and in the other a riding crop that she was tapping against
her thigh.

Her jet black hair was pulled back into a slick ponytail that hung
down her back and her face was mostly hidden behind dark sunglasses.
All in all she was sexily sinister in appearance. It was no wonder
that the men leapt to obey her commands.

Pulling out my digital camera, I began to take snapshots of the woman
and Jagermann. I had never seen her before and was wondering if she
was a new player in the white-slavery game. The men started
circulating around the containers holding the girls and I turned my
attention back to them. They were putting something in with the women
and I leaned over the rail to see.

As they moved out of my way I got my answer. Each of the boxes was
now loaded with a metal cylinder snuggled in between the pairs of
sleeping gals. They had tubes attached that were connected to plastic
face-masks on the other end. Soon every one of the girls had a mask
placed over their nose and mouths. I doubted that they were meant to
provide oxygen. The men began to place covers on the containers and I
knew that I would have to act soon.

"Why hadn't Interpol gotten there yet?" I wondered as I attached a
line to my safety harness and tied it off on the railing. They should
have been in position by now.

"If you find everything to be satisfactory I would like to conclude
our business," the man in white said, obviously eager to be on his

"The girlsss will be sssatisfactory for my plansss," the woman agreed
in her odd voice. "Katya bring Herr Jagermann'sss money."

I heard the click of boots and another woman strode into the room.
Every inch as tall as her Mistress, the blonde teetered on perilously
high platform sandals. Even more remarkable was that she wore nothing
more than black latex stockings that came to about mid-thigh and
matching gloves that stretched almost to her shoulders. Her breasts
were high and firm, bouncing majestically as she walked. She carried
a metal brief-case in one hand and a long leather bullwhip in the
other. My first thought was of an exotic animal trainer, but the way
she stalked and her wild blonde hair made me think more of a lioness
than a lion-tamer.

I was so awestruck by her appearance that I nearly slipped as I
climbed over the rail of the cat-walk. Before I could even curse
myself for my clumsiness, my bag slid from my shoulder and fell to
the floor with a thunk. Everyone looked up and I prepared to turn and
run. Just then the doors flew open and my contact officer Hans burst
into the room with enough agents to fight a small army.

"Freeze! Police!" he shouted clichély. And then all hell broke loose.

There were guards with automatic rifles and they wasted no time in
emptying their guns in the cops' direction. The police for their part
responded instantly, with seemingly little regard for the girls lying
sleepily in their crates. I was pondering how best to intervene in
the dispute without getting shot when I saw Herr Jagermann and the
two mystery women ducking out a side exit.

My number one priority was supposed to be Stephanie Wilcox and the
other abductees, but I was loath to let the perpetrators escape. I
raced down the catwalk and leapt off, gliding through the air. Right
before I hit the ground my zip-line automatically slowed my descent
and I landed softly on the concrete floor with the grace of a cat.
Before my momentum had even slowed, I had my line unclipped and was
moving towards the door in hot pursuit of my prey.

The icy wind hit me like a blow, but I simply ignored it. I found
myself in the back alley and turned just in time to see Herr
Jagermann round a corner. The women were nowhere to be seen. I ran to
the corner and peeked carefully around it. The white-suited nightclub
owner was futilely trying to climb over a chain-link fence.

I pulled my sidearm and pointed it directly at his back.

"Freeze Jagermann," I instructed coldly. "There's nowhere for you to
go; it's over."

He stopped his frantic scrambling and turned slowly around to face
me. Instead of panic his face held a look of smug satisfaction.

"Ja fraulein Steele," he sneered. "It is over for you."

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, but before I could react
there was a crack and a sharp pain flared in my hand. My gun went
spinning away into the shadows. From out of the darkness stepped the
gargantuan blonde, her bull-whip dragging on the ground behind her.
She gave a quick flick of her wrist and it snapped in the air, just
inches from my face. It was clearly a warning shot, not meant to do
any damage but to intimidate me into inaction. Unfortunately for her,
being intimidated was not part of my training.

Almost before the sound of the whip had died I was moving forward,
barreling into my attacker. She obviously wasn't expecting this
maneuver and was a little slow to react; that was all the advantage I
needed. As formidable looking as the blonde was, she was no match for
a fully-trained NSA operative.

I quickly pushed her back with a flurry of blows that rendered her
weapon pretty much useless. She managed to parry, but was unable to
launch any sort of counter-attack. With her back to the wall, she
abruptly dropped her whip and raised her hands in defeat. I
approached her warily, reaching to my waist for a pair of plastic,
zip-tie restraints.

Glancing around to make sure my perimeter was secure I saw that
Jagermann was once again futilely trying to climb the fence. Interpol
would have no trouble running him down so I paid him no more mind. Of
the strange woman in black there was no sign.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your head," I ordered the
blonde goddess. "Now get down on your knees."

She complied quickly, although I could tell from her body language
that she was seething with anger at her defeat. I stepped forward to
secure her when I suddenly found myself going head-over-heels into
the air. With my world thrown suddenly upside down it took a few
seconds to get my bearings. I had obviously stepped into some type of
snare and I was now hanging helplessly about six feet of the ground.
My situation quickly grew worse when I saw the woman in black step
out from the shadows.

"Ssso thisss isss the famousss Natalie Sssteele," she hissed as she
stalked towards me, smoke trailing from the holder clenched in the
side of her mouth. "I mussst admit that I wasss expecting a more
formidable opponent."

"Well you seem to know who I am," I replied glibly. "It would be rude
not to introduce yourself."

"You may call me Cobra," she announced. "And thisss isss my
asssissstant Katya. You were not very niccce to her."

"You should get more competent help," I suggested with contempt as
the blonde retrieved her whip.

"An interesssting perssspective," the femme fatale
remarked. "Consssidering that she managed to lure you into my

"Beginners luck," I taunted, hoping to prolong the situation. The
gunfire had petered out and I was beginning to wonder what had
happened to my back-up.

"I'm afraid your policcce friendsss will not be coming to your aid,"
the snake-woman sighed. "I left them a particularly nasssty

"What did you do?" I demanded angrily, fearing more for the Interpol
officers than for myself. I hadn't heard any explosion so it couldn't
have been a bomb, but who knew what this woman was capable of.

"The building wasss rigged with poissson gasss," she explained
nonchalantly. "I doubt any of them made it out alive; or any of Herr
Jagermann'sss men for that matter."

"There were girls in there!" I exclaimed in horror.

She laughed and it chilled my blood.

"Don't worry about your preciousss ssslutsss, their gasss masssksss
will protect them. I wouldn't want anything to happen to them after I
made sssuch a large invessstment."

"You bitch!"

"I'd love to ssstay and exchange pleasssantriesss but I have a
ssshipment to load. Why don't you enjoy some of my man paralyzzzing
cobra venom?"

She pointed her hand at my face and a black cloud seemed to seep out
of the fingertips of her gloves. Her face quickly disappeared in the
thickening fog of acrid-smelling gas. I felt my muscles tightening,
my breathing becoming labored. For a moment I was sure that I was
going to die. And then I blacked out…


"The girlsss will be sssatisfactory for my plansss," I heard my
Mistress telling the nightclub-owning German pig and had already
picked up the suitcase when I heard her tell me to come in with the

The girls we were supposedly buying had already been packed up for
shipment and Jagermann was eyeing me greedily as I came in. How much
of the look was for the money and how much for my body was debatable.
I was wearing only gloves and stockings despite the cold, as my
Mistress liked to use me as a distraction when men were involved.
Given my six-foot tall frame and gorgeous body I could prove to be
quite a distraction indeed. The bullwhip that I wielded with the
confidence bred by years of practice was more than enough to dissuade
the more curious of the men.

I walked over to the woman known only as The Cobra, trying my best to
ignore the fat man in white's lecherous stare. I couldn't wait to
kill him. My Mistress as if reading my mind, (which I was becoming
convinced she could actually do), gave me a reassuring nod. Before I
could even return the silent greeting there was a loud thump as
something hit the floor. I whirled and looked up, but just as I
spotted the intruder the doors burst open.

Somebody shouted, "Freeze, Police!" And then all hell broke loose.

We were already on our way out the back, our escape route carefully
planned, before the first shot was fired. As my Mistress and I exited
the room, Jagermann huffing and puffing after us, I armed the device
in the suitcase and dropped it nonchalantly against the wall. In
thirty seconds it would start pumping enough poison into the building
to kill every living thing inside of a minute.

I heard somebody in pursuit, assuming that it must be the woman I had
seen on the catwalk. How she had gotten down so quickly I didn't know
and didn't particularly care. My Mistress had planned for every
eventuality and the intruder would be dealt with.

The air was frigid but I barely even felt it as we plunged into the
night air. Jagermann continued down the alley as my Mistress and I
disappeared into the darkness behind the door. Our pursuer was fast
and came bounding out just as the fat fuck turned the corner. I
followed them silently.

"Freeze Jagermann," I heard her shout and silently urged her to shoot
the motherfucker in the head. Unfortunately she merely trained her
weapon on him as he grinned at her stupidly. Before she could realize
that something was amiss, I lashed out with my whip and the gun went

She grunted and spun to face me and I gave another lightning quick
flick near her head to let her know not to trifle with me. But she
was amazingly quick and before I could even react, she had pounced on
me like a cat. It was all I could do to retreat towards the alley
wall without getting knocked out by her flying fists and feet. When I
felt the wall behind me I glanced down to make sure that I was in
proper position. Perfect. I raised my hands in the timeless gesture
of defeat and waited for her to come forward.

She ordered me to turn and place my hands on my head before then
instructing me to kneel. I followed her instructions docilely,
content in the knowledge that Ms. Steele had walked right into our
trap. Seconds later it sprung and I heard her cry out as the snare
snapped tight around her ankle, lifting her feet-first into the air.

"Ssso thisss isss the famousss Natalie Sssteele," my Mistress hissed
as she stalked out of the shadows. "I mussst admit that I wasss
expecting a more formidable opponent."

They traded introductions and barbs, but my attention had been drawn
to Jagermann who was attempting to get his fat ass over the fence. I
retrieved my whip and brought him down with a quick lash to his
porcine fingers. He fell to the ground whimpering like a little brat.

Before he even knew what was happening I was on him, wrapping my whip
around his neck and squeezing his airway shut. His chubby fingers
clawed at my hands, but slid uselessly off of my slick latex gloves.
The pig was in remarkably horrid shape, it would have been harder to
kill an eight year old child.

He turned red and made wet choking sounds which for some reason made
me even angrier. I tightened my grip and yanked harshly, pulling him
onto his back.

I got up in time to see my Mistress gassing agent Steele. Her face
disappeared in the familiar black cloud of gas. If she was lucky, it
was just a powerful muscle relaxant that would put her to sleep for a
while. If she was unlucky, it was a harsh poison that would leave her
dead in an instant. Much would depend on the Cobra's mood.

"Is she dead?" I asked motioning at the dangling body.

"It would be a ssshame to eliminate a woman of sssuch obviousss
talentsss," she replied. "Perhapsss one day she will use those
talentsss to asssissst me."

"Then we're taking her with us?"

"I'm afraid that we don't have time for that," she sighed as she
fondled the spy's chestnut hair. "But sssomething tells me that we
haven't seen the lassst of Msss. Sssteele. Now we have some young
ladies to load; the brothels of Tokyo await."

Pt. 2


I knew that I was on to something big right away. Girls were missing
and nobody was saying a word about it. And not just any girls, these
were rich and beautiful young ladies, the cream of the crop here in
Metropolis. And yet nothing had been mentioned, not even in the
newspaper that I worked for, the Daily Metro. Oh, I had said
something to my editor about it of course.

