It was Friday night, Jenna and three of her friends, Rachel, Amy,
and Stephanie were waiting for Jenna's mom outside of the high school.
They had just finished cheerleading practice and were off to Jenna's
house for a sleepover.

"Congratulations on making captain, Jenna" said her friend Rachel, "your so lucky, you're the prettiest girl in school and now your captain of the cheerleading squad!"

Jenna just smiled and bashfully replied "Thank you", as she gave her friend a

At that moment, Jenna's mom pulled up in front of the

"Wow!" exclaimed Amy, "Your mom is SO beautiful!"

Jenna's mom, Debbie (a Shannon Tweed lookalike) smiled as the girls entered
the car.

"Hi girls! How was practice?", Deb asked as she pulled
away from the school.

"Tiring" Amy replied, "I can't wait to get
back to your house and relax"

Debbie smiled and lit a cigarette,"I have a feeling you'll be relaxing more than you expected" as she winked at Jenna and exhaled a thick cloud of smoke towards the

Deb made sure the windows were locked and exhaled
another thick cloud of smoke into the windshield.

Jenna turned to her mom. "Mom, guess what? I made captain!"

"Honey that's great!" said Debbie as she took a long drag off her cigarette and exhaled a
massive cloud of smoke into her daughter's face. The exhale lasted
for 5 seconds and engulfed Jenna's pretty head. Jenna just smiled
and inhaled the smoke deeply.

"Wow Mrs. Anderson," said Stephanie, "that was some exhale! You make smoking look so

"Aww, thank you sweetie!" Debbie said, as she took another
long drag and exhaled her smoke towards the back seat.

She made sure to sway her puff, covering each of their faces. The girls had no
choice but to breathe in the smoke; surprised that the smoke was
very sweet and pleasant. Debbie continued to blow more thick clouds of
smoke into the car. The car quickly became foggy, making the girls
yawn. Rachel tried to open a window, but it wouldn't budge.

"Mrs. Anderson," Rachel spoke through a yawn, "the windows aren't

Debbie smiled and exhaled another massive cloud of smoke
towards Jenna. Jenna just closed her eyes and breathed

"Mrs.Anderson...this s-smoke...?" Amy sleepily
replied, "it's making us so, so *yawn* sleepy..."

Rachel tried to shake off the effects. "Wait a minute this isn't cigarette's *yawn* k-knockout smoke...," Rachel replied as she
closed her eyes.

Debbie continued to blow more thick, billowing
clouds of smoke.

Stephanie mumbled, "I can barely keep my-my eyelids

Debbie spoke in soothing voice. "Don't fight it girls,
you worked so hard today in practice...just RELAX and breathe in all
of this wonderful sleepy smoke."

She took another long drag and exhaled, swaying her smoke in the girls' direction, immersing their heads in a sleepy cloud.

Stephanie leaned her head back and moaned "Oh Mrs. Anderson..." before passing out among her friends in the back of the car. The three girls in the back seat were sound
asleep, forced to continually breathe in all the sleepy smoke.

Jenna, half-asleep herself, turned to her mother and replied, "Your
the best mother in the world..."

Debbie took another long drag and turned to her daugther. "Sweet dreams, my little captain of the cheerleaders" as she blew another enormous cloud of smoke into her
daughers face.

Jenna just moaned and drifted off to sleep. Debbie smiled as she continue to drive in her smoke-filled car with all of her sleeping passengers...