William Edwards was hard at work in his lab. It was late into the 
night and everyone else had gone home, but that was nothing new for 
the reclusive scientist. The table behind him was scattered with 
notes and different shaped flasks and beakers filled with various 
compounds. The white board he was staring at was completely covered 
with all sorts of scribble and equations. It was one of these 
equations he was pondering when the door to the lab opened and the 
cleaning woman entered pushing her cart.

"What are doing?" William asked jarred from his thoughts.

"What does it look like I am doing? This place is a mess." The 
woman responded with a heavy Latino accent.

William was momentarily perplexed thinking that something seemed out 
of place. The petite dark skinned cleaning woman looked more like a 
pop star than a janitor. Her blue button up shirt was open at the 
chest revealing her ample cleavage and tied at the bottom showing 
off her perfectly toned abs and belly chain. Her black pants seems 
much too form fitting to be standard issue as they hugged her full 
hips and ass and her long black hair seemed much shinier and full 
then he was accustom to seeing as it cascaded down from under her 
blue bandana.

"You can't clean here now, can't you see I'm working."

"Ha! Working?! You just stare at that stupid white board, what I 
do is work."

She began riffling though the notes on the table after dismissing 
the scientist with a wave of her hand.

"Hey! Leave those alone!"
He grabbed her hand to stop her from disturbing his work. He 
noticed immediately that they were soft and well manicured. Each 
nail perfectly filed and painted a deep crimson. There no residue 
of cleaning products or signs of manual work.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the cleaning woman." She said flashing a dazzling smile and 
thrusting her feather duster into his face.

She laughed and swirled the duster around a bit as if she was 
actually dusting and when she pulled it away there was a slight pink 
residue on his face.

"Sleep now, darling professor, sleep while I finish cleaning."

She continued to laugh as William's eyes fluttered and he fell to 
the floor.

Mike Conor reviewed the tapes from the day of the robbery again. He 
agreed with the police that it had to have been an inside job, but 
their neat little investigation was too easy. Richard Simpson was a 
loyal employee from the day he started part time at the age of 
fifteen. Granted all signs pointed to him, but there were too many 
unanswered questions. For example how did he manage to put everyone 
in the bank to sleep and disable the security and surveillance 
systems? Even if he was guilty he didn't have the know how or guts 
to pull this off. There had to at least be an accomplice. As he 
pondered these questions suddenly something from one of the tapes 
caught his eye. Something he had not noticed before. A woman 
dressed in black leather standing in the center of the bank and 
doing something with her belt buckle the exact moment before the 
system went down. It could be nothing, but right now it worth 
checking out. He pulled out the list of customers found unconscious 
at the bank and began his search.

Natasha Black was lounging out by the pool wearing a very revealing 
black string bikini and leisurely smoking from six inch holder while 
Erika and Elaina, the twin bombshells, sunned themselves on floats 
in the pool. A tall redhead sauntered out from the house carrying a 
leather case.

"The money's in the bank boss." She said pulling off her tee shirt 
to reveal her green bikini top which barely contained her 36D chest.

The red haired beauty stood five foot ten inches, an inch taller 
than Natasha. Her body was the picture of fitness from her toned 
arms to her long muscled legs. Her face was beautiful accented by 
her green eyes which stood out against her creamy skin and red hair.

"Mr. Smith sends his compliments on a job well done. He says his 
bank has already received three major clients who left Union Trust 
due to...poor security."

"Excellent for him." Natasha responded a little disinterested as 
she drew on her holder and lazily exhaled a cloud of smoke into the 

"What about the diamonds?"

"Your contact in Amsterdam has already moved them. The money was 
wired into the Geneva account about ten minutes ago."

"Excellent for us...and the police?"

"The twins paid the lead detective a visit last night, shall we say 
any doubts as to Simpson's guilt have been removed. Once a judge is 
assigned to his case we'll take care of him as well insuring a 
conviction and no loose ends."

"My dear Jenna you are becoming more efficient by the day. You 
would've made and excellent KGB operative. I assume our next client 
is lined up?"

"You're going to love this." Jenna replied handing Natasha a file 
she pulled from the case.

"Professor William Edwards...scientist...working on a new 
polymer...industrial rival...boring, it's too easy. What else do 
you have?" Natasha replied closing the file and dropping the folder 
in Jenna's lap.

"Not so fast boss. Our darling professor was kidnapped by another 
rival company just last night. I already spoke to client; he's 
willing to pay double if we can still deliver."

Natasha sat up truly interested for the first time. The money was 
of no consequence, she had more than she could ever spend, but she 
loved a challenge.

"Darling, assemble the team."


The front of the warehouse looked deserted to the casual eye, but to 
one such as Natasha Black the man lingering on the adjacent corner 
and the careless guard on the rooftop were easily spotted and for 
team easily dealt with.

Jenna Collins expertly tossed her grappling hook across the alley 
from the building next to the warehouse. It almost silently landed 
and hooked around a vent pipe. After securing the other end and 
testing the line the athletic redhead gripped the line and quickly 
pulled herself across the roof of the warehouse.