"You're an assistant to the gossip columnist Sarah, not an
investigative reporter," I was told. "Pay your dues and maybe someday
they'll give you a real story like your sister gets."

My sister was none other than Natalie Steele, star reporter for the
Bugle which was the city's biggest newspaper as well as our biggest
competitor. Currently my older sis was in Amsterdam working on some
big expose of the sex industry there. I had considered calling her
and asking if she could look into the goings on here, but in the end
I decided not to bother her. After all our respective employers were
direct competitors and I didn't think the editors would be to keen on
my giving a scoop to the Bugle.

Still, they didn't want to listen to me either. Even the families of
the missing girls tried to act like nothing was wrong. But I knew
that there was. There was a mystery going on and I was determined to
find out what it was. This is why I was hanging out at Club Hades at
three in the morning on a Wednesday, following around a blonde pizza

Hades is an `underground' after-hours dance club; very exclusive and
very trendy. I had to steal a press pass and pretend that I was doing
a story on hip hangouts of the filthy rich just to get inside. The
clientele was a mixture of wealthy Metropolis citizens, sprinkled
with a liberal splash of what I like to call Euro-trash. Seeing as
how I fit into neither of these groups, I was having a bit of a tough
time fitting in.

My outfit was a concern as well. I had thought that my burgundy suede
skirt and cream silk blouse was the perfect balance of sexy and
sophisticated. However I may as well have been wearing a burlap sack.
Everybody in the place was dressed like an extra on a sci-fi movie
set. I don't think that I've ever seen this much latex in my whole
life. But seeing as how my roommate Alison was the one who clued me
into the club's existence I wasn't too surprised.

Alison is a model and she has some pretty kinky outfits. I shook my
head quickly to clear my thoughts. If I started day-dreaming about
how good Ali's ass looked in her latex hot-pants, I'd never get to
the bottom of this story. I focused in on the task at hand, which was
spying on my prey. Given her looks, this wasn't a particularly
demanding endeavor.

Missy D'Angelo, daughter of Metro's Pizza King, was in a hot-pink,
latex halter-dress with matching wrist-length gloves and huge pink
platform shoes. The twenty year-old blonde was hanging out on a plush
sofa with two other women who appeared to be foreigners. From the
snippets of conversation I had heard, I determined that they were
probably from Eastern Europe or possibly Russia. Their clothes were
standard Hades Club fare. One, a short-haired blonde, wore a black
latex mini-dress with black and white striped thigh-highs. Her comely
comrade wore an identical dress in spotless white, her stockings a
black and white checked pattern. She was a redhead with her hair cut
into a slick, bobbed `do that matched her companion's.

The two femmes flanked little Missy and the blonde was obviously
enjoying the attention that they were lavishing on her. After some
heavy petting the brunette whispered something in her ear and the
three got up and headed towards the ladies room. I followed at a safe
distance and managed to just see them enter the last stall and close
the door.

I carefully made my way to the end of the mirror, closest to their
chosen stall. Pretending to freshen up my makeup, I listened closely
to see if I could hear anything. I could make out some giggling and a
few slurping noises. They were probably making out in there.

Careful not to make a sound, I took a few steps backwards towards the
stall. Their voices were a little clearer now and I could just make
out the two Euros talking to each other in heavily accented English.

"The drugs in the champagne worked perfectly Natasha," one of them
was saying.

"Da Sasha, she is being very cooperative," the other replied. "The
Master will be pleased."

There was more, but I missed it as the noise from the club was too
loud. I leaned closer to try to hear better. My face was only a few
inches from the door to the stall when somebody walked into the

"Anything interesting?" asked the newcomer causing me to jump.

I turned and saw her as she approached me. The only word that would
describe her sufficiently is Goddess. She was tall, toweringly so,
with flowing blonde hair and a proud, commanding expression on her
remarkably lovely face. Her outfit was more lingerie than anything; a
slick black latex corset that hugged her slim waist and left her
magnificent breasts hanging freely. Only the nipples were covered by
shiny black `pasties'. A filmy, black see-through skirt flared out
from her hips and hung to the floor, but it did little to cover her
wicked thigh-high latex boots, not to mention her smoothly shaven

I gulped and moved away from the stall door.

"I was just going to see if they had some hairspray that I could
borrow," I lied clumsily as I moved back towards the mirror.

I glanced at the stunning blonde who was smirking at me knowingly,
latex-gloved arms folded in front of her. She stalked towards me,
high-heeled boots clicking ominously on the tiled floor. I fought to
hold her crystal blue-eyed gaze, not wanting her to sense that I was
intimidated by her. Inside I could barely keep myself from bolting
for the door.

When she was next to me at the sink she stopped and glared at me
imperiously for a moment, looking down on me with a considerable
height advantage. After a moment she smiled and grabbed a purse that
was slung over her bare shoulder.

"It was hairspray that you wanted?" she asked rummaging through the

I nodded mutely; amazed that she had apparently bought my lie.

"I think that I have just what you need," the Goddess announced as
she removed a black aerosol from her purse.

She held it out to me, but as I reached out to take it she suddenly
depressed the button. A stream of liquid shot into my face causing me
to gasp in surprise. I backed away, covering my face with my hands. I
looked up when my back hit the wall and through my increasingly
blurred vision I could see the door to the bathroom stall swing open.
Head swimming, I lurched towards the girl in pink. The petite blonde
giggled and pushed me away.

"Please Missy help me," I begged. "These women are going to kidnap

"No silly," she laughed. "These women and I are going to kidnap you.
The master will be quite pleased when I present him to you. I may
even get to suck his cock."

"What are you talking about?" I whined.

"Enough of this," the Goddess announced. "Sasha and Natasha, watch
the door and see that we aren't disturbed. And you can make yourself
useful you little slut and hold her."

"Yes Mistress Katya," the young blonde replied, attempting to sound
sincerely apologetic and failing miserably.

Her chastened expression quickly turned to a sly grin as soon as her
back was to the Goddess and she gave me a conspiratorial wink. For a
moment I thought that she intended to help me, but those hopes were
dashed when she slipped behind me and grabbed my arms. I was too weak
to fight back and she quickly had me in a full-nelson. I was getting
increasingly dizzy and nothing was making sense. The Goddess had put
her aerosol back into her bag and now approached me with something
else in her hand.

Too late I realized that it was a white cloth, which she clamped over
my mouth and nose. A medicinal stench hit me like a blow to the
stomach and I screamed into the cloth and tried to pull away. But the
young socialite behind me was surprisingly strong and the Goddess
took me by the hair and pulled my head back.

My urgent pleas for help came out sounding like nothing more than a
muffled whine, muted by the cloth and the throbbing techno music in
the club. The odor on the rag was overpowering and I was quickly
descending into a drug-induced haze. The Goddess must have felt me
relaxing in her arms as she released her grip on my hair and softly
stroked my cheek.

"Sleeeeeeeeeep, Honey... Just take deep breaths - good girl," she
encouraged gently.

Her smiling face filled my vision and I succumbed to her wishes. The
shuddering breath I took was more liquid than air, but the aroma now
seemed less harsh. The Goddess' hand moved from my cheek to my breast
and she gave it a playful squeeze. This time my moan wasn't purely
discomfort. The fear was fading, being replaced by a mellow feeling
of arousal. I found myself thinking fuzzily that I was glad that I
had worn my best bra and panties.

My field of vision was narrowing, the Goddess' face becoming blurry
again. I blinked my eyes hard in an effort to stay awake.

"Sssh, don't fight it, just go to sleep," my Goddess instructed. Her
hand had slipped inside my blouse and was kneading my erect
nipples. "Sleep little one, sleep, sleep…"


I watched the reporter from my seat in the balcony above the dance
floor, sipping Cristal while a pair of slaves licked my boots. The
girl was pretty, even if her somewhat conservative mode of dress left
something to be desired. Clothes were easy to change and from what I
had heard she would no doubt enjoy dressing like a latex-slut.

The petite brunette sipped nonchalantly at her white wine, her eyes
never leaving slave-Missy as she played with Sasha and Natasha. I
could have easily had her drink drugged and just waited for her to
pass out, but I was looking forward to handling this one personally.

It was almost time so I clapped my hands and motioned for my slaves
to leave me. They did so reluctantly and I made my way to the stairs.
As I reached the bottom I saw the girls heading towards the ladies
room with the young reporter in hot pursuit. I followed, pleased with
their excellent timing. Everything was proceeding like clockwork.

I paused outside the door and uncovered the `out-of-order' sign that
was hanging on it. Satisfied that I would not be disturbed I pushed
the door open quietly. The reporter was standing outside one of the
stalls, obviously eavesdropping. The girl would have to be taught not
to be so nosy I thought with a smile.

"Anything interesting?" I asked, stepping into the room.

The girl literally jumped and whirled to face me. Her pretty face was
flushed in embarrassment like a child caught with their hand in the
cookie jar. She looked me up and down, gaze lingering momentarily on
my delectable pussy, clearly visible beneath my sheer skirt. I was
wet with anticipation.

"I was just going to see if they had some hairspray that I could
borrow," the girl managed to blurt out finally.

I folded my arms and gave her an amused look. She matched my stare
defiantly as if daring me to call her on her lie. The child
definitely had spunk. That was good because she was going to need it.
Tired of watching her squirm, and looking forward to feeling her
squirm in my arms, I gave her a disarming smile and reached into my

"It was hairspray that you wanted?" I questioned as I pretended to
search in my bag. In truth I knew exactly what I was looking for and
was amazed at my good fortune in her choice of lies.

"I think that I have just what you need," I told her as I pulled out
a shiny black aerosol spray.

She reached out for it as I extended my hand towards her, but at the
last moment I pointed it at her and unleashed a stream of vapor into
her face. The surprised slut gasped and covered her face, but it was
too late. The spray was an anesthetic which would already be making
her feel quite intoxicated.

She backed into the wall and dropped her hands, looking for an avenue
of escape. The stall door swung open and my girls came out, leading
slave-Missy between them. Suddenly my prey jerked drunkenly towards
them pleading with the socialite turned slave for help.

The little whore laughed at her and pushed her away mockingly. She
commented about pleasing the master and getting to suck his cock, a
bit of presumption that I found infuriating. The girl was a slave and
nothing more, she would need to be reminded of her place.

"Enough of this," I declared. "Sasha and Natasha, watch the door and
see that we aren't disturbed. And you can make yourself useful you
little slut and hold her."

The latex-slave murmured an apologetic assent as she waltzed over to
my drugged victim. She neither looked nor sounded appropriately
chastened, an over-site that I would correct later. For now I was
determined to enjoy putting the reporter to sleep.

I put the aerosol back into my bag and took out a chloroform-soaked
cloth. I could have used the spray to finish her off, but I found the
cloth to be a much more personal touch. I loved the intimacy of the
physical contact involved, particularly when I have already
incapacitated them. Their inability to struggle makes it much more
enjoyable for me. I can take my time and render them unconscious
slowly, enjoying the look in their eyes as they struggle to remain
awake, their fluttering eyelids that finally close for good as they
succumb to the delicious fumes.

Suitably aroused, I pressed the cloth over her nose and mouth. She
gasped as the shocking scent of chloroform assaulted her senses,
struggling to escape with renewed vigor. Slave-Missy had a good grip
on her; the little slut was surprisingly strong. Her daddy had been
able to hire her the best personal trainer in the city. I twined my
fingers through her hair and jerked her head roughly back, the sudden
violence putting a stop to her thrashing.

