Ant walked up the stairs to his apartment after a hard days work. All he wanted to do was have a cold drink and unwind. He climbed up the four flights of stairs and pulled his keys out ready to open his front door. However his keys would not fit into the lock. Ant found this to be very peculiar and tried again but it appeared that something was blocking the lock.

`Shit !', he exclaimed `what do I do now ?'. He turned around and looked at the neighbouring door. His neighbour was a middle aged guy called Mr Jones, a civil servant who Ant really had nothing to do with. However he needed to call a locksmith and so asking his neighbour if he could use his phone seemed to be the most sensible thing to do.

He knocked on the door and when it was opened he found to his surprise that Mr Jones was not there. A woman aged about 35 stood stood there. Se had short blond hair expensively cut and a sophisticated look. She wore a tight black cashmere polo neck sweater and tight leather pants with high heeled boots and held a long smouldering all white cigarette between his fingers.

`err hi ` said Ant, `I was looking for Mr Jones `.

`Hi, I'm Jane Smith , a friend of Mr Jones. He's having a nap right now, What can I do for you', said the stranger.

`Oh right, well its just that my lock isn't working and I was hoping to call a locksmith from here.'

`Sure, come on in , Mr Jones won't mind'.

`Well if you're sure'.

`Positive', the woman smiled in a knowing manner and exhaled a cloud of fragrant smoke, `Mr Jones told me to treat the place like my own'.

Ant followed her into the apartment. He found Jane fascinating in a way , he couldn't figure out. She had an sultry, seductive manner and that coupled with the all black soft clothing and the clouds of fragrant smoke made Ant feel strongly attracted to her.

The woman showed him where the phone was and then offered Ant a drink. Ant said he would love a beer before making his call. She came back and handed him a beer.

`Cigarette', asked the woman.

`No thanks', I prefer my own, Ant replied.

He pulled out a packet of Marlboro and put one in his mouth, he was about to light when Jane stepped forward.

`Allow me'

Ant wondered why the woman had a particularly seductive mysterious smile on her face as she held her lighter up to Ant's cigarette. Suddenly when she depressed the lighter a cloud of pale green gas shot out of the end and engulfed Ant's face. He stumbled calling out , but the woman was there to gently catch him and lower him onto the sofa. Ant lay semi comatose. The woman had drugged him with a sleeping gas but he was not totally out.

`What are you doing' he murmured unable to move. The woman sat next to him and lit a cigarette blowing a cloud of smoke out luxuriously.

`I've gassed you and am in the process of kidnapping you. Jones is indeed having a nap, he just inhaled more gas than you and a chloroform mask over your nose and mouth tends to make anyone feel rather sleepy. `

`w-w-why' stuttered Ant

`Because, I want a playmate and saw you in the street and decided you would be it. You see I love to drug and kidnap my playmates. I have more ways of making you go to sleep than you could even think of.'

Smith ran her hand across Ant's pants and began to stroke his dick. Ant felt his dick harden against his will.

`Now time for you to take a nap whilst we go somewhere where we won't be disturbed.'

With that the woman produced a brown bottle and padded gauze and proceeded to soak the gauze. Ant looked on helplessly as she leant down and undid Ant's fly pulling out his dick. She began to stroke the penis which got larger and larger , Ant lay helpless but more turned on than he had ever been. Then the woman clamped the pad over his nose and mouth.

`Just breathe nice and deep and let the chloroform carry you off, just like I intend to.'

Ant exploded in Smith's hand and then groaned slightly before passing out completely. The woman just smiled and exhaled a cloud of menthol smoke.

Another kidnapped victim!