So when they returned to there dorm room and carried there new
assistant, Allison and Sherry got her wardrobe together as they
waited for her to wake up. After a few minutes of stirring,Kammi
started to come to. She was suffering from a headache from the
chemicals but she immediately woke up with a new found hatred for men
and was more then ready and willing to assist the other girls in the
campus takeover.

After talking with her for awhile, Kammi was more then ready to help
out. The girls showed her all the chemicals and devies they made up
in the chemistry lab. Kammi couldnt wait to get started and the girls
were more then willing to let her take out her first male. They
explained to her that this would be her initiation. The next day all
three girls went back to the campus game room and shot pool. The
young man working that day was Josh. He took the job for extra money
and to help pay for his schooling. When they were finished playing
Kammi walked over to Josh. She was dressed in a skin tight leather
dress with matching stockings and heels. She did not earn her pendant
but she was ready to close the deal. She made small talk with Josh
and got his number before leaving with her other 2 new found friends.

Later that night she called Josh crying. She explained to him how she
was also new around campus and was very lonely. Of course Josh being
the nice guy that he was volunteered to come over to the dorm room
and keep her company. After talking for a few minutes he hung up the
phone and told her he would be right over. Kammi hung up the phone
and had an evil smile on her face as she smiled at Allison and
Sherry. She told te girls how he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Sherry and Allsion disappeared into the spare bedroom while Kammi
prepared how she was going to take him out. After a few minutes went
by there was a knock on the door. Kammi raced over to the door and
answered it as Josh was standing in the hall. She quickly invited him
in. After they talked for a bit she offered to get them a few drinks.
Soon after she returned with two beers. Her beer was fine however she
dropped a few muscle relaxers in his. They toasted to there new found
friendship as they watched a movie on t.v. After a few minutes Josh
became very relaxed as Kammi watched in enjoyment. His head was
spinning a bit and he was growing very tired as the night moved on.

She quickly moved over to Josh to sit on his lap. He was very relaxed
and complimented her on how good she smelled. Allsion and Sherry
quickly emerged from the bedroom and stood off in the hallway to
watch there new member in action. Kammi smiled and tanked Josh for
the compliment. She then reached into the garter belt that held her
nylons up and removed a small atomizer. She looked at Josh as she hid
it in her hand and told him if he liked the way she smelled hje would
love this. She quickly spritzed his face with the atomizer as the
pink mist shot out. It quickly sent him off to dreamland as Sherry
and Allison walked over with smiles on there faces. They ran there
hands through hi hair as he slept. They then layed him on a table and
injected his with another chemical that would send him into a
permanent sleep unless an andidote could be found. All three smiled
standing over him as they all agreed 1 down and the rest of the
campus to go!