Her pitiful sobs continued however, muffled cries for help that did
nothing but bring her closer to sleep with each ragged breath. She
sank back into slave-Missy's arms and I loosened my hold on her head.
She didn't fight so I softly stroked her cheek, lulling her into

"Sleeeeeeeeeep, Honey... Just take deep breaths - good girl," I
encouraged her gently.

She did as I told her, taking a big deep breath of liquid sleep. Her
eyes had taken on the distant, glassy look that told me that the
climax was near. I moved my hand to her nice, firm tit and squeezed,
eliciting an aroused moan. She blinked several times, fighting to
remain awake even as sleep was so near.

"Sssh, don't fight it, just go to sleep," I whispered, slipping my
hand inside her silk blouse to tease a hardening nipple. "Sleep
little one, sleep, sleep…"

With a final sigh the girl went limp in the slave's arms. I removed
the cloth and gave her a kiss on her wet cheek, leaving a crimson
imprint with my lipstick. I threw the cloth into the sink and reached
back into my purse, pulling out my cigarette case. I flipped it open
and pulled one out, bringing it to my lips.

Slave-Missy remembered her duty this time and eased her sleepy bundle
to the floor. She opened her own handbag and took out a lighter which
she held out for me. I leaned forward with the cigarette between my
lips, but instead of putting it to the flame I pointed it towards the
blonde's face and blew sharply into it.

A cloud of sparkling silver powder enveloped her head. She stood
looking foolishly surprised for a moment before sliding to the floor
on top of the other young woman. The lighter slid across the floor
and Natasha stooped to pick it up as she and Sasha came over to me.
The redhead lit my cigarette and I nodded towards the pile of
sleeping sluts on the floor.

"Take these two upstairs and make them comfortable," I ordered. "I
will be along shortly."

The two well-trained hench-gals each took one of the limp bodies by
the arms and dragged them from the room. When they were gone I
reached back into my bag of tricks one last time and pulled out a
cell phone. I pressed a single button and it held it up to my ear. It
rang only once before being answered.

"Ssspeak," a commanding feminine voice instructed.

"I have the girl," I reported.

"Excccellent. Was ssshe any trouble?"

"None Mistress, but the D'Angelo slave is completely out of hand. I
gassed her as well."

"Yesss, Mr. Drake has become much too indulgent of his little
pretties for my liking as well. But we must put up with that for now;
he is ssstill useful to usss. His usefulnesss will end sssoon enough
and when it doesss…"

"It's beddie-bye time?" I finished hopefully.

"Precisely my dear," my Mistress agreed. "Beddie-bye time for Ethan
Drake and all of his little sssluts as well. Now get upssstairs, I'm
sssure the old man is waiting for you."

The phone went dead and I snapped it shut and put it away. After one
quick glance in the mirror, I spun on my heel and walked towards the
door. My Mistress was right, he would be waiting and probably upset
that I had gassed slave-Missy. More importantly he would be putting
the new girl under his spell, definitely something that I did not
want to miss.

I left the room and waltzed back through the club, eyes following me
as I did so. I knew that I was a striking woman and I dressed to
accentuate it. Several young club-sluts caught my eye and I made a
mental note to procure some entertainment for later. I was already
ridiculously horny and it was only going to get worse watching Drake
enslave another wench. Whatever else you said about him, his power
was undeniable. I only hoped my Mistress knew what she was doing. She
was playing with fire dealing with Ethan Drake and I could only hope
that we didn't all end up getting burned.


I was having the strangest dream. My roommate Alison was in it. She
was dressed in one of the kinkiest outfits imaginable, a wickedly
slick black latex cat-suit with a strap-on dildo built into the
crotch. I was on the bed in a rather lascivious Catholic schoolgirl
uniform, legs and arms bound with white nylon cords.

Ali was busy making sure that the ropes were nice and tight while I
wriggled helplessly on the black satin sheets. She smiled at me and
gave me a kiss through the white silk scarf that she had used to gag
me with. I moaned in arousal and she rewarded me by sticking her
tongue in my ear.

"Mmmm yummy," she whispered into my ear. "I'll bet you have some
other places that taste even better."

I moaned again, louder this time, and began to squirm in my bonds. I
knew that Ali loved it when I struggled and thought that if I got her
as hot as I was she'd put me out of my misery and fuck me. But Alison
was nothing if not patient.

"Not yet kitten," she told me playfully. "I have a little surprise
for you today."

She walked over to her dresser and opened a drawer. Taking out an
item she walked back to the bed holding it behind her back. After
sliding onto the bed she held out her surprise – it was a thick,
black blindfold.

"We can't have you peaking," she teased as she tied it over my eyes.

I shook my head side to side but it did no good. She was an expert at
bondage and managed to get it tied despite my struggling. Alison
loved to play games, I knew all too well, but this was a new one. We
had been lovers for several months, ever since she had caught me
snooping around in her room. I was amazed at some of the outfits that
she had in her closet and tried one on when I thought that she would
be gone for a while.

She had come early to find me dressed in a blue latex corset with
matching stockings, doing myself with one of her vibrators while I
lay on her fantastic bed. She hadn't been mad at me like I expected.
Instead she was… intrigued. She suggested some light bondage and I
had agreed.

Ali was a consummate dominatrix and I had quickly become obsessed
with her. She was eager to encourage my submissive fantasies, making
me feel utterly safe even when whipping me for being `naughty'. But
the blindfold was a first and it made me feel uncomfortable for some

I complained into the gag, frustrated because I couldn't say my `safe
word', a code we had set up to let her know when I didn't like the

"Don't worry kitten," she promised, using the pet name that she had
given me. "You're going to like this surprise. It's just what a
naughty slut like you needs."

I felt her get up and listened as she left the room her footsteps
getting further away. This was a game that we sometimes played. She
would leave me tied up for hours while she ran out to do errands.
When she got back I would be nearly insane with arousal and we would
have positively electric sex.

This time she was gone for only a few moments and when she returned I
heard voices other than her own. One in particular made me cringe. It
was a male voice, deep and smooth. He spoke with a calm, soothing
tone that I found oddly familiar.

"So this is the young reporter that has been snooping around?" he
asked. "She certainly doesn't look dangerous."

"The Mistress thought that she should be taken seriously considering
her family," a woman replied. It wasn't Alison but for some reason
her voice reminded me of something as well. I just couldn't put my
finger on what.

"Yes I can see her point," he agreed. "I was planning on dealing with
mommy the Senator and her busy-body sister as well. This one will do
nicely as bait. Girls, stand her up."

The voices confused me and I was starting to feel disoriented.
Moments later I was pulled unceremoniously to my feet, my arms held
by unseen persons on either side of me. The rough treatment roused me
and I began to come out of my daze. Opening my eyes slowly, I found
that I was not blindfolded after all. I had simply been asleep and

"Ah she's waking up," the man noted. "What excellent timing."

I was indeed awake and found myself in a nightmare instead of a
dream. I was in a large, dim room, arms bound behind my back and a
cloth gag jammed into my mouth making coherent speech impossible.
Sitting perhaps ten feet away, in a comfortable-looking leather
armchair positioned next to a large stone fireplace, was the man whom
I had heard speaking in my dream.

He was dressed in a dark, expensive suit, his face hidden behind a
grotesque-looking mask. The flames from the roaring fire reflecting
off of the black and blood-red mask gave him the appearance of a
demon. In one black leather-gloved hand he held a smoldering cigar
and in the other a long black cane. The polished rod shone brightly
in the firelight, revealing the face of a devil carved into the ebony
wood about eight inches below where his hand rested on the knob.

Standing to one side of the monster's chair was the Goddess, her
latex gloves and stockings shining as brilliantly as his cane. She
gave me an amused smirk and winked at me. On her knees in front of
the chair, lips wrapped around the man's enormous cock, was Missy D'
Angelo. The blonde heiress seemed blissfully unaware of anything else
as she slurped noisily on his pole.

A quick glance to either side showed that the black-clad blonde and
snowy-white redhead that had been seducing Missy in the club was each
holding one of my arms. They stared impassively at the man in the
chair, ignoring my attempts to struggle.

"Greetings Miss Steele welcome to my lair," the gentleman intoned. "I
trust that you are suitably… uncomfortable?"

My reply was thankfully muffled by the gag in my mouth as it was far
from lady-like.

"Ah but of course you can't speak," he replied
sympathetically. "Sasha, remove her gag so that we may have a
civilized conversation."

The redhead untied the scarf from around my head, not bothering to be

"Who the fuck are you?!" I blurted once my mouth was empty.

A split-second later I saw stars as my head snapped back.


"That won't be necessary Natasha," the man instructed as the blonde
prepared for a second slap. "I'll have to ask you to watch your
tongue my dear. The girls can be a little sensitive when they think
that I am being disrespected."

"Who are you?" I demanded again, though admittedly less vehemently.

"My name is unimportant," he replied gesturing dismissively with his
cigar. "Soon you will call me Master and nothing else."

"You've been kidnapping girls," I accused.

"Nonsense. Does Miss D' Angelo look like she is here against her

"You must have drugged her or something."

"Ah, you are getting warmer my dear. Slave-Missy has indeed become
addicted to something, but I doubt you'll guess what."

He took a puff on his cigar and exhaled a cloud of smoke through the
hole in his mask, making him appear even more demonic.

"You see," he continued. "This young slut at my feet, as well as the
other women you are referring to, are helplessly and hopelessly
attracted to me."

"Boy aren't we full of ourselves?" I responded sarcastically. Natasha
raised her hand as if to strike me again but he stopped her with a
simple gesture.

"You don't believe me?" he asked. "Allow me to explain. I have
developed a formula which drives women crazy with lust. By ingesting
it I am able to secrete a super-charged sexual stimulant into all of
my bodily fluids. My sweat glands produce a pheromone that will
arouse any female instantly. One kiss and my saliva will turn them
into begging whores. But my secret weapon is my semen. It is so
powerful as to cause any woman to become my willing sex slave."

"You are insane," I whispered.

"Perhaps a little demonstration will help change your mind. Bring her

The two Euro-sluts dragged me forward so that I was just in front of
his chair. Missy knelt right at my feet, oblivious to everything but
the cock in her mouth. He patted her on the head like a favored pet
as he looked me up and down hungrily. I could smell the smoke from
the fire mingling with the more pungent aroma of his cigar. There was
another odor as well, something more subtle that was barely
discernable amidst all of the other scents.

"You can smell it can't you?" he asked smiling. "Like the hint of
flowers carried on the breeze. Only this is far sweeter than any
nectar you could imagine. That is the pheromones that I am producing.
Can you feel yourself getting aroused my dear?"

I was indeed becoming turned on but I told myself that it was just
the danger causing my excitement. I looked at the floor, unwilling to
meet his lecherous gaze.

"Since you aren't going to be forthcoming we will have to see for
ourselves. Katya, why don't you check on her condition?"

The Goddess, who had remained silent and aloof during our brief
conversation, now stepped forward. She rubbed my cheek gently and
traced the outside of my lips with a latex-gloved finger. My mouth
opened, seemingly of its own accord, and I found myself licking and
then sucking the statuesque blonde's finger.

She pulled the moistened digit from my mouth and let it trail down
over my bottom lip, across my chin, down between by breasts and along
my belly until it was resting just above my crotch.

"Spread your legs," she commanded and I weakly complied.

She kicked them even further apart and then lifted my skirt. I was
wearing my best black satin panties and she gazed at them admiringly
before pulling them aside so that she could tease my pussy lips with
her finger. They were obviously swollen with desire and I was wet
enough that her finger slid smoothly into my pussy. The man was
leaning forward in his chair and watching intently as she fingered me.

