After several hours had past by the college campus was having there
annual fall homecoming celebration. This was basically a meeting
place for all the new students to get to know each other. Many of the
frat house would go and alot of the sorority groups would attend to
recruit new members. However at this college there was a new group
forming with females. They would all dress the same, and share the
same beliefs. This group was started by a few of the darker gothic
girls on campus. They figured this party would be the perfect place
to debut there new group and take the college scene by storm.

As many mingled throughout the campus gymnasium, this night would
change forever. In walked Allison,a 5 foot blonde, dressed in a short
black skirt, silk black stockings, and a fishnet shirt. Beside her
was Sherry. She was also dressed identical to Allison however she had
dark hair but enjoyed wearing blonde wigs to look lik her partner in
crime. They both had on small pendants around there neck that was
only visible up close. It had the letters ko attached to the chain.

They started this group because they felt women were never taking
serious enough and they felt that a man's only purpose in life should
be to have a nice permanent long nap. However before they could
target anyone on campus they knew that just 2 would not be enough to
get the job done. There purpose tonight was to recruit another young
freshman female to assist them in there plot against men.

After several hours of walking around and looking they had found the
girl they wanted. She was a shy girl that was holding up the wall all
night. She was beautiful and seemed to enjoy the same type of
clothing these girls did. She stood about 5 '8 and was very gothic
wearing a leather mini with fishnets underneath. Her top was haltered
and was quite a tight fit. They knew this wasnt going to be easy but
they knew what they wanted and nothing was going to stop them. They
had worked too long together the past 2 years in chemistry class
forming there own sleep methods, now it was time to get to work.

Allison walked over to the girl standing against the wall. Sherry
disappeared out of sight.
Allison:Hey there you look like you could use some friends, Im
Allison as she extended her small hand to the girl. With a small
glimpse, the girl looked up to Allison "Hi yes I am new around here.
My name is Kammi as she placed her hand inside Allison's hand. They
talked for a bit and Allison played her from the start. Talking about
only topics she knew Kammi would enjoy. After about a half hour had
past, Allsion suggested her and Kammi walk outside to get some fresh
air. Kammi was a bit stuffy and felt the need so she obliged and
walked out of the gym with her new friend. As they made there way
outside, Allsion led Kammi around the back of the building. After
standing there for a few minutes Allison's watch had went off almost
like an alarm clock. As soon as she heard the watch beep, she looked
over at Kammi. She took out a cigarette and lit it. Looking at Kammi
she blew a soft puff in her face. This cigarette was not your normal
cigarette. The smoke was a pinkish color as it drifted in front of
Kammi's nose. The smoke did not put her asleep but did burn her eyes
to where she couldnt see. Allison looked at her and apoligized for
blowing the smoke in her face. Just then Sherry came around from the
other side of the wall and clamped a chloroformed soaked nylon over
Kammi's face while she was blinded. Allison quickly grabbed her arms
to avoid a struggle. As Kammi fell limp into Sherry's arms, Sherry
leaned over her and kissed Allison briefly.

They quickly carried her limp body to the van Sherry had parked
around the corner. Sherry got behind the wheel and drove off as
Allison sat in the back with her sleeping companion. As she slept,
Allison quickly pulled a syringe out of her purse and injected it
into Kammi's leg. Allison smiled as the needle went in knowing when
Kammi woke she would hate men as much as they did and would become
one of there own. The van quickly pulled off with the letters KOGALS
on the license plate. Now they had to start plotting there first male