Once across her black leather body suit blended seamlessly into the 
shadows. She quickly scanned the rooftop till she located her 
target then carefully made her way towards him keeping out of the 
faint moonlight. When she got close enough, she fired a small stun 
gun at him. The guard was a big man, so she knew he would not be 
down long. Racing out of the shadows, she quickly ran to the fallen 
guard and kneeled down opening her bag. She quickly pulled out some 
high strength nylon cord and began tying his hands and feet. He was 
already beginning to stir just as she finished taping his mouth with 
duct tape to keep him quiet.

His eyes fluttered opened and locked on Jenna who looked down on him 
with her usual air of superiority.

"Look's like I'll have to get one with a higher voltage." She 
remarked putting the stun gun back in her bag. "That was barely a 
quick nap. Fortunately I have something much stronger."

The burly guard grunted behind the duct tape and struggled against 
his bonds, all in vain as Jenna prepared the syringe. She held it 
up to the moonlight measuring the dosage, then ensuring there were 
no air bubbles before kneeling next to the bound guard.

"What's the matter? Is a big strong guy like you afraid of a little 

Jenna gave him the injection and then stepped back with a satisfied 

"Don't bother fighting it sweetie, just relax and go to sleep."

She laughed as the guard's eyes began to glaze over and then slowly 
flutter close. He was obviously trying to fight the potent drug, 
but with in moments he was unconscious lying on the rooftop.

"The first one is down." Jenna said into her communicator signaling 
the others.

With that the black SUV pulled away from the curb a couple blocks 
from the warehouse and drove down the street stopping at the corner 
where the second guard stood. The tinted window rolled down 
revealing a beautiful platinum blonde. Her make was impeccable 
highlighting her full lips and crystal blue eyes. Her hair was 
teased out a bit and to this lonely guard standing on cold street 
corner she was dream come true.

She leaned out the window exposing her deep cleavage and black 
leather halter top as she beckoned him closer with her perfectly 
manicured finger.

"Excuse me?" She cooed going into her best helpless bimbo 
act. "Could you help us, my sister and I are terribly lost."

"Sister?" He thought walking over to the SUV.

As if on que Elaina walked around from driver's side of the car, 
dressed identical to her Erika. She wore the same black leather 
halter top and tight black leather pants. Like her sister, her hair 
was slightly teased out, not too severe but extremely sexy. She 
flashed him her most seductive smile, one that has melted stronger 
men than him, as he turned towards her.

"Yeah, we've driving around all night it seems." Elaine purred 
running her fingers down his chest as she took a step forward.

The befuddled guard instinctivly took a step back, his back 
practically against the SUV. He was so close that Erika's hair 
tickled the back of his neck as she leaned out the window a bit 
further. Erika reached her hands out and caressed his shoulders as 
her sister took another step forward pinning the guard between 
them. Elaina reached down and began rubbing the bulge in his pants 
while Erika's hands snaked down the front of his shirt and began 
caressing his chest. Elaina leaned forward and kissed his neck 
while her sister nibbled and sucked his ear. The guard totally 
succumbed to their advances as his eyes rolled back into his head. 
The women's lips and hands seemed to he everywhere and their heady 
perfume filled his senses.

Meanwhile seeing the second guard out of commission Natasha and 
Tiffany quickly strode out of the alley and across the street to the 
warehouse door. The heels of their leather boots clicking on the 
street. The lock was child's play for Natasha to pick and within 
seconds the two women were inside. There was a guard asleep in a 
chair just inside the doorway.

"Ah, he looks so cute; it's such a shame to wake him." The brown 
haired vixen thought out loud.

"We need to make sure he sleeps much tighter than that. Get his 

Tiffany pulled out some duct tape gently taped up his mouth while 
Natasha quickly ran the tape around his body and the chair back, 
effectively taping his arm to his side and him to the chair. 
Unfortunately for the guard he was a sound sleeper. By the time he 
woke he was securely duct taped to the chair and gagged with the 
same blasted tape. He struggle but quickly gave up.

"Oh poor baby." Tiffany cooed stroking his cheek while Natasha 
prepared the syringe.

Natasha injected the sleep drug into his arm while Tiffany blew him 
a kiss.

"Nighty night stud."

The guard outside was lost in ecstasy. The girls had him right on 
the edge, as their hands and lips worked his body while their 
drugged perfume lightened his head. Elaina gave her sister a 
knowing smile as she slowly spun the helpless man to face her 
sister. Erika's cleavage was level with the guards face. Elaina 
gave him a light shove forward into Erika's arms. The buxom blonde 
wrapped her arms around her prey and pulled his face into her 
cleavage. The perfume was stronger here and seemed to be the only 
thing he could breathe as her big round boobs cut off most of his 
air. Erika held his face tight to her chest and swayed slightly 
back and forth.

"It feels so good between my sister's tits doesn't it?" Elaina 
cooed in his ear.

"So warm and sleepy. Making you very very tired. Just give in 
baby. Sleep for Elaina."

The guard's body began to go limp as Elaina reached down his pants 
and began to stroke his already throbbing cock.

"Sleep. Sleep for Elaina." She continued to whisper.

Within moments the guard's cock began to jump and spurt into his 
pants. Almost at the same instant Erika's perfumed boobs 
overpowered him, putting him to sleep.

The two girls giggled then scampered across the street and into the 
warehouse joining Tiffany and Natasha.