A ring at the doorbell interrupts Nora. Nora is a 19yr. old East-Indian 
girl, chubby with long black hair and big breasts. She has a british accent 
and works as house maid. It is in this capacity that she answers the door 
this early morning. "Good morning. May I-What the bloody hell?!?!"Nora 
exclaims. Nora is startled by the sight of a heavy set women wearing a 
black trench coat and a gas mask. The women ,Dahlia, simply says "Sleep!" 
and POOF! Nora's pretty face is the unexpected recipient of an unwanted 
burst of sleeping gas from Dahlia's trademark mask. "Oh God...No!" Nora's 
says weakly. "Don't be so dramatic. It's just a little sleeping gas." Dahlia 
explains. Nora stumbles back into the house and leans against the wall. Her 
eyes close and she slides down the wall, fast asleep.

Dahlia steps into the house and closes the door. She lifts up Nora and 
places her on a comfy chair in the living room. Walking through the large 
house, Dahlia scouts to see if the house is empty. Satisfied, She dials her 
cell phone and summons her assistants. The four assistants, Angela, Diana, 
Roselyn, and Michelle enter the house and gather in the living room. "I want 
you to string up camera's through out the house. Then Nora needs her mood 
improved. After wards,I think you all should go upstairs to the guest 
bedroom. You can set up monitors there and watch, but don't do anything 
until I summon you." "you want us to wait?" Angela asks. "I want Nora to be 
my temporary assistant for awhile." Dahlia explains. Angela knows what that 
means: Nora is going to actively participate in the capture of her 
employers, a favorite technique of Dahlia's. Dahlia's assistants get 
everything ready. Camera's are strung, monitors are set up and tank of 
mood-altering gas is set up next to Nora. Roselyn secures a mask over Nora's 
face and begins to fill the young girl's system with a hypnotic gas.

Nora awakens in a few hours to find Dahlia has been watching her sleep. "I 
hope you're well-rested. You have quite a bit of work to do for me." Dahlia 
says. "Who are you?" Nora asks. "I'm Dahlia. I have need of you, more 
precisely, your position as a valued and trusted employee of this 
household." "What would you like?" Nora asks. "I would like to spice up the 
book club meeting your employers are holding tomorrow, But first I need you 
to be ready for when your employers get home. I have something I would like 
you to give them."

PT 2

Heather, a chubby, 17yr old with blond hair, came home from school around 
her usual time. Opening the door to her house, She steps in, drops her stuff 
and walks over to greet Nora. "Hey Nora, Are you here?" "I'm dusting." 
Heather hears. Heather walks over to the bedroom where she hears Nora's 
voice. Heather enters the room and is stunned to see Nora wearing a sexy 
french maid outfit, the kind used for sexual roleplaying. She holds a 
feather duster in her hand. "What is up with the outfit?" Nora smilies and 
says "I think it's appropriate for some of the things I have in store for 
you." Heather is confused, but before she can ask anything more Nora raises 
her hand and rubs the feather duster across Heather's face. The feather 
duster leaves a gray dust across Heather's pretty face. "Hey! Quit it!" 
Heather steps back and catches sight of her dust-covered face in the mirror. 
she walks out of the room ,intending to wipe off the dust, only to come face 
to face with Dahlia. "Where are you going? Dahlia asks. Heather tries to 
respond, but can't , the dust has begun to take effect. She stares at Dahlia 
with a slight, mindless grin.

Nora takes Heather by the hand and leads her over to the living room. She 
begins to remove Heather's clothes. Soon Heather is completely naked and 
Nora sits her down in the comfy chair. Next to the comfy chair is a pair of 
tanks, obviously filled with oxygen and Hypno-gas. Nora secures the black 
plastic mask over Heather's mouth and nose. She turns a valve and the 
familiar hissing sound of gas is heard. "Open your legs, Ma am." Nora 
instructs. Heather spreads her legs and Nora reaches into a case behind her. 
She takes a warm towel and lays it over Heather's crotch. She leaves it 
their for ten minutes. During this time, Heather begins to breathe heavier. 
Nora reaches into the case again and takes out a can of shaving gel, a case 
of razors and a bowl. Nora goes to the kitchen and fills the bowl with warm 
water. She returns to the living room and removes the towel. She takes out 
the shaving gel and works it into Heather's mound. Heather purrs with 
pleasure at the feel of Nora's touch. Nora takes out a razor and begins to 
gently shave. Heather watches Nora with pleasure as she sniffs the hypno 
gas, The feel of the razor cause Heather to breathe heavier, insuring she 
inhales more gas.

