Josie stood in the door way as her boyfriend walked up the 
drive. She had a large smile on her face and plans for the night. "Hello" she 
said to Tom as he came up the steps.

 "Howdy. Say where's your parents car?" Tom asked looking back
towards the empty drive way.

 "Come on in and I'll tell you." she coaxed. They enter the house
and strolled into the living room. "Would you like something to drink?" 
she asked.

 "Sure, how about some of that tea you make." he replied. "You 
still haven't said where your parents car is at." he reminded her as she 
wandered off to the kitchen.

 "Oh, yeah. I wanted to surprise you. My parents went to visit my
sister out of town. They'll be gone until monday. I have the house to 
myself all weekend." she said as she came out with a cup of hot tea for him. 
"Here, have a seat and drink your tea." she said patting her dads recliner.

 "Thank you." he said sitting down in the chair and taking the 
tea from her. "All weekend, huh? So what are you going to do? Any plans?" he
asked between careful sips of the hot tea.

 "I have an idea or two." she responded sitting on the couch yet
keeping an attentive eye on him. "I was think along the lines of you and 
me doing some things together." she said with a smile.

 "Good tea." he said finishing it off. "What sort of things did 
you have in mind." he said as he tried to put the cup aside on the side 
table. He found it a bit difficult, but managed with little concern.

 "I dunno. Maybe we can play house." she said standing up and
approaching him.

 "I think we're a little to old to play house." he said holding 
up a hand to her. She took it and he pulled her to his lap. She on it and he 
held her around the waist. His pupils were dilating a bit more then they 
would normally.

 "Not at all. I could be the momma and you could be the daddy." 
she responded, hinting at possible sexual interactions.

 "I think I could play that game." he said. He took a peck on her
cheek. "I feel kind of fuzzy. I wonder why." he commented.

 "Its the tea. It had a little something in it to relax you. My 
mom gives it to my dad once in a while. I think all dads get it sometimes." 
she lied.

 "Ummm. It makes you feel all soft and fluffy. I like this. You 
can call me daddy all you want tonight." he warmed to her deception.

 "Then to be the daddy, you need your pipe." She said leaning 
over and selecting one of her fathers pipes from a rack.

 "I don't think so." he responded slowly, brushing her hand away

"Please. For me." she said gently plodding at his lips with the
"Okay." he gave in and accepted it by clamping around the stem. 
She smiled from ear to ear at this.

 "Now you look like the perfect daddy." she said as she slipped 
her arm around behind him and hugged him strongly. She suddenly stood up and
tugged at his hand. "Come on, I want to show you something."

 "Now what?" he said aloud around the pipe. She helped him up as 
he found it a little harder then usual in his 'relaxed' state. The slipped
arms around each other and walked around the house and down into the
basement. She lead him across a semi darkened room and opened the door 
into another. They entered this room and she closed the door behind herself.

 In the center of the floor was a low standing box. It had lear 
sides and metal ends. It center was a large padded affair and it had a clear
panel for a top. It was large as a queen size bed and as tall as a chest 
of drawers. On one of the ends was a panel of dials and buttons and few
flashing lights.

 Tom extracted the pipe from his lips and used it to point at the 
box shaped item. "What is that?" he asked with amazement.

 "Its an Auto-Crib. " she began. "My parents bought when they had 
my sister. I got it when I was born." she continued.

 "What's it do?" he asked tapping on it with the stem of the 

 "You put your toddler in it at night, and it takes care of them,
from changing diapers to feeding. It even administers medicine if your
sick." she said opening the top. "Come on in. It's relay comfortable." 
she said as she climbed over the side and sat down on the padded floor.

 He climbed over the side and sat down beside her. "Your right. 
Its very soft." She gently patted his hand and lifted it suggesting he put 
the pipe back in his mouth. He complied with no resistance. "It looks like a
strong kid could get out with little problem though." he commented.

 "oh, you'd think so. But the top here locks down." she said 
tapping on the clear cover panel. She stood up and climbed over the top. "Here, 
I'll show you some of the things it can do." she said. 

  She closed the top over him. "See, it locks nice an
tightly." she began. He tested it and found it quite secure. "On the 
panel here I can turn on some music, and a vibration system." she punched the
appropriate buttons, making music come on. The floor of the crib gently
began to humm, massaging his legs as he sat there.

 "Umm, thats nice." he said around the pipe. "What else can it 
do?" he asked.

 "Well the best part is when it nap time for the kid. You dial in
their age on this panel and then press this button." she pointed to a
button hidden from his view. "Then the crib releases a special dose of a 
gas that makes the child take a light nap. It last about an hour and they 
wake up all refreshed. It used to work wonders on me when I was cranky, or so 
my mom says."

 "Sounds a bit like foul play. Knocking out your child." he said

 "Kind of, I guess. There's two modes. The nap mode which only 
puts them out for an hour. Then there's the night mode, which puts them out 
and if during the night they should wake up and start to cry, it rocks them 
back to sleep with a hefty dose of the gas." she responded.

 "I don't think I would like that. Sounds kind of uncomfortable." 
he said, taking the pipe from his lips.

 "I think you will like it. I always found it enjoyable." She 
said ominously. "Here, I'll set it at the highest age, a six year old, and 
just tap this button." She said adjusting the dial and pressing the button. 
"At best this will only put you to sleep for twenty minutes. Sweet Dreams." 
she chirped as the hiss of gas filling the crib could be heard.

 He looked up at her and then slowly slid onto his side. His eyes
closed as he sank into the drug induced nap. "It's kind of cold down 
here, I better get you a blanket." She said as she hurried up stairs to fetch 
one. She returned ten minutes later with a soft blanket in her arms. Blindly 
she pushed at the unlock button and opened the top.

