Genevieve and Yolanda were anxious as they looked for a way back into 
school. They had decided to skip class and head out for awhile. Now, 
however, They can't seem to find an open door. "Damnit" said Yolanda ,An 
18yr old short chubby, curvy hispanic with long black hair, as she tried to 
find an open door. "Shhh. Try to keep it on the DL." admonished Genevieve, 
a curvy big breasted, 19yr old black girl with a dyed blond crew-cut, as she 
tried another door. Genevieve and Yolanda continue to move along the edge of 
the school when a voice interrupts them "Girls. Shouldn't you be in class? 
Never mind in the building?"

Genevieve and Yolanda freeze in their tracks. They turn around slowly to 
find Dana ,a heavy set hispanic who functions as head of school security, 
standing behind them. "Oh shit" says Yolanda with resignation. "I'm a little 
disappointed. You two are among our best students." "Well, then just let us 
go." pleads Genevieve. "Sorry. I can't do that. When you do something wrong, 
You have to be punished. Come with me. Now." Dana points to the left and the 
two students move sheepishly towards the school.

Dana leads the girls to a side entrance. Upon entering the school, They are 
told to get on an elevator. Dana enters first so that Genevieve are in 
front of her. "You're not going to tell Ms. Ray are you? WE don't wanna get 
kicked out of the program." Yolanda asks Dana. "Don't worry. We're not 
going to kick you out of the program for this. We are however..." Dana 
pauses and presses some buttons and the elevator starts to go down. As the 
elevator begins to descend , Dana reaches into her pocket and pulls out a 
small remote control. She makes sure the two students are not looking in 
her direction and presses the button. "...Going to put you to sleep for a 
little while." She continues.

A harsh odor fills the elevator. Genevieve and Yolanda both make a face and 
look at each other ,however, neither girl notices the gas pouring out of 
vents in the elevator. The gas cascades down around Genevieve and Yolanda. 
"Hey, What?!" Yolanda says as she notices the gas. She and Genevieve begin 
to cough uncontrollably. Yolanda reaches for her face, while Genevieve puts 
her hand over her mouth. The girls are frozen in place by the harsh gas and 
can't do much except cough. Genevieve looks around and sees that Dana is 
holding a black mask over her face. "Go to sleep girls." Dana commands. 
"when you wake up, We'll decide on an appropriate punishment." Yolanda falls 
to her knees, then to the floor completely engulfed in sleep. Genevieve 
slumps against a wall, also asleep. The elevator continues down to a 
sub-basement. The door opens and the gas fumes vent out of the elevator. 
Dana removes her mask and presses a button to lock the elevator; then calmly 
steps out of the elevator and into a bedroom. She goes over to a nightstand 
and picks up a phone.

PT 2

Sadie was sitting in her office when the Phone rang. "Hello?" She answered. 
"Miss Ray. This is Dana. I just wanted to let you know I caught Geniveve and 
Yolanda outside of the building. They were cutting class." "MY! What a 
grievous occurrence! Did you...stress to them how serious this is?" "Yes. 
They're sleeping on it right now." Dana informs her. "Excellent. I'll be 
there later to administer their punishment." Sadie is pleased. She's been 
so busy that it's been a long time since she's been able to launch any 
operations at school and now one is dumped right into her lap! First things 
are first, however.

Sadie presses a button on her desk. A slight hissing sound is heard as a 
pleasant aroma begins to fill the room. She presses another button, 
activating an intercom: "Could you send in Kristin and Trisha?" She asks one 
of her secretaries. A moment later, Kristin and Trisha enter the room. "Oh! 
What a nice smell?" Kristin notices. "Please come in and close the door." 
Sadie commands. Kristin and Trisha walk towards Sadie's desk. As they do, 
They start to feel relaxed. "I feel kind of funny." Trisha notices. They 
stop walking and stare at Sadie. "As well you should. Last time you were 
here, I promised to give you a better smelling sleeping gas next time. 
That's what you smelled when you came in here. I hope you've enjoyed." Sadie 
gives the two women a smile. Kristin and Trisha both drop to their knees. A 
slight grin comes to each women's face, they then fall to the floor fast 
asleep. Sadie presses a button on her desk, stopping the gas. She then 
dials a special phone.

Sadie's two secretaries are sitting at their desks, when both their phone's 
ring. Kelly, A tall big-breasted, long-haired hispanic, picks her phone 
first. Next to Kelly, Tammy, a short yet,also big-breasted caucasian woman 
with short, brownish reddish hair, then answers her phone. "Hello girls. " 
Sadie says. "I have a special assignment for you. If you working on 
something, stop..." In her office Sadie presses a green button on her phone. 
"...and sleep." Pungent green gas sprays out of the receiver of each phone. 
Kelly gasps, drops the phone, and falls head first to the desk. Tammy lets 
out an "ohhh" and also drops her head to the desk, however she doesn't drop 
the phone, so it rests in her hand on the desk, continuing to spray gas into 
her face.