Dahlia quietly watches Nora and Heather. Dahlia is aroused herself, but of 
course does not show it. Dahlia savor's each moment, but alas all good 
things must end and Nora is eventually finished. Dahlia walks over to the 
two girls and introduces herself to Heather. "Hello Heather. I'm Dahlia." 
Heather looks up at her. " I hope your shave was as much fun for you as it 
was for us. I have come to 'spice up' if you will, your mother's book club 
meeting, But first I need to get everything ,and everyone, ready before 
hand. I need you to do something for me. Can I count on you?" After Her 
treatment, Heather would follow Dahlia to the ends of the earth. She nods 
eagrly. "Excellent. Nora remove her mask and we'll get started."

PT 3

It's about 6 pm as Heather's mother, Lucy, a heavy set red head in her 30's, gets home. She enters her house without the slightest idea of what is waiting for her, putting her purse down and walking into the living room. It is in the living room that Lucy is greeted by a startling sight: Dahlia standing in her full ceremonial outfit in the living room, with Nora and Heather on either side of Dahlia. Nora is still wearing her french maid outfit and Heather is wearing a bra and a thong. They each have their Arms around Dahlia and are resting their respective heads affectionatly on Dahlia's shoulders. Before Lucy can say anything: Dahlia begins, "I'm not in the mood for a cliched 'What's happening?' 'Who are you?' So I'm just going to get started. Heather, if you would." Heather leaves Dahlia's side and walks up to her mother. "Heather! Get dressed this instant! " Lucy says angrily. "Oh Mother. Just relax." Heather shows her mother a spray bottle and presses the button. The contents of the bottle are emptied as a white mist is deposited on Lucy's face. Lucy waves her hand back and forth, then her hand drops, a smile comes to her face and she stares at her daughter. "Mom don't be upset. This is Dahlia. She's going to make us feel so good! And you don't even have to wait. We're going to get started right away."


Nora walks over to her employer and begins to undress her. Soon Lucy stands naked. Nora takes her by the hand and leads her to the comfy chair. Heather is standing next to the comfy chair and is holding a mask in one hand and the valve for the oxygen and gas tanks with the other. Nora sits Lucy down in the comfy chair and Heather places the mask over her mother's face. "First I'm going to give you oxygen mother." Heather moves the valve slightly to the right. "Now I'm going to give you gas." Heather moves the valve to the left. Lucy groans slightly, but Heather continues. "Oxygen. Gas." She repeats over and over. While Heather gives her mother a treatment, Nora get's Lucy ready for shave. "Please open your legs ma'am." Lucy complies. Much Like before, Nora places a warm towel on her employer's crotch. She then sets up the razors, removes the towel, and begins to give Lucy a shave.

Nora is soon done and Lucy is freshly Shaven. Dahlia, who quietly watched everything from the back of the room, now steps forward. "Hello Lucy. You look lovely. Nora did a very nice Job. As a matter of fact, I think you should return the favor. After all, One shouldn't ask their employees to do something they would be unwilling to do themselves. Release her Heather." Heather removes the mask from Lucy's face. Lucy stands up and stretches. She looks at Dahlia and obidently waits for her word to begin. "Nora take a seat." Nora sits down and opens her legs. She unsnaps the bottom of her french maid outfit and lifts it up, revealing her bush. "Now Lucy, you will shave Nora as you were just shaved. Can you do that ?" "No problem." Lucy says with a big smile. She begins the process, laying a towel on Nora's crotch. After removing it, She begins to give her maid a nice shave.

PT 4

After Lucy is finished shaving Nora, Dahlia leads Nora, Heather and Lucy upstairs. They are told to lie on the bed in Lucy's room. "I want you to sleep now" Dahlia informs then and PSST! Dahlia turns toward the three ladies and her special gas mask issues a steam of knockout gas over the bed. Heather and Lucy are momentarily startled by the harsh odor,they each make face then drift off to sleep. Nora gave no reaction except to close her eyes.

Dahlia leaves the room satisfied and walks over to the spare room where her assistants are waiting. "Ok Girls. I'd like to be taken care of." The girls line up in front of the bed, Angela first, Diana Second, Roselyn third, and finally Michelle. Dahlia walks in front of them and one by one covers each woman's face in pleasure gas. Each assistant sniffs the gas willingly. Dahlia Then issues another stream to either side of her assistants. She removes her mask, then her corset, and finally her panties. With out her mask the pleasure gas begins to affect Dahlia and In a few minutes Dahlia and her assistants are aroused. Angela and Diana lean over and begin kissing Dahlia's nipples, beginning what will be a long night of passionate love making.

