Abby and Kat vs. The Countess

The following is from an online roleplay storyline sleepyabbie and I
went through a while ago. We had lotsa fun doing it and i thought
it'd be cool to share!

kogirl69 (5:09:09 AM): Faith and Abbie take on a Mansion

sleepyabbie (5:09:48 AM): Yes. Gotta be dressed in skintight black
bodysuits for this sort of work

kogirl69 (5:13:43 AM): We climb the gates to the Private Mansion,
intent on downloading an important file from the beautiful Countess
Lisa's computer. The countess is wary, though...and surrounds herself
with dozens of well-trained female guards. We crawl through the
bushes, and I am wearing my black spandex body suit, a utility belt
strapped on tight.....I look at the first guard we encounter...a
lovely latina brunette wearing black hotpants and a matching top,
boots to her knees...holding an AK-47. She rests against a
lamppost...facing away....

kogirl69 (5:13:51 AM): "Take her, Abbie" I say...

sleepyabbie (5:14:47 AM): "No problem" I reply

sleepyabbie (5:16:38 AM): I slowly stalk forward, quietly closing the
gap to the young latina. She looks good with her toned body dressed
in the sexy, tight hotpants and top. She still has her back to me as
I approach. I reach into my belt and pull out a small syringe

kogirl69 (5:17:33 AM): I nod...smiling

sleepyabbie (5:20:19 AM): I'm right behind her now. I take a moment,
readying myself to strike. The sentry is still completely unaware of
me standing right behind her. Then I make my move. I quickly throw my
arm around her neck, my hand cupping her jaw, and yank her head back,
exposing her smooth neck. In the same motion I jab the needle into
her neck. I feel her body tense as I strike. She tries to cry out but
only succeeds in moaning quietly as the needle is stabbed into her. I
feel her tense body relax within seconds. She collapses against me
and I hook my arms under hers and drag her off into the bushes. I lay
her down and make sure she is completely out

sleepyabbie (5:20:40 AM): "One down" I say

sleepyabbie (5:23:06 AM): We move off deeper into the mansion grounds

kogirl69 (5:24:20 AM): We make our way towards the side of the
building, where a cute 19 yo blonde is smoking a cigarette, her gun
on the ground... I smile and nod at you. "This one's mine". The
blonde, in her baby blue bikini top and matching gym shorts, stands a
few feet away as I start inching my way across the wall, in the

sleepyabbie (5:25:00 AM): I stand back and hide in the shadows. I
love watching you work

kogirl69 (5:26:17 AM): she never hears a thing...smoking and humming
to hand snakes out of the shadows....and suddenly grips
the side of her neck. My thumb and forefinger clutch the carotid
artery and pinch it completely shut as my middle finger presses on
her Vagus nerve. She says "uh!" and turns slightly, her eyes suddenly
glassy as the cigarette falls to the floor.

kogirl69 (5:27:10 AM): "Guhh...guhh....uhhhhhhhhhhnnnh..." she a sliver of white drool slides from her lips. She sinks
slowly, her ass connecting and legs stretching out. With a final
grip, she shivers, and goes silent...eyes closed.

kogirl69 (5:27:28 AM): I drag her into the shadows where I remove her
top and hogtie her...

kogirl69 (5:27:34 AM): :"Let;'s go..." I whisper

kogirl69 (5:27:37 AM): (your turn)

sleepyabbie (5:28:56 AM): I've already spotted my next victim. A tall
brunette dressed in lycra shorts and top walks round the side of the
mansion on her patrol route

kogirl69 (5:29:46 AM): "nice..."

sleepyabbie (5:33:16 AM): I wait for her to pass my hiding place. As
soon as she has passed me I leap out. Landing softly behind her I
kick her in the back of her knees. She drops her gun and falls to her
knees. I also drop to one knee and tightly wrap my powerful arms
around her neck locking her in a vice-like sleeper hold. I squeeze
her carotid atrerties, cutting off the blood supply to ther brain.
Her mouth opens but no sound comes out. I squeeze tighter. Her eyes
are starting to lose focus and her arms now hanging limply by her
side. I keep up the pressure and seconds later her eyes roll back and
her body goes limp

sleepyabbie (5:33:55 AM): I maintan the hold for a few seconds longer
as I drag her back into the shadows. Once she is concelaed I tie her
up and gag her

sleepyabbie (5:34:47 AM): (your turn)

kogirl69 (5:35:30 AM): My next challenge is a pair of brunette 19yo
twins...both assigned to protect the outer doors.... "Lovely..." I
say....and reach into my belt, producing a blowgun....I place two
darts..coated with a thick lather of sedative into the tubing. I lick
my thumb and test the wind....."Should do fine..." I take a deep
breath and aim the gun at the girls...who are chatting side by side.
kogirl69 (5:36:41 AM): I blow..and the darts fly out, breaking into
two paths. The first hits twin # 1 on the thigh, the second strikes
twin # 2 in the right breast. The two girls, clad in two piece white
lycra, emit a simultaneous "uhhhhh!" as the drugs take effect. They
sink to their knees...arms dangling, mouths slack...

kogirl69 (5:37:26 AM): I walk up as they sway....