"Just as I suspected," he sneered. "A whore like all of the rest of

He pushed Missy out of the way and stood up, towering menacingly
above me.

"Let's see how you like this whore," he muttered and leaned forward
to plant a wet, sloppy kiss on my cheek, licking my ear for good

My skin burned for a second where he had kissed me, before fading to
a numb, tingling sensation. I moaned insistently and opened my mouth
as if expecting another kiss. My entire body was beginning to feel as
if my skin was on fire and I needed something to quench the growing
desire between my legs.

"Are you becoming convinced yet little one?" he asked mockingly while
the Goddess continued to massage my cunt with her gloved hand. "Untie

The two femmes flanking me did as they were told and I reached out
for him reflexively as soon as I was free.

"What are you doing slut?" he asked cruelly as he took a step
back. "Did I tell you that you could touch me?"

"But I need it," I whined.

"You need what whore?" he insisted.

"Your… your cock," I admitted softly.

"What was that slut? I couldn't hear you?"

"I need your cock!" I yelled forcefully.

"That's much better, but I'm afraid that you will have to wait."

He took a drag on his cigar and exhaled directly into my face. The
warm smoke washed over me and I began to feel fuzzy-headed. He
grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees. His throbbing cock
was just inches from my face and he rubbed it across my lips, letting
me taste the salty pre-cum that was oozing out of the tip.

"That's just a little taste to pique your interest whore," he
informed me, as he pushed me onto my back. "But you will not get to
truly experience my cock until you earn it. Only those who serve me
deserve such pleasure. You will have to wait. But for now it is time
to give the devil his due."

He hefted his cane and grabbed it by the middle, just below the
carving of the demon's face. With his hand now moved, I could see
that the knob of the cane was in the shape of a phallus. It looked
like a giant penis was growing out of the top of the devil's head.

He took the ebony dildo and positioned it between my legs so that the
head was resting on my labia. A clear substance oozed out of the tip
and he smeared it around my already sopping wet cunt. I grunted as he
eased the cock inside me, closing my eyes and throwing my head back.
I expected him to begin fucking me with it, but instead he just held
it perfectly still.

I grinded my hips into the dildo, hoping that my movements would
entice him to start but it remained motionless in my box. My eyes
open and I raised my head to give him a puzzled look.

"Patience my dear," he counseled with a smile. "We're just getting
warmed up."

A strange warmth began emanating from between my legs. It quickly
escalated to a roaring inferno accompanied by a slow, steady
throbbing as the phallus began to pulse. I could feel it vibrating
inside me, sending surges of electric energy shooting through my
body. The feeling was indescribable. It was as if every nerve in my
body was being sexually stimulated at the same time. The resulting
ecstasy was nearly unbearable.

The shock waves mounted in both speed and intensity and I felt a
throaty grown rip from between my lips. I was becoming an animal,
single-minded and insatiable, intent on pleasure and pleasure alone.
My staccato cries pierced the silence of the chamber, matching the
rhythm of the strangely quiet mechanism inside me.

It seemed to go on forever, but in truth I doubt that it had been
more then a few minutes. The human body simply isn't designed to
tolerate such rapture for any length of time. I felt the tone of the
pulses change, quickening to fever pitch. I know it's crazy to say
but the lifeless wooden shaft between my legs seemed somehow human. I
could almost sense it's feelings, it's need, it's urgency as it took
me. I teetered on the brink of orgasm for several seconds more until
I could contain myself no longer.

As if reading my mind the cock exploded, depositing a hot sticky goo
deep inside me. My body shuddered in release and I sank to the floor
spent and sweaty. I felt the cane slide out of my pussy and was
filled with a sudden emptiness. I wearily raised my head and found
myself staring into the face of the devil that had just brought me to
the heights of ecstasy. Rather than grotesque, the face now seemed
awesome and commanding to me. My sweet juices coated the cock above
it slickly and made the ebony wood shine all the more dazzlingly.

The demon's mouth was open in a fiendish grin and a red gas began
billowing out of it's gaping maw. The swirling vapors enveloped me
and I unwillingly breathed in the acrid smoke. The fumes quickly made
me dizzy and I slumped back to the floor. I saw the Goddess and the
masked mystery man peering down at me through a red haze. She smiled,
a satisfied smirk, and blew me a kiss. Then everything went black.

Pt. 3


Jason showed up right on time, just as I expected. Of course he
didn't know that his sweet Sarah wouldn't be joining him any time
soon. I let him in and brought him into the living-room. I could feel
his eyes watching my ass as it swayed provocatively under my tight,
black leather micro-miniskirt. I sat on the leather couch, crossing
my stockinged legs, and gave a little pat to indicate that he should
sit next to me.

"What brings you here tonight Jason?" I inquired flirtingly.

"Um, I was supposed to meet Sarah here," he said. "She left a message
at my office."

Actually it was I that had left the message but there was no reason
to tell him that.

"Well you're welcome to sit and wait for her," I offered. "I have a
photo shoot to get ready for."

"This late at night?"

"I do my best work at night," I purred. "Feel free to take a look at
my portfolio."

A large leather album was sitting on the coffee table and he went to
pick it up as I left him on the sofa and headed into my bedroom. My
specialty is fetish modeling, lesbians in latex and bondage, that
kind of thing. The kind that is guaranteed to boil the blood of any
red-blooded American male.

I let my skirt drop to the floor and wiggled out of my tiny top,
leaving me dressed in just a tiny matching bra and thong and my knee-
high leather boots. Crossing to my dresser, I opened the top drawer
and removed a small bottle of very special perfume. If the pictures
of me squirming naked in nylon ropes or the sight of me in my bra and
panties weren't enough to get his motor running, the power-packed
pheromones in that bottle would do the trick.

I gave him a few minutes to browse my work and then in my best
breathy, little-girl voice:

"Oh Jason, could you come here for a second?"

I heard him scrambling to put the album down and in a moment he
appeared at my open bedroom door. His cheeks were flushed and his
pants seemed a bit too tight in the crotch. They got even tighter
when he saw me sitting on the edge of my black satin-sheeted bed,
clad in just my underwear and booted legs crossed provocatively.

"Umm, did you need something?"

"As a matter of fact I did. Could you help me slip out of these
boots? They are sooo tight."

"Uh, sure, I guess," he mumbled.

Jason shuffled over and I extended my right leg so that it was
between his legs. He gulped and bent over to tug half-heartedly on
the skin-tight black leather.

"Boy it is tight," he muttered as his hands slipped off.

"Why don't you turn around," I suggested. "It might help you get a
better grip."

"Yeah right."

He turned and straddled my leg, grasping the boot tightly.

"Sarah never told me what a great ass you have Jason," I purred as he
started to pull. He stiffened slightly at the comment, but continued
straining to remove boot. I placed the toe of my other boot against
his bum.

"Here let me help," I giggled and gave a push. He grunted and
toppled over, but the offending footwear finally came loose.

"I got it!" he announced, scrambling to his feet.

"One more to go," I teased.

This one came off much easier and I lay back on the bed with a sigh.

"Ooh that feels much better," I cooed. "Thank you Jason."

"It was my pleasure," he assured me.

"I'm sure it was."

I stood and sauntered slowly over to my bathroom. As I turned and
leaned against the open door I saw Jason watching me, my boot still
clutched tightly in his hand. I crooked a finger and beckoned him
silently and in his pheromone-induced haze he was powerless to

He swept me into a clumsy embrace and I kissed him deeply while
letting my fingers trail down to his crotch. I gave him a squeeze and
he responded by pawing at my bra.

"Oh Jason," I breathed into his ear. "That feels so good."

I licked his ear and led him into my boudoir. I sat on the side of my
Jacuzzi tub and spread my legs.

"Have you ever watched a woman shave her pussy before Jason?" I
asked, as I slid out of my panties.

He shook his head and licked his lips.

"Well then, you're in for a treat. Take off you pants."

The young man nearly fell over in his haste to obey me and was soon
standing in his socks and boxers, a huge tent bulging in the front.

"The undies too dear," I ordered as I removed my bra.

When we were both naked I picked up a bottle of lotion and began to
lather up my brunette bush.

"Jack off while you watch me," I ordered as I picked up my razor.

I slowly ran the blade along the outline of my pussy lips, dipping it
in the steaming hot tub to rinse it. I had prepared the bath before
Jason's arrival, filling it with bubbles and rose petals. There were
also some exotic oils that would provide for some slippery and sleepy
fun – they were natural soporifics. I planned to enjoy this
assignment thoroughly.

Jason stroked his cock while I lingeringly ran the razor over my
pubic area.

"Don't you dare cum," I threatened as I was finishing up. "I have use
for that rod of yours. Come here."

He did as he was told and I stood and pushed him to his knees.

"Lick it," I demanded, thrusting my freshly-shaven cunt into his
face. He was all too happy to oblige and his smooth cheeks brushed
against my thighs while his tongue slid into my slippery, slick slit.
He was inexperienced yet enthusiastic, something you could probably
say about most men in their early twenties.

"Get up," I ordered after I had let him slobber on my pussy for a
bit. He stood before me cock quivering in desire. I had an urge to
suck that cock but I could not abide male pubic hair.

"Look at that mess," I sneered in disgust. "We're going to have to
remove that yucky hair if you hope to get laid. Bring me my gloves."

There was a pair of opera-length black latex gloves hanging on the
door and I waited impatiently for him to retrieve them. I gestured
for him to climb into the tub while I pulled the gloves on and
smoothed them over my hands.

"Stand up and spread your legs."

I picked up the can of shaving cream and sprayed some into my palm.
Jason watched me excitedly as I approached the tub. Taking his cock
in my free hand I spread the cream over his pubic hair and balls. It
twitched again and I squeezed it around the base to keep him from
cumming. A large dollop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and I used my
thumb to massage it into his skin.

"I will be very angry if you ejaculate Jason," I warned as I picked
up the razor. "I don't think you want to make me angry, understand?"

He swallowed hard and nodded and I began my work. I soon had him as
smooth as a baby.

"Umm that's better!" I declared as I slipped into the tub. "Now let's
see if it tastes as good as it looks."

I slid my lips over the head of his dick and took him balls deep in
my mouth. His groan was audible but subdued, the fragrant oils in the
tub already steaming him into a sleepy trance. After working on his
knob for a while I pulled him down into the tub. I was wet and oily
and I wanted him inside me.

Forty-five minutes later I slumped exhausted over the side of the tub
with Jason's cock slowly growing soft in my anus. Half of the water
in the tub was now on the floor, crushed rose petals staining it
crimson. My eyes were closed, lips curled in a satisfied smile when I
heard the soft sound of leather gloves clapping.

"Bravo Scorpion," a woman's voice teased dryly. "That was quite a

My eyes flew open and I saw her standing in the doorway. The busty
brunette was encased in soft black leather. Her leather dress had a
tight fitting corset-style top, laced up the front to accentuate her
gorgeous tits. The skirt was slit very high up in the front and
divided to reveal her knee-high boots and milky white thighs. Her
hands and arms were likewise sheathed in soft supple kidskin,
currently clasped together in mock applause. Smoke drifted lazily
from the tip of the long black cigarette holder that she held in one

"What are you doing here Poison?" I asked in annoyance. We were
technically on the same side but I couldn't stand her or her comely
comrade Venom.

"We need to take a ride to the airport," she replied briskly. "Our
friend Ms. Steele will be arriving from Tokyo with Stephanie Wilcox.
Venom managed to catch on as a flight attendant and she will be
seeing to our secret agent when she lands. The Mistress wants us
there to insure that she is not disturbed."