The next morning, Dahlia enters the room where Nora and her employers are still sleeping. Dahlia , as usual, has timed everything perfectly, About a minute or two the three women begin to awaken. "Good Morning. Tonight's the big night." "Big day?" Lucy asks. "Did you forget about your book club meeting?" Dahlia reminds her. "I have big plans for everyone, but first let's get ready. Nora, I'd like you to give each of your employers a bath. Start with Heather." Nora gets up and takes Heather by the Hand. She leads Heather to the tub and bathes her, Afterwards, Nora gives Lucy the same. Nora is then bathed by Lucy.

Dahlia looks over the three:"I hope your feeling refreshed. We have all afternoon and I think a little sexual debauchery we'll help us pass the time."

PT 5

Dahlia hands Lucy a gift certificate to Torrid (A store that carries
alternative clothing for BBW's): "I would like you to go to the mall and buy
yourself some sexy clothes, My treat. Spend about two hours there and come
back after that time." Lucy nods and goes over to the front door. She opens
the door, exit's the house, starts her car and begins an afternoon of

Dahlia turns her attention to Heather and Nora. "Now; How shall we ever pass
the time?" She asks mockingly. "Ah, I know." From Dahlia's mask, A pink gas
is sprayed into the pretty faces of Heather and Nora. "My pleasure gas for
you beauties." "Pleasure gas?" Nora asks confused. "Yes. Doesn't it smell so
nice?" Heather and Nora sniff the gas envloping them. After a few minutes,
Heather blurts out: "Oh god! This gas is making me horny!" "Mmmm. Me too."
Nora says. "I think Heather needs a little relief Nora. As the house maid,
It is your job to make your employers comfortable." Nora embraces Heather
and her hands begin to travel toward's Heather's sensitive areas. She
unhooks Heather's Bra and Heather's amble breasts spill out. Nora begins to
lick, Kiss, and suck (not necessarily in that order) Heather's nipple's. She
squeezes Heather's ass as she does so. Nora then takes Heather by the hand
and leads her over to the sofa. She removes Heather's panties, sniffs them ,
and begins to pleasure Heather. Dahlia walks over to the couple and issues a
stream of pleasure gas across Heather's chest. The gas spreads through the
air around Heather and Nora. Dahlia then sprays another stream on either
side of the sofa. The Air is now streaked with pleasure gas, keeping Heather
and Nora aroused.

Lucy comes home form her shopping trip. She notices immediatly the streaks
of pink gas in the air. Drooping her bags and entering the living room, Lucy
finds Heather bent over one of the arm rests of the Sofa. Nora is still
eating out Heather from behind. Heather , her face twisted into a mask of
extascy, is about to climax (her last of many).Heather cums, then becomes
aware of Dahlia's voice: "OK, Girls, Lucy is back." Heather and Nora stop
what their doing and return to sitiing positions on the couch. "Lucy, your
maid has done a wonderful job of entertaining Heather while you were gone
and I think she deserves a bonus. Nora,please wash up and come back to the
living room when you are done." Nora complies. "Lucy, please strip down to
your underwear." By now, Lucy is very aroused and obey's Dahlia's orders to
undress. Nora re-enters the room. She walks to the sofa and gets into a
half-laying /half- sitting position. "Now please give Nora her reward."
Dahlia instructs Lucy. Nora opens her legs and Lucy obligingly places her
face between them. Lucy licks her housemaid intently, working into a steady

Heather walks over to her mother and begins to stroke the back of her hair
as she works on Nora. Dahlia tenses up for a second ,as this wasn't what she
was looking for. She readys a burst of sleeping gas, but relaxes when
Heather turns her attention toward's Nora. At first, Heather begins to play
with Nora's big breasts, then she starts to suck them while her mother works
on Nora.

Between the two eager mouths, Nora has climaxed several times. Noticing the
time (around four pm), Dahlia interrupts them. "We have to get ready for the
bookclub meeting. So Stop what your doing." The girls stop and Dahlia
motions for them to step forward. They line up in front of Dahlia. Dahlia
hands Nora a spray bottle and a mask. "Nora. Take Your employer and her
daughter and put them to sleep. Then we'll begin making preperations for

PT 6

Heather and Lucy are about to lay down on the bed, When Nora stops them.
"Stand up, It'll be more fun if I catch you." Nora straps a protective mask
over her mouth and nose. She aims the spray bottle at Heather and a stream
of gas streaks across Heather's face. Nora moves her hand in a zig-zag
pattern as she sprays. Heather sighs, then falls into Nora's arms. Nora
lowers her to the bed. "Your turn" Nora walks up to Lucy and points the
bottle at her face. Nora gives Lucy some sleeping gas, Then lowers her to
the bed. Nora then walks downstairs to begin.

