Because I Want To

She gives you the brightly wrapped box. You take it, putting it on
your lap, but you are puzzled and maybe a teensy bit suspicious. She
leans across the table, giving you a reassuring yet somewhat
patronizing smile, as well as a gratuitous view of her cleavage.

"Don't you like presents?," she asks, innocently, as she reaches out
with a perfectly-manicured hand and tugs on the big red bow holding
the box closed.

She pulls delicately on the bow, her voice dropping to a sexy
whisper, "I think you'll like this one."

At that instant, the ribbon, unwound, drops to your lap, the top of
the box pops open a bit and tendrils of a strangely-colored gas
start wafting out of the box, the sweet smell reaching your nose.

Puzzled at first, not realizing what's going on, you take a good
sniff of the gas, trying to place that smell.. big mistake.
Confusion clouds your mind and you look up, trying to focus on the
woman, who, though a smile still graces her lips, is watching you
quite intently, her gaze steely.

Still the strange gas continues to stream from the box, now pouring
out from underneath the displaced lid, and wafting past your

Every breath you take draws more of the gas into your lungs. You
know you should move, get away from it, but you feel paralyzed,
dizzy, unable to focus.. and sleepy. Getting so tired, and
everything seems in slow motion. Through the cloud and haze you see
her, beautiful, smiling her perfect smile as she watches, a graceful
shrug as she finally answers the question you are unable to
verbalize, "Because I want to."

As your body starts to go slack on the chair, the little gift box
slides off your thighs and bounces to the floor at your feet, the
lid knocked off in the process. The stream of gas continues, seems
to intensify, your fog-filled mind imagining the tendrils caressing
your lips and nose as they drift lazily to the ceiling. Voluntary
movement is impossible, your eyelids heavy, you can't move your
limbs... all you want to do is sleep. Your vision, increasingly
blurred, starts to go grey as you just can't keep your eyes open a
moment longer.

The last thing you are aware of before sleep claims you is a
rustling as she stands up, moves past you, her hand smoothing back
your hair, the gesture strangely soothing.. the warmth of her breath
on your ear as she whispers, "Good.. sleep for me.. there is no
choice." You hear the amusement in her voice, and can see her smile
in your mind's eye as you fall into a deep sleep, your body slumping
in the chair.