"I still can't believe that they rescued that Wilcox brat from the
brothel," I noted. "The Mistress must be steaming about that."

Poison smiled smugly and made a dismissive gesture with her
holder. "Miss Wilcox may be free in body but she will always belong
to the Mistress in spirit."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Never you mind Scorpion. Now come, get dressed, we are on a tight
schedule. You can play with your boy-toy later."

"This boy-toy is an assistant on Governor Abercrombie's staff," I
reminded her as I grabbed a towel and got out of the tub. "He will
prove invaluable to the Mistress once he is firmly in her control."

"Alas right now he is proving invaluable only to your pretty little

She stepped forward to the tub and eyed Jason a bit longingly, toying
with the end of her holder with her tongue.

"Shall I put him to bed while you get ready?"

"That won't be necessary," I assured her as I slipped into my robe.

"But I insist."

She drew on her holder and grabbed the already lethargic Jason by his
hair, kissing him deeply on the lips. As much as I despised the
woman, I had to admit that she was incredibly gorgeous and watching
Jason growing hard again was arousing me as well. Poison pulled away,
nipping lightly at his lips with teeth. He exhaled contentedly and
when I saw the smoke drifting from his mouth I knew that he would
soon be taking a trip to the land of Nod.

Poison took his hand and helped him rise sleepily from the tub,
grinning at his smooth crotch. She grasped his now bulging manhood
and led him to the bedroom while I watched fuming.

"Don't dawdle darling," she cooed to me over her shoulder. "I'll just
tuck our little baby here into bed; won't be a minute."

I dried my hair and did a quick fix on my makeup as little groans
drifted through the open doorway. In my mind I was seeing her jerking
him off while I rummaged in my walk-in closet for an appropriate
outfit. Since I was already wearing my latex gloves, I decided to
work with those and selected a wickedly slick purple sleeveless cat-
suit that hugged my admirable curves. I finished the look up with
thigh-high black boots and a black belt slung low on my hips. I came
into the bedroom just in time to see Jason squirting his load all
over his belly while Poison held a hand over his mouth and nose.

The glove had undoubtedly been treated with some chemical because the
young man's body spasmed in orgasm before growing completely still.
She waited a moment to make sure he was truly asleep before gently
closing his eyes. My attractive associate then smiled at me as she
slid from the bed.

"Sleeping like a baby," she purred as she approached me.

"You look positively edible Scorpion," she continued, running her
hand, wet with chloroform and cum, under my nose teasingly. "I'm glad
I took the limousine, it will give us time to chat on the way in."

My knees weakened in spite of myself and I felt my pussy moistening
and my nipples hardening under my skin-tight cat-suit. Poison must
have noticed as well because she gave my breast a little squeeze
before taking my hand and leading me from the room, leaving a
sleeping Jason lying on the bed.

A little piece of my mind was trying to warn me to be wary of the
beautiful femme fatale but the voice was drowned out in a cloud of
tantalizing perfume as she helped me into a mink coat. She wrapped
herself in her own fur and fitted a fresh cigarette into her holder.
The elevator ride to the lobby was spent in a haze of perfume,
cigarette smoke, teasing fingers, and mingling tongues.

The voice in the back of my head had quieted to a droning murmur as
we exited into the lobby. Several of Poison's lovely lackeys were
guarding the door in place of the doorman who was passes out on the
sofa, a drug-aided nap no doubt. One of the women proceeded us out
the door to open the rear of the white stretch limo and I was soon
ensconced next to Poison on the plush leather seat. She wasted no
time opening my mink and spreading my legs. My last conscious thought
was that I was glad I remembered to wear my crotchless cat-suit. Then
she unzipped me and I sank into mindless ecstasy.


I was staring out the window of the Boeing 767 in a luxurious First
Class seat. I was unused to traveling in such style, but today I
wasn't flying on Uncle Sam's dime. Tom Wilcox had been overjoyed that
his daughter had been found alive and relatively unharmed (if you can
call pleasuring Japanese businessmen for six months unharmed). He had
insisted that I accompany his daughter Stephanie back to the States
and I reluctantly agreed.

It wasn't that I had anything against the girl, she simply brought
back bad memories for me. Thirty-seven men dead of poisonous gas
inhalation; twenty-three girls still missing; and I had allowed the
woman who was responsible to get away. Why I was still alive was a
mystery to me; one that haunted my waking hours and plagued my
restless sleep. The only thing that kept me going was my vow to make
the Cobra pay for what she had done.

"So you can't sleep either huh?" a voice next to me said.

I turned and smiled at Stephanie Wilcox who was in the aisle seat on
my left. She had been a trooper throughout her entire ordeal. If she
could put on a brave face so could I.

"I'm supposed to be watching you," I reminded her gently. "You should
be the one getting some rest."

"I know," she sighed. "It's just hard."

She turned away. "I get bad dreams sometimes."

"You're safe now," I promised and my heart nearly broke to see her
falsely courageous smile.

"Why don't you listen to some music?" I suggested. "That helps me
sleep sometimes."

"Well my shrink did give me a tape that's supposed to help me relax."

"Does it work?"

"Sometimes," she admitted.

"Sounds like maybe your doctor knows best."

"Oh Dr. Magnum is the best," she replied enthusiastically. "He came
out to Japan to see me after… well after you saved me."

Her voice tailed off at that last part and once again she sounded
like what she was – a tired and scared young lady.

"Tell you what, give it a try. I bet you'll be asleep before you know

"I'll make you a deal," she offered mischievously. "I'll listen to it
if you do."

"Deal," I agreed with a grin. After all there were two more of my
fellow agents a few rows behind me and across the aisle and I really
did need some sleep. "Let's see if the stewardess can get us some

I pressed the buzzer and presently a gorgeous redhead in a baby blue
short-skirted uniform, white stockings, and wrist-length white gloves
appeared. I had noticed her several times, first when we got on the
plane and again during the meal service. All of the flight attendants
were in the same sexy; slightly over-the-top outfits, but this one in
particular caught my eye.

She was tall and slim much like myself, with pale freckled skin and
luxurious red hair. I'm a redhead as well, but whereas mine is more
of a dark auburn hers was a flaming carrot-top orange. I watched her
legs as she approached; they seemed to go on for ever. What was that
old joke? All the way from her ass to the floor.

"What can I do for you ladies?" she asked with a sensuous smile that
lit up the first class cabin.

"Can we get some headphones please?" Stephanie asked in the politely
cool tone of a girl who had grown up with servants catering to her

The woman whose nametag identified her as Aimee nodded deferentially
and disappeared up the aisle. She returned momentarily with two pairs
of airline headphones, giving Stephanie her pair before handing mine
to me with a wink. Her electric green eyes held mine for a moment and
I felt a welcome heat between my legs. Then my companion was plugging
our headphones into her MP3 player and the moment was gone.

I watched her ass sway as she left and then glanced back to where my
backup was sitting. His eyes were similarly glued to the stew's butt
and he gave me a sheepish grin when he realized that I'd caught him
staring. I smiled back and mimed putting my head on a pillow. He gave
me the thumbs up and I sat back and looked over at Stephanie. She
smiled as well and turned on the music.

It was soft and lulling and at first I had to strain to hear it.
After a moment it grew clearer and I felt myself relaxing. I turned
my head towards my charge and she smiled sleepily at me with heavy-
lidded eyes. She yawned and stretched and I found myself fighting
back a yawn of my own. Closing my eyes I drifted with the soaring
aria and found myself drifting ever closer to sleep. For a moment I
had the eerie feeling that I was being watched. But by that time my
eyes had become too heavy to open; I drifted off to sleep to the
sound of the music.


It was the middle of the night and most of the passengers on the red-
eye from Tokyo to Metro City were long since asleep. The flight was
mostly empty, not a coincidence as my Mistress had bought the
remaining tickets, and First Class was barren except for Ms. Wilcox
and her guardians. It would make my job that much simpler.

Almost as if on cue the buzzer rang summoning me to first class. I
straightened my skirt and headed that way, impressed that the little
slut had managed to follow my simple directions. Indeed they asked
for headphones, just as planned. Dr. Magnum had prepared some mood
music for Ms. Steele; a romantic lullaby. And once she was asleep, I
had a nice wet dream in store for her.

I returned with the headphones, giving the agent a seductive wink. I
was fairly certain that she was turned on by me and that I could get
her into bed without any tricks. But this was an important mission -
better safe than sorry. I headed back up the aisle, swinging my hips
provocatively. My ass was fantastic and I knew exactly how to work it.

From the front of the cabin I could watch the action without being
seen. It wasn't long before both of the babes were yawning, eyes
drifting shut. I waited a few moments until I was sure that they were
breathing slowly and deeply then I picked up a blanket and walked
back down the aisle. I stopped to tuck the two sleeping gals in,
unobtrusively pulling a locket from the front of my shirt.

Leaning forward to ostensibly brush a stray hair from Ms. Steele's
face, I activated the heart-shaped device via a tiny remote in my
jacket pocket. There was a small hiss as the fragrant yet invisible
gas wafted into her face. I felt her body relax even further and I
gave her cheek a little pat before moving on. There were still the
two male agents to deal with, although that would be like taking
candy from a baby.

"Can I get you gentleman anything?" I asked. "Champagne?"

The older one on the inside barely glanced at me and shook his head,
but the younger one gave me an appreciative glance and smiled.

"Sorry we don't drink," the younger one said apologetically.

"Well then, I'll just be up front. You know where to find me."

I made my way to the front, feeling his eyes on me the entire way. I
turned at the curtain before the cockpit and gave him a wink,
beckoning him silently with a crooked finger. The gas in my locket
contained a powerful aphrodisiac which would easily be mistaken for
strong perfume. Neither of the men had been greatly exposed to the
gas, but probably enough to make them a little drowsy and more than a
little horny.

Sure enough, the agent in the aisle seat got up and started towards
the front of the aircraft.
I turned towards my colleague, a gorgeous Japanese girl named Jia Li
who was in her jump-seat at the front of the aircraft.

"Jia Li, would you take a pillow down to our friend in 5B in a few
minutes?" I asked. "I think he may need a little nap."

The Asian beauty bowed gracefully and I slipped into the bathroom,
leaving the door open behind me. By the time the young agent reached
the door my jacket and blouse were unbuttoned revealing the white
satin and lace bra underneath. The heart-shaped locket was nestled in
my ample cleavage, just waiting for the proper moment.

The agent stood in the doorway, seemingly unsure of how to proceed. I
on the other hand new exactly what to do; seduction was after all my
business. Bringing my gloved hand up to my mouth, I sucked lazily on
my index finger, smearing the white leather with crimson lipstick.
Baring my teeth in a mischievous grin, I took the glove between those
pearly whites and slowly tugged it off. The other glove came off
next, and I tossed them both to him.

They smelled heavily of the gas from my locket and he brought them up
to his nose to revel in the scent. I meanwhile continued my sexy
striptease, turning away to expose my ass as I unzipped my skirt and
let it fall to the floor. My panties were white satin thongs that
matched my bra.

"Your turn," I said huskily as I stepped towards him. I grabbed him
by the tie and pulled him into the small room, releasing a bit of the
locket's gas as I did so.

"Maybe we shouldn't be doing this," he protested half-heartedly. "My
friend must be wondering where I am."

"We'll take good care of your friend," I assured him, closing the
door. "Now let me show you why we're the friendliest airline in the
friendly skies."