It's about 7 pm when the first bookclub guests begin to arrive: Becky, a 26
heavy-set curvy woman with black hair, arrives first. Nora greets her and
she takes a seat on the sofa. Next is Emma, a heavy-set 29yr old with short
black hair and somewhat pale skin. Melissa ,a 32 yr old heavy set women with
curly black hair. Marcy ,a heavy set 40 yr old with a large chest. Mrs..
Jones, a 44 yr old heavy-set black woman, also with a large chest. Lisa, a
28 yr old, tall voluptuous, with a large chest and big ass. Dana, the
youngest (and Thinnest) member of the bookclub, a 22yr old blond, thin with
a baby face. Each woman is seated on either the large sofa or the comfy
chairs. "Welcome everyone." Nora says. "My employer is busy upstairs. I'll
inform her you've all arrived." Only Mrs.. Jones responds with a "thank

Nora heads upstairs. Dahlia is waiting in Lucy's bedroom. "Everything is
ready. Before we give the women downstairs their surprise, we need to make
sure Lucy and her daughter sleep as long as everyone else. The tanks are set
up, so let's get started." Nora walks over to each women's bedside and slips
a black plastic mask over Lucy and Heather's faces. Each mask is connected
to a tank of sleep gas. Nora turns a valve on the tanks. Lucy and Heather
begin to groans slightly as the powerful gas wakes them- only to send them
back to sleep momentarily. "MMMPH, MMMPH, MMPH" They each say as the gas
fills the masks. They convulse up and down. Then very suddenly, Lucy and
Heather cease their moaning and groaning and fall back to the bed. Asleep.

Now that the timetable is fixed. Dahlia and Nora head back downstairs.
Dahlia walks into the kitchen. staying just out of everyone's view. Nora
walks back to the assembled women. "Where's Lucy? " Dana asks. "She's still
upstairs." She'll be down shortly, But in the meantime, She asked me to give
you something."Nora walks over to the closet and pulls out a cart with
several unmarked green books on it. Nora wheels the cart around the sofa and
hands each women a book. After everyone has taken a copy, Nora says: " Open
them, I'm sure you'll enjoy..." The eight bookclub members open the books
-and unleash a stream of knockout gas into their faces. "... because that
kind of stuff always put me to sleep."

As the gas fills the air around them, each woman begins to react, Becky
coughs and gags. Melissa covers her face with her hand. Emma looks at Nora
and pleads: "How can you do this? Why are you doing this?" Marcy and Lisa
are dazed and stare at the gas. Mrs.. Jones makes a face and puts her hand
to her chest. Dana waves her hand back and forth in front of her face.

Nora covers her face with a protective mask. She responds to Emma's
question: " I'm simply doing a favor for a person who wants to spice up your
bookclub" At that moment, Dahlia steps forward. "I hope you've enjoyed the
books it's my absolute favorite. Now we have a lot of things to do later, So
I would appreciate it if you would begin your snooze." The gas takes effect
and each woman begins to fall asleep. Soon all of them are snoozing on the
sofa and chairs. Dahlia turns her attention to Nora." You've done very well
for a temp. Now my regular assistants will take over, So you can have the
rest of the night off." Dahlia reaches over and unstraps Nora's mask. It
falls to the floor, leaving Nora unprotected from the sleeping gas still in
the air. Dahlia embraces Nora and leads her over to the sofa. Nora goes limp
in Dahlia's arms and Dahlia lowers her to the sofa. Dahlia looks at one of
the camera's:" Come down, We need to get started."

PT 7

Dahlia's assistants indeed get started. Lucy and Heather are carried
downstairs and placed in the living room. They then turn on hypno-gas
generators. The mood-altering gas fills the room and cross several of the
ladies faces. Dahlia begins to watch, patiently waiting for the gas to have
it's effect.

Later (around 10pm), The bookclub members begin to awaken. In her trademark
style, Dahlia adresses the disoreinted women. "I hope you've all had a nice
sleep. I'm sure your all curious as to what is happening, but I would ask
that you hold any questions you have until after you've viewed this tape."
Dahlia turns on the VCR and a videotape begins to play. The video details a
school where troubled young girls attend to help get back on track. It shows
the building ,members of the faculty and student body, and finally Ms. Ray
(Sadie) The school head.