kogirl69 (5:39:01 AM): I take the twin on the left and hold her face
in my hands....I turn to the other. "Tell me the door code or I snap
your sister's neck..." The girl's eyes widen. "'s
6296." I smile and press my thumbs against the girl's temples. I
squeeze, causing a shockwave to her nervous system and short
circuiting it. She says "oooh...:" and slumps to her side. Asleep.
The second twin, almost out with the dart, pleads...."Please don;t
kill me...just render me unconscious."

kogirl69 (5:39:20 AM): I smile....nodding to you. "Come on out,
partner...and grant this little girl's wish!"

sleepyabbie (5:44:05 AM): I slowly approach the helpless girl. I
stand above her and tilt her head back, stroking her hair from her
face. She's whimpering to herself, waiting for what's about to
happen. "Your turn" I say to the young twin and raise my hand
high. "Hiya!" I bring the edge of my hand down onto the base of her
neck in a perfect karate chop. She lets out a brief "ungh" before
slumping to the side, landing on her sister. We tie up the two
girls. "Time to go inside" I say to you

kogirl69 (5:45:47 AM): We enter the door code and make our way in. We
know by the map that three hallways await us before we hit the
Countess' room....

kogirl69 (5:49:56 AM): As we enter, a cute blonde, no older than 18
and dressed in the traditional pink servant/guard bikini, sees us,
making a gasping sound as she tries to deal with what's happening.
kogirl69 (5:49:58 AM): Her fear is to our advantage, and before she
can even think of raising her weapon I have made my way in front of
her, pushing the muzzle of her gun down as I slam two karate chops
down, each one colliding with one of the girl's temples. She
says "HUH!!" and drops to her knees, moaning and rolling her green
eyes. I step behind her and send a single jab to the back of her
head, striking abundle of nerves at her brain stem. She says "OH!"
and widens her eyes before fluttering them shut. Her body falls back
as she convulses for a few seconds and then sighs....going limp. "No
time to hide the bodies, Abbie.." Let's keep moving!

sleepyabbie (5:56:35 AM): Knowing that we have to move quick I
swiftly move to the next hallway. A guard with short red hair wearing
a blue bikini top and black hotpants has just disappeared into a side
room. I run over to the doorway. She catches a glimpse of me in the
doorway but before she can turn I strike out with my hand, fingers
formed into a point. The blow lands at the base of her spine. She
cries out, "Ahhh" and slumps to the ground. My blow has temporarily
paralyzed her so I step up to her and place my thimb and forefinger
on her neck. I squeeze the bundle of nerves and she lets out a
low "Uhhh", her fingers and toes twitch once and she passes out.

sleepyabbie (5:56:50 AM): "Not many left now" I say to you

kogirl69 (5:59:29 AM): We are in the second hall away
from the Countess' door...Standing at the end are two brunette
sentries, teenagers in training. They chat idly by the door to
hallway 3....both dressed in hot pink lycra

kogirl69 (6:01:33 AM): I smile and make my way to them...walking
casually. "Hello girls" I say...

kogirl69 (6:02:06 AM): They both look up, frightened....aiming their
guns at me. "FREEZE!" they yell. and I place my hands up..."Don't
shoot!" I say, smiling. They approach slowly....

kogirl69 (6:04:06 AM): "Sandy.." one says...."remove her belt...she
has weapons in there..." The lovely teen called Sandy reaches for my
belt and I smile...knowing the belt's response to unfamiliar
fingerprints. She touches the buckle, and a sudden HISSSSSING sound
hits the air as a green smoke emits from it, in an upwards angle,
hitting both girls in the face..."Lullabye...." I sing... "Say
gooooodniiight..." The girls cough as they swat at the sleepy gas,
dropping their weapons. The one called Sandy falls to her back,
spread the other kneels beside her...

kogirl69 (6:04:42 AM): "Unnnnnnnnnnhhhh" both girls say, and sentry #
2 collapses on top of her partner..crushing the air out of
her. ""oooooooooooooffff.." is Sandy's repsonse, as her eyes roll and
flutter shut....

kogirl69 (6:04:46 AM): (your turn)

sleepyabbie (6:09:41 AM): "Good work" I say to you, making my way
towards the Countess' door. I listen carefully. Nothing. I gently
push the door open. The Countess is asleep under the silk sheets on
her bed. I see her computer on a desk nearby. I'll take care of the
Countess first. I stealthily approach the bed, removing a small
aerosol spray from my belt. I reach the bed and sit down, holding the
can up to the beautiful blonde's face. She starts to stir, sleepy
eyes opening and trying to focus on me. "Whaa?" she mumbles before I
spray a fine mist into her pretty face.

sleepyabbie (6:15:02 AM): She slumps back into the pillows with
a "huh" noise. I jump up onto the bed and straddle her. The drug
should have made her mind easy to manipulate. "Hello Countess" I
whisper. She moans softly. "Me and my associate need the password to
your computer. Tell me the password and you can enjoy a nice relaxing
sleep". She shakes her head, trying to resist, but it is
useless. "Red 1-7-5" she says sleepily. "Thanks" I say and pull a
chloroform soaked pad from my belt. "Just breathe deep" I tell the
Countess as I place it over her face. She struggles slightly,
making "hmmph" noises into the pad. Then her eyes flutter and close a
final sigh escaping her lips and her body drifts into unconsciousness

kogirl69 (6:16:35 AM): Awesome

kogirl69 (6:16:40 AM): we make a good team

sleepyabbie (6:16:46 AM): yes, we do