I removed his jacket and tie, kissing and licking at his neck and
ears. His shirt came off next and my tongue moved down from his neck
to his nipples, continuing on to his flat trim belly. He groaned as
my fingers roamed over the tent in his pants, skillfully undoing his
belt, button, and zipper. Underneath his trousers was a pair of
tight, white boxer-briefs. His cock was straining against the thin
cotton, pre-cum already spreading a wet stain.

I bit playfully at the tip with my teeth, nipping him and being
rewarded with a gasp. Next I moved my lips over the white fabric
staining it red with the paint from lips. When I thought that he had
been sufficiently aroused I ran my scarlet nails up his thighs and
yanked his boxers down. His newly liberated love-stick sprang free
and I gave it an appreciative lick.

"Have you ever been fucked at 35,000 feet?" I inquired, standing up
and taking his dick in my hand to stroke. He moaned and shook his
head. "Well then this is going to be a treat. Lick my tits."

He did as I ordered, removing my bra gently and burying his face in
my breasts. I squeezed his cock encouragingly and he responded in
kind, licking and kneading at my nipples. My hips moved forward,
satin panties rubbing against the tip of his rod; making him hard and
making me wet. I was ready, so I pushed him to the floor and climbed
on top.

I didn't bother taking off my panties, just pulled them aside and
plunged onto him. He was big and I used expensive treatments to keep
my pussy young and tight so the initial friction was delicious.
Finally the forces of gravity prevailed and he slid into me with a
large slurping sound. The sound of the plane's engines concealed my
purr of pleasure as well as the agent's urgent groan from the
sleeping passengers, but it was music to my ears.

The bucking of the turbulence added to the experience and with the
extra excitement provided by the pheromones in the gas it was over
quickly. He came with a gasp but I wasn't quite ready to get off just
yet. There was one more thing that I needed to do first.

"Welcome to the Mile High Club," I smiled. "It's a shame that you
won't be remembering this as anything other than a fond dream."

I took my dangling locket and shoved it into his mouth, clamping it
shut with my hands. He began to struggle, desperately trying to buck
me off. The feeling of his semi-erect dick inside me as he succumbed
to the gas was positively electric. He made one last ditch effort to
throw me off but was unsuccessful. Finally his eyes slipped shut and
he came again, inciting my own fierce orgasm. I continued holding his
mouth and nose closed, waiting for his body to relax completely
before letting him go.

I pulled the still-hissing locket from his slack mouth and wiped it
clean on his shirt.

"Sweet dreams baby-doll," I purred. The gas would put him out for
hours, plenty of time to take care of my other business.

A quick glance at my watch told me that agent Steele should be almost
ready. The subliminal programming streaming out of her headphones
would leave her particularly receptive to my advances. I dressed
quickly and repaired my ravaged make-up as best I could. Bending
over, I gave my victim a last peck on the cheek and opened the door.
It was then that I heard the commotion in First Class.

Peaking around the curtain I saw Jia Li on her knees in the cabin's
walkway. A man with a gun whom I recognized from the first row of
Coach was standing over her. He was probably an Air Marshall,
although my intelligence briefing had indicated that there would be
none on this flight. The second agent was slumped over in his seat,
so it appeared that he had at least been neutralized. Our unexpected
guest would have to be likewise dealt with.

I pulled a miniature dart gun from my pocket and extended my arm
through the curtain. I would only get one shot so my aim needed to be
flawless. Steadying my hand, I applied slow pressure to the trigger.
There was a quick hiss of pressurized air releasing followed by a
grunt as the projectile found its mark. I was already striding down
the aisle before the body hit the floor.


The silly American followed Mistress Venom down the aisle like a
puppy dog in heat. He barely noticed me as he slipped through the
curtain and stood stupidly in the lavatory doorway. My superior
officer was waiting inside, enticing him with a sexy striptease. She
tossed her gloves at him and dropped her skirt giving a nice view of
her spectacular ass.

My Mistress gave me a wink as she approached the agent and pulled him
into the room. I lingered at the door listening to the sounds of the
seductress at work. Closing my eyes, I began to daydream off my own
encounter with the redheaded siren.

It had been a typical afternoon as I prepared for work. I was in the
bathroom doing my make-up when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was my
girlfriend Niki coming to pick me up, I opened the door. A ravishing
American in a leather trench-coat and gloves with dark sunglasses
obscuring her features stood on my doorstep. She came in with no
invitation, but before I could voice a challenge she uttered a phrase
I never expected to hear.

The words were simple nonsense to most anyone hearing them, but they
sent an instant shiver down my spine. When I had first been recruited
it had been explained that my services may some day be needed. That
had been two years ago, and though the envelope of cash showed up in
my locker every month no requests had been made and I had almost
forgotten the arrangement.

Now though there was a strange woman in my living room and she had
spoken the words that would require my complete obedience. I watched
numbly as she sat on the sofa and crossed her legs. She took out a
cigarette and lit it, staring at me as she exhaled lazily.

"You are Jia Li, are you not?" she asked, no doubt already knowing
the answer.

I nodded wordlessly and she smiled.

"Well then shouldn't you be on your knees?" she asked in a quiet tone
that belied a hint of menace.

I immediately dropped to the floor and bowed; the realization of the
devil's pact I had agreed to flooding my brain. It had seemed so
harmless at first; my job at the airlines made it easy for me to get
things through customs. They had assured me that I would not be
dealing in drugs, just an occasional item that they needed
transported quietly. Even the pledge of obedience had seemed more for
dramatic purpose than anything. Now I was wondering if I hadn't
grossly underestimated the seriousness of those I become involved
with; whose money I had been taking and spending; whom I was now
indebted to.

"Come here," the redhead instructed curtly.

She placed the cigarette between her lips and removed her trench-
coat. Underneath she was wearing a black leather bra and panties,
with black silk stockings. Her leather gloves reached all the way to
her shoulders and her shoes were black patent with wicked five inch

I licked my lips and started to rise but she stopped me with a glare.

"I want you to crawl to me," she instructed.

I sank slowly back to my knees and moved towards her unsteadily on
all fours, desperately trying to think of a way out of this
predicament. When I reached the leather-clad temptress she reached
down and rubbed my head like a favored pet.

"My friend Niki will be here soon!" I blurted suddenly. "To bring me
to work."

"Silence!" she ordered. "You will speak when you are asked to speak
and only then! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes… err ma'am," I mumbled.

"Good. You may call me Mistress Venom or simply Mistress. Now lick my

The bizarre command took me by surprise but I never even considered
disobeying it. Despite my inexperience I ducked my head and began
lapping at the shiny leather.

"Mmm, that's nice," she purred. "Yes, kiss them like that."

Her shoes smelled heavily of perfume and I was becoming a little
light-headed as I worshipped her feet. A small moan escaped my lips
and I redoubled my efforts.

"That's right suck those shoes," she encouraged. She drew deeply on
her cigarette and exhaled a sultry cloud at her feet. "And don't
worry about your little friend Niki interrupting us. You see there's
been a change in plans; I will be joining the flight crew for
tonight's trip to Metro City. There is a very special passenger on
board that flight whom I need to have a little chat with."

I was unsure if I was to respond so I decided not to and continued
servicing her. My tongue slid along the top of her shoe to her
stocking. Mistress Venom sighed appreciatively and leaned down to
grab me by the ponytail.

"You may have thought this was just a game; a fun little lark. But
believe me when I tell you that this is deadly serious. You will
follow my commands immediately and to the letter. The people whom I
represent have a lot of money invested in this operation and very
little patience for failure. Understood?"

I swallowed hard and nodded. Confused and aroused as I was, it just
seemed easier to give in and obey the woman's orders. It would soon
be over I told myself; just do what they want and you'll never have
to see them again. The Mistress seemed to sense my submission and she
smiled slyly at me and took another drag on her cigarette. I stared
up at her adoringly, knowing what she would do but not wanting to
stop it.

Sure enough she blanketed my face with the fragranced smoke, a
seemingly endless exhale that I watched through eyes slitted against
the dusty vapors. I knew instinctively that there was something
peculiar about the cigarette; that it was more than simple tobacco
smoke that she was smothering me with. Oddly enough I also found that
I no longer cared. Pleasuring the exotic temptress before me was of
paramount importance at that moment.

The warm mist bathed my skin and I basked in the luxurious softness.
When the cloud lifted, disappearing like the morning fog before the
sun, it seemed that a piece of me evaporated along with it. My
inhibitions dissipated in the smoke, leaving behind a new sense of
freedom in its place. I felt like a dragon spreading its wings for
the first time. I knew then that the old Jia Li was gone and that I
would never be the same again.

Adoration and lust for my liberator flooded me and I dipped my head
to the magical place between her pale thighs. Peeling aside her
leather panties, I buried my face in her warm wetness, breathing in
her womanly essence. My Mistress gasped and I could tell that she was
pleased. She released my hair and leaned back, content to enjoy my
ministrations. Filled with new spirit, I opened my mouth and released
my Dragon's tongue. The exultant screams of my Mistress filled the

The sound of Mistress Venom's orgasm brought me back to myself. I had
been leaning against the lavatory door fingering myself, forgetting
that I had work to do. Grabbing the special pillow I hurried into the
First Class cabin. My target was leaned over a tray full of
paperwork, ignoring my approach. I slowed and put on my best
stewardess smile, polite and eager to please.

"Excuse me sir, but I brought you your pillow."

The middle-aged man was a career bureaucrat by his appearance;
probably used to pushing paper but not field work. He looked up at me
distractedly and shook his head.

"I didn't ask for a pillow."

"But how else are you going to take a nap silly?" I inquired and
quickly shoved it into his face.

The outside of the pillowcase had been treated with a particularly
nasty chemical, a powerful sedative that would render the victim
unconscious in mere moments. I had the advantage of leverage and
trapped behind his tray he had no escape. His cries for help were
muffled but audible in the quiet cabin and I pressed down with more
pressure, smothering him ruthlessly. Chest heaving, he fought for
oxygen but received only noxious fumes. His body convulsed a final
time and went limp.

I removed the pillow and checked his pulse; still breathing.
Satisfied, I began to straighten his clothes and paperwork so that he
would appear restfully asleep to the casual observer. When I finished
and started to rise I heard an ominous click from behind me.

"Unites States Air Marshal," a firm quiet voice said. "Don't move a

I froze cursing myself for my carelessness. But there wasn't supposed
to be any security besides the three agents!

"Slowly back out into the aisle and kneel down," the disembodied
voice commanded.

With no other viable alternative available, I obeyed. Walking
carefully backwards, I moved from in front of the seat and fell to my
knees. My face was burning with shame at my capture. Mistress Venom
would surely be displeased with me.

While I was contemplating my unpleasant fate, the man behind me gave
a sudden grunt. There was a thud as he dropped to the floor of the
cabin. Looking up I saw my Mistress stalking down the aisle, small
pistol in hand. She walked past me and stepped over the fallen Air
Marshal and pulled closed the curtain separating First Class from

"I'm sorry Mistress," I wailed, remaining on my knees.

"Hush Jai Li," she chided. "Is that any way for a Dragon to act?
There was no way for you to know that there was a Marshal on the
plane. I didn't know myself. Now get up and help me get him into a
seat; he just won a free upgrade to First Class."

We managed to heft the man and seat him across from the agent that I
had just knocked out. When we had him settled, Mistress Venom turned
to me and gently brushed away a tear that had spilled onto my cheek.

"Don't cry my little Dragon," she whispered. "Everything will be
fine. There is plenty of amnesia serum to go around. He will remember
nothing when he wakes."