 She climbed over the side and sat down beside his sleeping form.
"Here you go sleepy head." she mumbled placing the blanket over him. She
gently extracted the pipe from his limp hand. Standing up she bumped her
head on the panel and sat down abruptly. "Ouch!" she yelled as the panel
dropped down with a thunk. A look of surprise crossed her face as the 
floor began a gentle vibration and the crib played a gently lullaby.

 "Oh, no." she muttered. She could here the gas begin sprayed 
into the crib. She realized that she must have accidently pressed the night 
mode button at some point. Now she would be locked in here until seven the 
next day. The gas would put her out for a couple of hours. BUt if she didn't 
make any noise when she awoke, she could try to break out.

 Moving gently she curled up behind him, in a spoon fashion, and 
lay her arm across his chest. She hugged him close to her, pipe in her hand 
up against his chest. Her mind became fuzzy as the gas grew in 
concentration. It was only designed to sedate a six year old, and since she wasn't
pre-sedated like he had been it was taking longer to affect her.  
Already she could barely keep her eyes open. The last thing she did was bury her
nose in the back of his neck. 

 The rocking kept up for another half hour before turning itself 
off. Two more hours went by before she began to wake up. She slowly came to 
and remembered where she was. She lay still, listening to his breathing. 
Shortly it became deeper and deeper as he too began to wake up. She braced her 
self for what she had to do, as he rolled onto his back and opened his eyes.

 "Hey, mmmffff..." he began as she clamped over his mouth quickly
with her hand.

 "Shhh.. Don't make a sound. Don't even move." she whispered in 
his ear. She slowly removed her hand, trusting him.

 "Why?" he said quietly at her.

 "We got locked in the crib. It's set to make us sleep until
morning." she responded over her breath.

 "Sounds like bull to me." he said aloud. "I think you drugged 
me, just so you can sleep with me." he said with a bit of anger. She tried 
to stop him, but he pushed away her hand. They both felt the crib begin to
vibrate gently back and forth. A soft tune issued from somewhere at 
their feet. "What's that?" he asked with a start.

 "I told you so. When the crib detects the baby making noise at
night, it puts baby back to sleep." she informed him. "Now comes the 
gas. I think you'll enjoy it. Just lay back and let it take you away." she 

 "But, I don't want to..." he began. She sat up and caught him as 
he began to slump. Gently she laid him back down and collapsed as his side 
in a hazy fog that slowly gave way to slumber.

 An hour later a panel on the crib opened and a robot arm gently
pulled them apart. It began a long slow process of stripping them of 
their clothes. Another hour passed as it attended to its task.  It raised 
their legs one at a time and powdered their behinds. The effects of the gas 
began to were off and they both subconsciously resisted the arm with more and 
more vigorous twitches.

 Unable to control their twitches, the crib opened another panel 
above their heads and another arm came out. This arm had a large cotton ball 
pad in its grip that it placed first over his nose and mouth and then other
hers. Gageing their reflexes with the other arm, it used the soporific
powers of chloroform to bring them back into a medium level of sedation.

 The crib continued its chore and fitted them with appropriately 
sized diapers. Then it covered each of them with their own blanket. Folding up 
its arms it left them to sleep off the drug in peace and quiet. Several 
hours passed as their drifted in and out of sedation quietly. They both slowly
came around just after three in the morning. They were facing each other 
and they lay there just staring at each other blankly from beneath their

 He sat up first and she sat up beside him, each of them leaning 
back against the crib wall. "I'm sorry." she whispered. "I didn't mean for 
any of this to happen."

 "It's okay. I know you didn't." he replied quietly. "I kind of
enjoy your game." he said.

 "Here, you go daddy." She said grasping the pipe beside her and
handing it to him. He put it in his lips and smiled around the stem at 
her. Raising and arm, he hugged her to him in a warm embrace. "Your so nice 
to me." She whispered.

 "I try." he said over his breath. "Do you know what time it ?" 
he asked.

 "I am not sure but I guess around two or three." she replied.

 "Well, I can't just sit here all night. So I guess that means 
that is Nap Time!" he said aloud. The floor beneath began to rock again. "I 
think I like this. " he said taking the pipe from his lips momentarily. She 
smiled at this comment and noticed him begin to sway. He seemed to be an easy
patient with this gas. It could knock him out with no problem.

 She found herself blacking out fairly quickly. Soon she realized
that she was only sleepy. She was still fairly awake. The gas was no 
longer effective on her. She turned to see his innocent face, with the pipe
dangling from his limp lips. She felt dizzy and passed out briefly twice

 Regaining some of her senses, she found the rocking had stopped. 
She sat quietly as a panel opened at her feet. A small arm moved forth and
pulled at his ankle, dragging him out into a laying position. It moved 
to her leg, but she kicked it away. "ha, you can't touch me anymore, you 
have no control over me!" she said softly as the arm made another attempt to
grasp her leg. She kicked this away too.

 She continued to dodge the arm at her feet, not noticing the 
panel open near her head.  From it emerged an arm like that at her feet, with 
a small hose in its grip. She caught sight of it as it came in front of 
her face. The tip of the hose pointed at her face and began to emit a hazy 
white cloud. She detected a strong scent like that of pipe smoke, masking the 
distinct smell of chloroform in the mist.

 She was totally ignorant of the arm now clamped on her leg, as 
head was encompassed on a billowing white cloud. The crib had selected a 
masking spray designed to smell most like her father as to distract her long 
enough for the drug to take effect.  Suddenly she felt like she was falling, 
and the last words from her lips were "daddy?".

 The knock out gas, and the newer dose of chloroform spray 
combined to drag her into a drug induced dream world.