Sadie watches all this on a view screen. She shuts off the gas and summons 
her assistants. About Ten minutes later, Ms. Pinet ;The School's drama 
teacher, Ms. Michelli; the school's health teacher, and Rhonda; the school's 
counselor arrive. "Ok Ms. Pinet. I would like you to take Trisha to the 
empty faculty lounge on the 4th floor, position her on the sofa. Rhonda, 
take Kristin to her classroom and make it look like she feel asleep at her 
desk. Ms. Michelli; you and I will take Tammy and Kelly down to bedroom 3 in 
the sub-basement." Sadie and her assistants load the four sleeping women 
onto gurneys. Sadie presses a few more buttons causing three panels on the 
wall to lift up. The four then take their victims to their respective 

PT 3

Genevieve and Yolanda awaken in a most awkward position. They are both 
strapped side by side, naked ,to a bed with their hands tied in front of 
them and their legs cuffed spread-eagle. Black masks cover each girl's mouth 
and nose. Further inspection reveals that each mask is connected by a tube 
to four tanks; one grey, one white, one pink and one green. More tubes 
connects the tanks to each other, with a valve on each tube. There are tanks 
on both sides of the bed. "MMPPHH" Yolanda says looking at Genevieve, her 
cries muffled by her mask. "MMMPH" Genevieve responds, a scared look on her 

Watching the two girls with satisfaction, Sadie decides to interrupt the 
attempted conversation and walks over to Genevieve's side of the bed: "Good 
Morning. I hoped you two slept well." "MPPHH" Genevieve replies, her eyes 
move up and down, studying Sadie's corset, panties and Thigh-high boots. 
Sadie continues:" I am very disappointed in you both. Cutting class is not 
acceptable, especially not from student's who know better. I 've decided on 
your punishment." Sadie motions and Kelly walks to Genevieve's side of the 
bed. Tammy then follows, walking to Yolanda's side of the bed. Kelly and 
Tammy received a hypno-gas treatment earlier. They will now function as 
Sadie's willing disciplinarians. Of Course, Sadie has dressed up Kelly and 
Tammy in special outfits: Kelly is wearing a black bra and panties. Tammy is 
wearing a red pleather corset and panties.

"I'm a big believer in cooperative discipline." Sadie explains. "I believe 
all members of the staff should be involved in the discipline process. That 
is why my secretaries will administer your punishment. They will begin by 
following my example." Kelly and Tammy know this means they will now do to 
the two students what was done to them. They both walk over to the two 
tanks and place their hands on a valve that connects the grey and white 
tanks. "Right now, You both have been breathing oxygen." Sadie informs 
Yolanda and Genevieve. "Now your breathing gas." Tammy and Kelly both turn 
the valve towards the white tanks. Yolanda and Genevieve squirm and fill the 
room with muffled moans. "Oxygen." Valves toward the Grey tanks. "Gas." The 
valves are turned towards the White tanks. "Oxygen." commands Sadie. "Gas." 
She then orders. "Oxygen. Gas. Oxygen. Gas." Sadie says over and over again.

Yolanda and Genevieve slowly succumb to the mood-altering gas. They become 
relaxed. Their fearful moans grow fainter and a curious sense of contentment 
over takes them. Finally, They are hypnotized anxious to do whatever is 
ordered of them. Sadie notices and begins phase 2 of the girl's punishment.

PT 4

Phase 2 begins with Kelly and Tammy turning the valves on the tanks toward 
the bright pink tank. Pleasure gas fills the masks worn by Genevieve and 
Yolanda and after a few minutes arousal sets in. Kelly begins lubing up 
Genevieve's big ass. Genevieve responds by moving her lower body as much as 
she can, trying to work Kelly's tube in deeper. Yolanda receives the same 
from Tammy. She purrs as the tube is worked in.

Tammy then takes a small butt-plug and works it slowly into Yolanda's curvy 
hispanic ass. Taking her cue, Kelly slides another butt-plug into 
Genevieve's ass. Tammy and Kelly then attach "clit butterflies" to each 
girl's most sensitive area. Wires protruding out of the butt-plugs and 
butterflies are connected to two control boxes, one for Kelly and one for 

After all the toys are in place, Tammy moves to her control box. She looks 
back at Sadie, who nods. Tammy turns on the devices. They vibrate steadily 
in Yolanda's ass and over her clit. Moaning with pleasure, Yolanda 
reflexively begins thrusting her ass back and forth. Tammy moves a knob on 
the control box. The toys begin vibrating faster and harder. Yolanda writhes 
on the bed as much as she can. She feels the sensations indicating a climax 
is on it's way. Suddenly, Sadie says "You can stop now, Tammy." Tammy turns 
the control box off, frustrating Yolanda. Yolanda is extremely annoyed! Her 
complaints are muffled by her mask. Having a good idea what Yolanda said, 
Sadie replies "Now, Now. You are aware this is a punishment. Part of the 
punishment is neither of you being allowed to orgasm. Kelly. it's now 
Genevieve's turn." Genevieve squirms as Kelly turns on her toys. Her muffled 
moans fill the room, growing louder as Kelly uses the control box to make 
each device work harder and faster. Genevieve begins to feel an orgasm 
building. "Stop now." Sadie commands, cutting Genevieve off.

Sadie continues the erotic torture for an hour. She walks over to Genevieve 
and Yolanda. "I think that's enough. I'm sure you have both learned your 
lesson. Now it's time for you both to rest. Sadie turns the valve toward the 
green tank. The harsh odor of sleep gas strikes each girl's nostrils. 
Genevieve and Yolanda each make a face, concealed by their masks, and fall 
to their pillows fast asleep. "Come here." Sadie motions to Tammy and 
Kelly. "You both did very well. Now on your knees." Tammy and Kelly kneel in 
front of Sadie. Sadie produces a spray can and a small mask. She shows the 
can to each woman, then presses the button. A steam of gas crosses Tammy and 
Kelly's faces. Their eyes close and each falls forward into Sadie's corset. 
Sadie smiles and places her hands behind each girl's head lowers then gently 
to the floor.