I gave my Mistress a relieved smile and she bent down to kiss me
gently on the lips. As is often the case, the tiny peck escalated
until we were in full-scale lip-lock. Who knows how far it would have
gone if the nosy woman hadn't poked her head into the cabin.

"What's going on in there?" she screeched in a voice like nails on a
chalkboard. "Is there a problem on the plane?!!"

"Please calm down Miss," Venom replied smoothly. "There is no problem
at all. You may return to your seat."

"But I heard strange noises out here! I demand to know what is

The woman had barged through the privacy curtain and was standing
with her hands on her hips. Venom snaked a hand around her waist and
led her deeper into the front of the jet.

"We're trying to keep this quiet," she informed the woman
conspiringly. "But I'm afraid that one of our passengers got drunk
and passed out."

She nodded at the unconscious Air Marshal and the woman gave him an
outraged glare.

"It's a shame you girls have to put up with such outrageous
behavior!" she sniffed and turned to go back to Coach. She was almost
there when she saw the Marshal's gun lying halfway under the seat
where he had dropped it.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed. "There's a guhhhh…"

She never got to finish her sentence as my Mistress had quickly
scooped up the nearby drugged pillow and grabbing the woman from
behind, jammed it into her face. The nosy bitch clawed at the air
with her scrawny fingers, but Venom was brutally forceful and
efficient. She cut off the woman's air immediately and every gasping
breath brought only the reek of chemical soporific. It was over
quickly and the troublemaker was soon seated next to the fallen

"I've had enough interruptions for one night," Mistress Venom
declared. "Go to the cockpit and tell them to go ahead with plan

I nodded excitedly and hurried to the front of the aircraft. Opening
the cockpit door, I slipped inside. The attractive blonde who was
piloting the plane looked at me questioningly; the true pilot and co-
pilot lay unconscious with their backs to the wall.

"Operation Alpha," I said simply and the blonde smiled and nodded. I
was already out the door as she reached for the switch…


Jia Li headed towards the cockpit and I went in the other direction.
The commotion had already awakened several of the forty or so
passengers and more were stirring restlessly. Picking up the cabin
intercom, I made my announcement.

"May I have your attention please Ladies and Gentleman," I
requested. "There is nothing to be alarmed about, but there is a
small problem with the cabin pressure. We will be requesting that you
put your oxygen masks on at this time. Once again, this is simply a
precaution and nothing to be concerned about."

People started talking excitedly, but then right on cue the air masks
from overhead automatically fell down in front of them. I
demonstrated the proper way to put them on and then began circling
around to help people and calm there nerves. They would all be very
calm in a moment I knew; calm and fast asleep.

There was a young boy, twelve or thirteen years old I would guess,
who was traveling alone. He looked frightened so I made my way over
to him and crouched down beside him.

"You okay sport?" I joked.

He nodded his head bravely although I could see the fear in his eyes.

"It'll be okay," I promised. "It's just a precaution. Now let's get
your mask on hmm?"

I gave him by best smile and he returned it fully. Slipping the mask
on, I ruffled his hair and gently stroked his cheek. I was suddenly
aroused and decided that I wanted to watch my young friend slip into
wondrous oblivion. When he returned my wink with a sleepy smile that
quickly became a yawn I knew that the gas had started to flow. It
wouldn't be long before little Timmy was in the Land of Nod and I
wanted to give him something to remember me by.

With a quick glance around the cabin to make sure that everybody was
wearing their masks, I kneeled down at Timmy's feet and began rubbing
his crotch. He gasped loudly, eyes shooting open wide. I put my
finger to his lips and continued massaging the front of his jeans.

There was a woman in the seat next to him, a high-powered executive
type. She watched with sleepy fascination as I unzipped his Levi's
and pulled down his briefs allowing his small but sturdy erection to
pop free. Licking her lips, she moved her own well-manicured hand
down to his lap and began fondling his balls while I jacked him off.

"Please," he murmured drunkenly. "Please…"

"Please what Timmy?" I teased quietly. "Please make you cum? Is that
what you want naughty boy?"

"Y…yes, I want to cum."

"It will be my pleasure; or should I say our pleasure."

I spit in my palm for lubrication and quickly increased my pace on
his shaft. There wasn't much time as passengers were dropping like
flies. Already his lovely neighbor's eyes were shut but her fingers
nonetheless continued tickling his scrotum. Here other hand had
disappeared up her skirt.

Timmy's moans increased in volume but this no longer concerned me.
There would soon be nobody to hear him and even he would remember
this only as a fond dream. He came with a soft grunt, his boyish
semen splashing over my fingers. It was almost anti-climactic for me
to see that he was already in Dreamland.

The horny businesswoman was still barely clinging to consciousness
and I stuck my sticky fingers into her mouth. She licked it clean and
continued to suckle at my fingers making me even hotter. I would have
liked to play with her a bit more, but Agent Steele was waiting for
me and besides she was just about ready to pass out. Still it would
be unkind of me to let her go to bed unsatisfied.

I lifted her skirt to see her fingering herself under her soaked
panties. Her quickened breathing was a clear sign that she was
getting ready to orgasm and also that she was pulling more of the gas
into her lungs. Using a trick I had learned, I pressed my nail
directly down on her clit. A shudder ran through her body as she
came, the tension oozing out of her muscles as sleep took her. I left
the two of them to their dreams. Judging by the smiles on each of
their faces they would be happy ones.

Jia Li stood at the entrance to First Class watching me intently. I
joined her and we walked hand in hand to the front, a cabin full of
dozing passengers behind us. There would be no more interruptions;
the mission could now proceed as planned. I could hardly wait.

Sure enough agent Steele and her companion were both groaning in
their sleep and touching themselves. The MP3 player had been on an
endless loop of file one, a subliminal program designed to sexually
arouse females. Typically only a few minutes of this electronic
foreplay was necessary but Natalie had been hooked up for close to a
half an hour.

A quick check of her panties revealed exactly what I had expected –
they were drenched. She was definitely ready for phase two. Kneeling
in front of her, I nodded to Jia to do the same for Ms. Wilcox. After
all, I didn't think that anybody would be looking for a stewardess
any time soon. Picking up the file player I pressed the skip button.
A light blinked and it forwarded to file two. It was time to rock
this girl's world.


I don't know how long I was asleep; that tape of Stephanie's really
did work. The plane was very dark and quiet; it must have been just
before dawn. My young charge was still asleep as were my fellow
agents. This was a breach of protocol but I couldn't be angry at
them. Everything was quiet and neither of them had much experience in
the field.

Removing my seatbelt I stood and stretched. I needed to go to the
bathroom but I didn't want to leave Stephanie alone. I could have
woken her, or the other agents for that matter, but all three were
sleeping so soundly that I didn't want to disturb them. I decided
that she'd be okay by herself for a few minutes so I walked towards
the lavatory.

"Did you have a nice nap?" a sultry feminine voice purred in the

Stopping short, I noticed the gorgeous stewardess sitting by herself
in the front row of First Class. She was sitting with her stockinged
legs crossed sexily, sipping a glass of champagne. My bladder was
immediately forgotten as I stared into her electric green eyes.

"I hope you'll pardon my appearance," she continued indicating her
lack of a jacket and partially unbuttoned blouse. "I was a little

"You look perfect," I answered honestly and felt my cheeks flame in
embarrassment at her feline grin of amusement.

"I'm not supposed to be sitting here," she confided in me. "And I
certainly shouldn't be drinking. But it was so quiet, and a working
girl like me very rarely gets to sample the good life."

Somehow I couldn't picture this woman as a "working girl", but I
found myself agreeing with her.

"I don't usually travel this well myself," I admitted.

"Really; a beautiful and glamorous woman like you? I would have
thought you'd have boyfriends flying you all over the world."

"Me?" I asked incredulously. "I'd think you'd be the one meeting all
of those rich men in this business."

"Oh I get hit on all the time," she confirmed dismissively. "But men
really aren't my thing."

Her tone of voice when she delivered this line and the lascivious
stare that accompanied it left no doubt as to her meaning. I
swallowed and was fumbling for something to respond when she patted
the seat next to her.

"Sit down and have a drink with me," she offered enticingly.

"I really shouldn't," I replied even as my body moved into the
leather chair.

"Nonsense," She replied as she handed me a glass, obviously not
taking no for an answer. "A toast – to working girls getting treated
in the manner that they deserve."

We clinked glasses and drank; the imported French bubbly was
absolutely delicious. I leaned back, feeling myself truly relaxing
for the first time in months.

"Ah, this is the life," she joked. "Flying in style, sipping
champagne, and all with a beautiful woman next to me."

I blushed at the compliment and she moved closer to me. Our legs
brushed together and a jolt of sexual electricity surged through my
body. Before I even knew what was happening the redhead was on top of
me, kissing my lips, thrusting with her superlative tongue into my
mouth. Her hand was on my thigh, rising ever closer to my mound. Her
other hand snaked around my neck, pulling me towards her.

A gasp burst from my lips when she got to my silky thatch of pubic
hair. I would have screamed in ecstasy when her fingers moved down to
my hardening bud, but she crushed her lips over my mouth, stealing my
breath in a kiss that seemed to last an eternity. Forgetting that I
was on a plane filled with people, I surrendered to Aimee's sensual
caresses. We were thirty-five thousand feet over the earth and I was
in heaven.

I don't know how long that we made love but I must have fallen back
asleep afterwards. My peaceful slumber was interrupted by an
insistent nudging at my shoulder.

"Miss Steele," I heard. "Wake up Miss Steele, we're home."

Groaning, I opened my eyes. Stephanie Wilcox was standing above me
grinning happily. Looking around, I could see that the plane was
nearly empty; we were the last passengers to depart.

"How long was I asleep?" I wondered aloud.

"You've been out all night," my young companion informed me as she
retrieved our carry-ons from the overhead bin. "That must have been
quite a dream you had last night."

"What do you mean?"

I was standing now and whirled around to face her. Her face wore an
expression of amusement and she gave me a wink. Glancing towards the
front of the aircraft I saw the flight crew waiting to see us off.
The red-haired stewardess was there and our romantic interlude
suddenly came flooding back to me. Had it all just been a crazy dream?

She was politely friendly as we exited, thanking us for flying and
come again. Certainly she betrayed no sign of our intimate encounter.
It must have been dream! And Stephanie had heard the whole thing. Oh
God, what had I said? Was there moaning? Had the other agents
noticed? Or even worse, that gorgeous stewardess! I prayed that I
hadn't said her name aloud. Fearing the worst, I headed down the
gangway and into the airport where my colleagues would be waiting. It
felt like I was headed towards my doom.


What was taking them so long? All of the other passengers had long
since disembarked and the gate was nearly empty except for me and the
other agents. The boss hadn't wanted me to come but I hadn't seen
Natalie in moths and I'd be damned if anything was going to keep me
away. Finally after what seemed an eternity, they emerged from the

Natalie looked as beautiful as ever and I had to physically restrain
myself from rushing over and grabbing her into my arms. Instead I
stood by and watched as the young lady was reunited with her family
and escorted away. Only then did I approach her.

"Agent Dooley," she said with a nod.

"How are you Natalie?" I asked, concern tingeing my voice. "How was
the flight?"

"I'm fine Donovan," she replied. "Just tired. It was a long flight,
but there were no complications with the transport of the subject."

"But how are you," I insisted. "You've been through a lot."

"I told you Donovan I'm fine."

Before I could argue, our boss came over.

"Hey kiddo, great job," he said to Natalie. "Mr. Wilcox is very
grateful that we got his little girl back."

"I'm sure the parents of the other twenty-three would be thrilled to
see their daughters too," she replied sarcastically.