"Aren't you impressed with the dedication?" "What does that have to do with
us?" Becky asks. "Simple. I've brought you here to 'convince' you to donate
to this school. All of you are quite wealthy, I had my attorney's draw up
several contracts in which you all agree to donate a substantial sum of
money to the school. Now , This isn't the movies, You won't be signing over
your entire fortunes, Just enough to avoid suspcion and you'll even get a
nice tax break from it. Doesn't that sound like a worthy cause?" "What about
our husbands?" Mrs. Jones asks "Don't worry. The papers you will be given
are contained in boxes that ,once opened in front of them, will also
convince them to agree with the donation. As that doesn't really do anything
for me, I'll leave that to each of you. Speaking of husbands, I would like
you to give them a call now. Tell them your having such an intense
discussion that you don't know when you'll be done and you'll probably spend
the night." Obidently, The ladies place calls on their cell phones and do
exactly as Dahlia commands. Dahlia can now continue her work undisturbed.
"If you'll turn your attention back to the videotape, I'll show you all some
of the activties that take place at the school." Dahlia turns the videotape
back on.

PT 8

The videotape reveals the secret activities that take place at the school.
The videotape shows the gassing of two young girls in a dorm room. The scene
then switches to an elevator. In this Elevator, two adult women are gassed.
Dahlia pauses the tape: "I assure you; the people you have just watched are
only being put to sleep. They have to have proper rest before they do this."
Dahlia restarts the tape. The next images is of the previous four women
enthusiastically having sex. "We do this to open the minds of our student's
and faculty to new experiences. I believe we should celebrate our succesful
fundraising by doing the same thing.but first..." Dahlia's four assistants
take each woman for a bath, a makeover and a bikini wax. After they are
done, They are brought back to the living room where Dahlia begins to
arrange everything "Have any of you had a lesbian experience before?" Emma,
Dana, Marcy, and ,surprisingly, the conservative Mrs.. Jones raise their
hands. "Ok, I think we'll do the set up this way..."

Heather and Nora sit side by side on the sofa. Emma, Becky, Mrs.. Jones, and
Lisa are lined up in front of Heather. Lucy, Dana, Melissa and Marcy line up
in front of Nora. Lisa gets down on all fours, her face right in front of
Heather's lovely snatch. Mrs.. Jones gets down on all fours behind Lisa,
Becky get's behind Mrs.. Jones and Emma get's behind Becky. The group in
front of Nora does the same thing. Marcy in front of Nora. Melissa behind
Marcy, Dana behind Melissa and Lucy behind Dana. Dahlia walks up to her
assistant Angela. "Switch the gas generators to pleasure gas, I don't have
enough in my personal supply." Angela makes the adjustment, then Angela and
her other assistants dawn gas masks. The gas generators begin to spew
pleasure gas. The pink gas fills the room and will soon make the women in
the room very horny. Dahlia turns her attention back to the others. "Just
breathe normally ladies, You're going to love my pleasure gas!"

Arousal begins to set in among all the women. They become very wet, which is
quite noticable to the other ladies. Mrs.. Jones doesn't wait for an
invitation, She begins to lick Lisa's twat. "ohh" Lisa says with a surprise.
Dahlia praises her: "I like that Mrs.. Jones. It shows enthusiasm and
initiative. The rest of you may begin." Lisa buries her face in Heather's
beaver. Mrs.. Jones continues to pleasure Lisa. Mrs.. Jones herself is
pleasured by Becky, While Emma stimulates Becky. Nora's line has also
begun. Marcy begins working on Nora, Melissa licks Marcy, Dana takes care of
Melissa, and Lucy takes care of Dana. The women stimulate each other in two
long trains of pleasure. After about 15 minutes, Dahlia says "Switch" Lisa
moves to the back behind Emma, allowing Mrs.. Jones to get a chance at
Heather. Marcy moves to the back of the line and Melissa begins to lick
Nora. The gas generators continue to fill the room with pleasure gas,
keeping everyone aroused.

The women switch every 15 minutes. After every combination is Explored,
Dahlia decides to end the fun. She walks over to the generators and
readjusts them. Instead of pleasure gas, They are now giving off sleeping
gas. The women continue to pleasure each other, completely oblivious to
their impending nap. Suddenly each women's eyes fly open, They stop what
they're doing and fall to the floor like a row of dominoes. Heather and Nora
slump back into the sofa. "That was fun, not to mention profitable." Dahlia
comments. "Tomorrow, these lovely ladies will return home and insure the
financial solvency of Sadie's school for the next year."