"Now Natalie you can't keep blaming yourself for that," he said
sternly. "Amsterdam was not your fault."

"I know," she sighed.

There was a distance about her, an aloofness that wasn't usually
there. She seemed to be staring off at nothing and I was worried that
maybe the stress had become too much for her. She really looked like
she needed a vacation.

"Do you want me to help get your bags?" I offered.

"No, that okay. Why don't you guys just head home? I'm going to
freshen up in the ladies room and do the same."

I started to protest but Director Greer took my arm and interrupted.

"Sure thing kiddo," he agreed. "Go home and get some rest. You can
come in later in the afternoon for your debrief."

He took me by the arm and led me out as Natalie turned and headed for
the First Class lounge. I thought that a bit odd considering there
was a women's bathroom right on the way to the baggage claim but then
again she did get access to the lounge with her First Class ticket
and the accommodations in there were no doubt much nicer than the
public toilets.

"Listen Dun, I know how you feel about her," my boss said when we
were alone. "But give her a little space you know? She's a trooper,
she'll be okay."

"I still want to keep an eye on her," I told him. "Let me just make
sure that she gets her bags okay."

"Alright, but do me a favor and stay out of sight. We don't want her
thinking that we don't trust her."

"Sure thing boss, I'll lay low. Don't worry I know what I'm doing."

"I sure so hope so Dun," he replied under his breath. "I sure hope


The ride to the airport in Poison's limousine seemed to go by in a
flash. Whatever personal dislike I had for the woman, I had to admit
that she was sexy as hell. One moment I was sitting across from her
watching her smoke from her campily long holder, and the next I was
between her legs eating her out for all I was worth.

Typically I preferred being the dom and not the sub but listening to
her growled commands made me so hot! I could have spent the rest of
the night between her perfumed thighs and probably would have if we
hadn't arrived at our destination.

Untangling our bodies we decamped from the limo and made our way
towards the arrival gate. It was about an hour before dawn and the
place was practically empty except for a few porters. Poison looked
appropriately regal in her black mink and a wide brimmed hat with a
flowing veil that obscured her features.

I felt incredibly sexy in my own crotchless cat-suit and fur and
looking forward to creating some mischief. She nodded to me and I
approached the porters with an air of self-importance.

"We need some help gentlemen," I ordered the trio of bag-
handlers. "And we don't have time to wait around."

They hurried over to the limo just as the trunk popped open. I
slipped in behind them, secretly pulling a small aerosol spray from
my pocket. There was a single huge black leather trunk which they
removed and placed on a cart. Poison stood nearby on the sidewalk,
impatiently tapping her expensively-shod foot while puffing
imperiously on her cigarette holder. I stepped forward, extending my

"Thanks boys," I cooed. "Here's a little something for your trouble."

Depressing the button on the cylinder I sent a stream of invisible
gas into their faces. I waved the spray back and forth, saturating
each of them in a noxious mist. They toppled like ten-pins and
Poison's able-bodied aides piled them quickly into the now empty back
of the car.

"Get the trunk would you Scorpion?" the femme instructed. "We have a
nosy federal agent to ship."

"Oh? Where is she going to?" I asked as I wheeled the bulky container
towards the doors.

"There is a cargo plane leaving for the Arctic Circle in a few hours.
Ms. Steele is going to take a little vacation."

"I hope she dresses warm," I interjected. "Those cargo holds get
awfully chilly that high up."

"Alas, I don't expect that she will survive the journey."

"What a shame," I deadpanned, although in truth I was distraught by
her impending doom.

"A true pity," Poison agreed. "I was hoping to get a chance to play
with her a bit first."

"So what's the plan?" I asked as we reached the baggage carousel.

"Simple," my accomplice explained, taking the aerosol spray from
me. "We wait for agent Steele to come fetch her bags…"

"And knock her out and put her in the trunk," I finished.

"Precisely. Now there are sure to be other agents hanging about. I
want you to wait by the gate and let me know when anyone starts
heading this way."

I saluted and made my way silently down the hall. There was a gift
shop placed right outside of the flight's arrival gate, so I went in
and began to browse. There was a group of men in suits waiting
around, obviously feds. Soon enough the doors to the gangway opened
and the exhausted-looking passengers began streaming out.

Families greeted and hugged before making there way away from the
gate. Eventually only the men in suits were left, with no sign of
either agent Steele or Stephanie Wilcox. I was trying to think of a
way to get a word of warning to the intrepid investigative reporter
when a commotion near the gate told me that she must be coming out.

A young blonde who could only be Miss Wilcox came first and ran into
the arms of a gruff-looking older man who was surely her
industrialist father. Behind her was the lovely agent Steele, hanging
back so as not to intrude on the private moment. Once the reunion was
over, Stephanie gave her a quick hug and then left accompanied by her
father and the bulk of the assembled agents.

They headed right for the exits, not bothering to head towards the
baggage claim. No doubt a girl who had been kidnapped didn't have
much baggage with her; except maybe the emotional kind. The two
remaining agents, one younger and one much older, joined the
distracted looking Natalie Steele. A conversation ensued but she
didn't seem to be paying much attention, her eyes wandering towards
the departing flight crew.

Poison had of course informed me that Venom had been aboard the
flight and the vixenish redhead had no doubt managed to intrigue
agent Steele. In her sexy stew's uniform, even I had to admit that
she was quite intriguing indeed.

Agent Steele's eyes never left Venom as she headed into the First
Class lounge. After a moment, the auburn-haired super-spy left the
two men and followed. This was not expected so I quickly grabbed my
cell phone and speed-dialed Poison.

"Something strange is going on," I told her, and relayed what I had
just witnessed.

"Not strange at all," the brunette replied with obvious
pleasure. "This means that Venom's programming was successful. She
will be able to deal with Ms. Steele herself."

As we were talking the two men were heading towards the exits. They
stopped and appeared to be arguing for a moment and then the younger
of the two turned and headed towards baggage claim.

"Uh oh, there's another agent headed your way. It looks like maybe
he's planning on making sure agent Steele gets her bags okay."

"What does he look like?" Poison inquired.

"Tall, late twenties, pretty cute," I summed up succinctly.

"Umm, sounds delicious. Follow him, but at a distance. We wouldn't
want to scare him away before I get a chance to introduce myself now
would we?"

I snapped the phone shut and hurried after the young agent. Watching
Poison introduce herself was something that I didn't want to miss.


I felt bad bailing on my colleagues like that, but I just had to be
by myself. Donovan and Director Greer meant well I'm sure and were
just looking out for me. At the moment however I was in no mood for
sympathy. And to be honest, part of me was hoping that I might catch
another glimpse of the stewardess who had played such an important
role in my dreams last night.

Glancing up, I noticed that I was right outside the ladies' room and
decided that I needed to freshen up after all. My panties were
feeling a little… sticky and I blushed knowing that it was from my
nocturnal emissions. I pushed open the door and went inside not
expecting to come face to face with literally the woman of my dreams.

Standing in front of the well-lit mirror smoking a Marlboro cigarette
was none other then Aimee, the flame-haired siren who had been
occupying my thoughts so thoroughly. She gave a start when I walked
in, no doubt as surprised as I was that she wasn't the only person
who had decided to make use of the luxurious First Class lounge

"I'm sorry," I blurted. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

"No it's my fault," she insisted hurriedly. "I didn't think there
would be any First Class passengers in here, so I ducked in for a
quick smoke. I'll leave so you can have some privacy."

"No, that isn't necessary," I assured her quickly. "It must be a drag
to not be able to smoke on such a long overseas flight. Do you mind
if I get one of those?"

I hadn't smoked since college and even then it was usually just at
parties, but the question just seemed to come out.

"Sorry it's my last one," she shrugged apologetically. "But we could

She held the smoldering butt out towards me between her fingers and I
spread my lips and took a shallow puff, exhaling towards the ceiling.
The smoke was not as harsh as I was expecting; I hadn't remembered it
being so warm and smooth and creamy.

"You're a very sexy smoker," Aimee told me seriously. She took a drag
of her own and blew a soft cloud towards me. "You're a very sexy

I giggled and took the proffered cigarette from her, taking a deeper
drag this time. She stared into my eyes and watched as I attempted a
French inhale and let the smoke drift slowly from my open mouth.
Taking my hand, the siren led me over to a velvet sofa and pulled me
down next to her.

"Close your eyes," she instructed softly as she took the nearly
finished cigarette and placed it to her lips for a final drag before
stubbing it out in the standing ashtray next to the sofa.

I obeyed, shutting my baby blues and waiting in delicious
anticipation. It wasn't long before I felt her warm breath on my face
and then her soft lips were on mine. My lips parted hungrily and were
rewarded by a mouthful of the sensual smoke. I could feel it like a
velvety blanket between our intertwined tongues. Then her hand found
my nipple and I sighed, shooting the soft smoke into the air. We sank
onto the sofa and the world faded away…


My shoes echoed in the secluded hallway as I strolled casually down
to the baggage claim. The airport was deserted in the pre-dawn hours,
which had made the flight from Tokyo perfect for our needs. Fewer
people made for much easier security. Soon, the place would be
crawling with people but for now it was peaceful.

I planned to get down to the baggage area and then scout out a good
spot where I could see but not be seen. I desperately wanted to talk
to Natalie but the chief was probably right; now was not the time.
I'd let her get readjusted to home before pressing the issue.

There was some noise coming from the luggage carousel and as it came
into view I could see a woman struggling with an over-sized trunk,
attempting to load it onto a wheeled cart. I heard her muttering
something about "porters" along with a few choice curses and decided
that maybe I should assist her. The sooner I could get her out of
there and find my hiding place the better.

I approached the woman from behind, trying to remember her from the
passengers who had gotten off the flight. The fact that I couldn't
place her wasn't too alarming to me as I had been focused solely on
Natalie. In retrospect her attire should have been a red flag that
something was wrong. The lady was wrapped in a full-length black mink
that swirled around her ankles. She was shod in expensive-looking
leather boots, the toes of which were tapping with the entitled
impatient that only the very rich can muster.

She also wore a wide-brimmed black hat with a gauzy veil that hung
down and settled on the collar of her sumptuous fur. Later I would
recall that the only First Class passengers had been Miss Wilcox and
her agent escorts. It would occur to me that a woman like this would
never, ever fly coach. But at the time, my concern for agent Steele
was clouding my judgment.

"Do you need some help with that ma'am?" I offered as I drew closer.

She whirled in surprise and I was surprised at how young she was. I
was expecting somebody more mature but even through the veil I could
see how gorgeous she was.

"You startled me!" she gasped, a smile lighting up her face. "I would
be ever so indebted if you could assist me."

I grinned back foolishly and dragged the trunk onto the cart. It was
a little awkward but not as heavy as I would have imagined. In fact
it seemed to be empty. My instincts finally started to kick in but by
then it was too late. Even as I turned towards her I could see that
the woman was holding something in her hand, pointing it towards my
face. There was a hissing noise and I felt a cool mist on my cheeks.

"Thank you so much for helping me with that trunk," the woman
cooed. "You are such a dear."

My vision wavering, I attempted to reach for my sidearm. But I was
grabbed from behind, my arms pulled away.

"Excellent Scorpion," my attacker said to the person behind me. "Now
let's put this helpful young man down for a nap."

She had the aerosol held directly in front of her spectacular bosom.
I gazed dreamily at her tits, straining against the tight leather
laces holding them back. The canister hissed again and once more I
felt the moistness on my face. Then I was floating, being lifted
through the air before coming to rest on my back. The world seemed to
be spinning above me and I descended into darkness…